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  1. Lou

    My income is reducing - will the government pay me anything? (Self-employed or Employed)

    My income is reducing - will the government pay me anything? (Self-employed or Employed) Based on PAYE apparently so, although opinions seem varied and fact-checking isn't easy. Please use this thread to discuss this and help each other out.
  2. F

    Government and solar PV

    Hey guys, I am new here and will aim to help around with solar PV stuff as much as possible. But for now I was wondering if someone can shed some lightt onto how the government can help increase uptake of domestic solar PV? I believe that uptake is still quite low despite many installations...
  3. Michaelwgroves

    Government backs mandatory EICR's every 5 years for landlords.

    Long overdue............................ The Government has backed introducing a mandatory requirement on landlords with properties in England to ensure that electrical installations in their property are inspected every five years. However, it has not provided a start date. Such a proposal...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Government propose register of people to carry out EICR

    Just read the monthly newsletter from NICEIC, usual self congratulatory PR nonsense but something caught my eye. The Government are proposing a register of competent persons to carry out EICR's in the private rented sector... now that would make too much sense and assume it would be along lines...
  5. Frimley111R

    EV Charging Points - how much can you claim from the government?

    Hi All, We are looking into this and as 'petrolheads' (ironically) a chance to work with cars appeals but at a fundamental level we are trying to work out the economics. From our research we can claim back up to £500 from a government subsidy but the 'up to' part confuses us. How does this...
  6. S

    Grants for advertising?

    I got a text message the other day, advertising "GRANTS with NO FEES" (their capitalisation) for marketting costs, from "BizFund". Anyone know if this is real or a scam? Seems too good to be true.
  7. Spoon

    Brexit court defeat for UK government

    The latest news Brexit court defeat for UK government - BBC News -
  8. Dan

    Government skills review a 'missed opportunity'

    ECA urges government to address payment problems to boost investment Read the full news article
  9. Dan

    Government rows back on solar PV cuts

    ECA responds to 64 per cent reduction by government to Feed-in-Tariff subsidy Read the full news article
  10. S

    CO alarm

    Boiler in airing cupboard upstairs, gas appliance in kitchen. Does this mean I need to install CO alarms at both locations or just 1? if both, do they have to be interlinked? Guessing I wouldn't be expected to install in airing cupboard so outside airing cupboard door on landing??? Thanks in...
  11. G

    The tories policies are working

    Mr Cameron must be proud this morning, the no benefits situation is working, one less mouth to support, well done David. David Clapson?s awful death was the result of grotesque government policies | Frances Ryan | Comment is free |
  12. Dan

    Homeowners and occupants set for increased energy bills as zero-carbon plan is scaled

    Homeowners and occupants set for increased energy bills as zero-carbon plan is scaled back by Government Read the full news article
  13. Worcester

    Green Deal Umbrella Schemes / SME Friendly GDP's

    There are a number of people that I know (installers of various types) that see - 1 year after it unofficially started, that it might actually get a bit of momentun now the colder weather is coming. (along with the fact that the Government already claims 244,000 technolgies installed to date...
  14. tazz

    End of Londons Icon

    London government has anounced new project for 2014, to make Big Ben digital, A government spokesman stated that London needs to keep up with the likes of the Technology of the Westend and other major cities in Europe. The face of Big Ben is just too old fashioned, he continued, and this is now...
  15. S

    Domestic RHI Delayed Until Spring 2014 I'll eat my hat if this ever gets going!!!! The coalition legacy will be more nuclear and some vague promise of carbon capture - everything else will have been binned!
  16. I

    DECCs new website

    Its one of the worst websites I've seen. I can't find the weekly Feed in Tariff statistics anywhere on the new website. Have they stopped doing the weekly statistics for Solar PV installations? I liked the old website as it was easy to navigate...
  17. G

    Joining a Scheme - Is it worth it

    Hi all I have my Elecsa assesment booked for 19th Dec and am now having serious doubts as to whether its worth joining a scheme at all. Recent research led me to the government review of Part P released in April 2012. I'm not sure if it has been amended or scrapped since? With the type of...
  18. E

    Leaving renewables for the time being.

    Hi all, just to let you know, well those of you who are left on here that is, that I also have decided to give up on renewables for a while anyway. It is such a shame, with all the time, effort and money that you put into a business only to have it taken away from you. I am pleased that I...
  19. SolarCity

    The Renewables Event

    Not having much else to do we decided to pop over to the NEC to catch the Renewable Event. It was actually quite interesting and there were some interesting keynote speeches. It was interesting to see that TedM's digression chart was used (and credited) by the head of climate change at CBI...
  20. La Poste

    Cowboy builders

    New measures designed to protect the public from incompetent "cowboy" builders were announced by the government on Wednesday and given a cautious welcome by MPs. Tradesmen who operate self-check schemes, which allow them to assess their own work, will be required to meet higher standards, the...
  21. E

    Panels on market in 2012

    Has anybody heard that the brands of panels they used to supply to their customers in 2011 will or may not be in production next year??? like Sharp mono's or Samsung etc Has I have been told that sharp have stop producing mono's and samsung have stop production all together ????? please...
  22. K

    Conspiracy theory?

    Just a few rambling thoughts on the FIT cuts: Scheme first announced and the "big six" electricity suppliers where tasked with funding the payment of the FIT by raising their prices to pay for it. Fast forward to a couple of moths ago, when the same "big six" had a cosy meeting with the...
  23. The Solar King

    What is the real reason behind the government’s solar cuts?

    If you haven't read this article, you should. You need to know who we are fighting and why. What is the real reason behind the government
  24. T

    How much damage has been caused to the Renewables Industry?

    As a company already in the home energy market we got accreditation for PV and solar thermal about 3 weeks ago. This was seen as the first stepping stone in taking the business into most if not all of the renewable technologies. We were just finalising our marketing plans when the government...
  25. S

    Huge Cuts Confirmed for Commercial Fit

    Government confirms deep solar incentive cuts - 09 Jun 2011 - News from BusinessGreen
  26. S


    I know this is enticing a 2000 word essay from Carter but i cant resist. Why is it that Peter Mandelson can defraud his mortgage company and be forced to resign then after a few months holiday, get another job in government where he uses his influence to speed up a passport application and be...
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