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  1. D

    ECS Grading advice/opinions?

    Hi I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread.. I have just applied for a new gold card after completing the 18th and having finally receiving my cert for EAL L3 in initial verification. (Current other qualifications: EAL L3 in Periodic, AM2, EAL L3 NVQ in...
  2. T

    Failed Fica Over 10 Years Ago

    Hi, lookin for a bit info for a mate, he has been in the fire alarm industry for about 15 years and done the college of an electrical apprenticeship but never passed the fica, would he be able to do his fica after all this time ? Thanks in advance
  3. J

    JIB grading appeal

    I've just received my JIB card. It arrived in just over a week, which was a lot quicker than I was expecting. I've been graded as an electrical labourer/ ancillary operative. This means, I think,that because of lack of education and experience, I can't be trusted to do almost anything without...
  4. L

    JIB Grading?

    Hi all, Im about to send off for my first ECS card and grading. Ive done 2330 2/3, 17th Edition, 2391, Im currently on the NVQ 2356 and have included a letter from my assessor, I have 7 years work experience From installs to periodics I have a letter From my Employer who i have currently been...
  5. B

    jib card

    JIB have sent me a ancillary operative card what the hell is that about. Problems problems. No qualifications on the back. Basically it says I'm an Electrical Labourer. Anyone else had this problem. The big con is going to get quite a lot of people next year. Now I have to sign up to NVQ 2356...
  6. P

    Renewing SJIB grading card obtained in '06

    Hi folks i was wondering if someone would be able to clarify the steps i need to take to renew my grading card that was obtained in November '06 with CSCS. Basically i went travelling and the last thing on my mind was sparking so my grading card has expired along with my CSCS. It is time to...
  7. S

    Jib card

    what exactly do i need for electrician grade, is it : Completed apprenticeship, 2330 level 3 or equivalent and the NVQ level 3? or do i also need the 17th edition on the JIB site it doesnt mention it but on the ECS card site it asks for that aswell which is it to be? thanks
  8. T

    JIB or not 2b

    Can anyone advise?? I am gas safe registered with full acs quals, last year i decided to do a 5 day domestic installer course including part p so I could wire up boilers etc. I have just passed 17th edition Looking to do 2391 this september. I am currently installing single, 3 phase and gas...
  9. J

    Jib card grading

    Hi All Just a shot in the dark applying for a JIB card i have electrical installation part 1 and 2 level 3 17th edition and also inspection and testing 2391. Also have a BTEC ONC in HVAC Would anyone no what grading i will get any ideas Thanks James :confused:
  10. S

    JIB grading

    Dose anyone know if the jib will grade me without the 2330 level 3. I have c&g 2330 level 2, 17th edition i am doing the c&g 2391 in September and i am also going to do the nvq 3 would this be enough for the jib to grade me as a electrician
  11. E

    Jib Membership

    Anyone know how to get jib membership if self employed? according to website you need a qualifying supervisor to sign you off? costs involved to join ect... and what grading would you get with following: 2356nvq3 2330 l3 2391 2382 2377 not sure if i would ever need it, only ever lost one...
  12. T

    JIB approved issue

    Hi All, i have done a full apprenticeship nvq 3 city and guilds etc... and was qualified in 2003. in 2006 i done a 2377 course which enabled me to become an approved elec. as from last year this has now be stopped, 2391 is only accepted from the jib to become an approved now. as i done my...
  13. T

    JIB Grading

    HI There, I am in the process of applying for a grading from the JIB. The JIB are willing to provide me with a Technician Status providing my employer is willing to recommend me for this grade. Should I be looking for another job in the next twelve months would a JIB Technician grade be of...
  14. H


    hi, i left college around 2005 but only ever completed parts 1 & 2. just before christmas i took my 17th edition and passed so all i need now to gain jib electrician grading is an nvq3. my local college are not enrolling for the nvq3 till september and to go down the college funded route means...
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