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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Full set of 18th ed pocket guides

    The NICEIC have updated all the pocket guides. the new 18th set is more detailed than the 17th version. There are now around 40 pocket guides. pretty much all the useful bits you use day to day from the regs are on them. Have included a copy of the pdf from the NICEIC website for those who want...
  2. The Flyinhos

    Old IEE / IET Regs guides wanted 15th 16th

    Hi gals n guys I'm looking for some old copies of regs, namely 15th and early 16th. Others will be considered. If anyone has any and wouldn't mind parting with them would be appreciated. Already have 16th Am2, 17th & Am 1/2/3, 18th. Regards Flyinhos
  3. O

    Electrical Safety Council - Best Practice Guides

    For the use of lots of people on here who aren't aware of these: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First - Look in particular at No 1 as it covers lots of useful information such as regarding changing...
  4. M

    OSG, bonding plastic pipes etc etc

    Hi all Having a thumb through the OSG and on section 4.5 Main protective bonding of plastic services, it says there is no need to bond an incoming service of the service pipe is plastic....thats kind of a struggle lies on the next page; "Where there is a plastic incoming...
  5. A

    Spons estimating guides

    hi all, New here! Been reading from the fringes for awhile and have finally signed up. Long story short.... has anyone got any of the latest Spons books (mechanical and electrical price book or the electrical one)? I've recently moved house and cannot find them anywhere!! Ideally I really...
  6. S

    EICR codes

    Thoughts on the following; no main bond to gas mains (C1), spur spurred of a spur on a ring (C2) & numerous inaccessible sockets for kitchen appliances under worktop with no switched spurs above worktop for isolating sockets (C3). Been a while since I've done an EICR! Thanks in advance.
  7. H

    Useful Guides

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section - tried to find a download place but couldn't (and may have already been posted). Was looking for guidance on coding for reports and stumbled on this link with some useful guides: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First Like I say, people probably...
  8. M

    EICR and CU change

    Hi guys. I have 2 questions to confirm my thinking. 1. If I perform an EICR on an installation, which was Installed whilst a previous edition of the regs were in place, does it mean that I can give a satisfactory condition providing all test results and observations are correct for that...
  9. P

    Board change with no cpc on lighting

    Hi all Been asked to quote for a board change. Had a quick look round the place and discovered lighting circuit has no earth. Where do I stand on this? Current board is 3036s and will be replacing with rcbos as wiring is quite old. Will also be bonding the gas and water from 4mm to 10mm.
  10. P

    calibration of testing equipement

    Is it really nescessary to calibrat testing equipement every year. When it is done to multimeters and the like readings before calibration and after are the same so what is the point?:devilish:
  11. K

    Best Practice Guides

    just thought i would share the BPG's i have :D
  12. M

    no earth in lighting circuit

    changed a consumer unit today from old wylex board to new 17th dual rcd, when i was stripping out i noticed no earth in the lights cable. what would be the best way around this re-wire or can you fit class 2 fittings and switches. thanks :D
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