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  1. D

    Bridging the gap, furry style

    Afternoon all, Just about to work on upstairs sockets but thought I'd share this little experience with you from earlier today when we reconnected a cooker. Saw a curious bit of something sticking out of the wall, took the front off ....
  2. Spoon

    3 Circuits Into A Drive Cabinet.

    Hi people, Can you please help me out. I guy on site has sent back some marked up sketches of changes done on site. On is a change to some 3rd party grease systems we added. 2 off. Each system has its own dedicated breaker and circuit. What he has done, to stop them running all the time, is...
  3. H

    Domestic cooker and rcd!

    Had a look at a job where the cooker, protected by 100mA rcd, trips intermittently. Sometimes it can go for weeks without any problem. The cooker is only 2 years old. I have carried out an insulation resistance test on all the cables which was >999 and also a ramp test of the rcd which trips at...
  4. V

    basic commercial kitchen fan / ventilation, advice on how to improve please

    hi basically we have a small commercial kitchen, we have an open hood/ canopy (approx 1.5m wide), no filters or anything within it (above the gas hobs), then a solid duct goes around 3m up through 1st floor and fan on top of roof (type where fan is directly on top of duct), The fan is working -...
  5. M

    Anyone bought a sub £150 SDS Drill lately

    Ok so I need to buy a new SDS Hammer drill this weekend ready for work Monday. I'd really like to be able to spend big as this tool probably see's more action than any of my other power tools, however got mouths to feed and money is tight so my budget is about £150 I was wondering if anyone has...
  6. M

    PVC Conduit-Sealant Lubricant for expansion Joints

    Does anybody know or recommend an easily obtainable product that would be suitable for the expansion side of a pvc expansion coupler. Normally I have installed conduit with bends which have accommodated expansion but I have two long straight runs on my next install and although it is suggested...
  7. X

    What do you hate most about your job and why?

    ^As above^ For me it has to installing fans. It's always the thickest wall in the building and you have to core cut! LOL
  8. D

    Can I use SDS chisel bits on this drill that require roto stop?

    Hi I purchased this drill makita bhr241z a couple of months and would lke to use scutch type and challengling bits but not sure I can? Expert advice needed plaese!
  9. G

    Horrid Jobs

    Following on from the silly mistakes thread, Ive just done what I consider to be a bloody horid job. Quite simple only renew 2 double sockets and the back boxes (surface mounted). They were located under a counter in a kebeb shop and litterely dripping in grease, but not the good stuff thats...
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