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  1. P

    Industrial TPN board, Hager or Wylex?

    As currently got sod-all to do, I was thinking about the choice of TPN board for a new set up. It only needs 2-3 three phase circuits and around a dozen single phase, total well below 100A, so initially our sparky had suggested something like the Wylex NHTN12MR 12-way board as ample and his...
  2. J

    Hager Consumer Unit - Fire retardant grommets?

    When working on Wylex consumer units I always opted to use semi-blind fire retardant grommets. (British General Fire Retardant Semi-Blind Grommets 13 Pcs - https://www.screwfix.com/p/british-general-fire-retardant-semi-blind-grommets-13-pcs/9638p) These ensure that any internal fire is starved...
  3. 1Justin

    Hager part KRN190 neutral connecting block

    Who's familiar with Hager KRN190? It's called a "neutral connecting block" by Hager with no further info. This seems a maybe misnomer, but I have never seen one in the flesh.. I'm assuming it would have a lower terminal spaced to fit a standard Hager busbar prong if it were fitted like an MCB...
  4. T

    Domestic Price of Hager RCBO's

    Does anyone know what a good competitive price I should be paying for the above?
  5. D

    Hager Din Rail Mounted Time Switch

    Has anyone fitted these into an Invicta 3 Type B board? Wholesaler asked Hager whom stated they need to go into a separate enclosure, but couldn't elaborate on why. My preference is to mount them in the DB under the corresponding RCBOs and I cannot see from the spec sheet and photo why this...
  6. V

    Commercial hager invicta 3 - rcd incomer neutral

    hi about to install a invicta 3 , hager 3 phase board. the neutral on the board is on the left, yet the 4 pole time delay rcd i am going to use has the N labelled on the right hand side of the RCD, so with the copper incoming kit links it won't fit? are there Hager version rcds with neutral on...
  7. spud1

    Why are the two poles of the Hager SPD rated differently

    So I was installing a new split load Hager DB (with the integral SPD) and noticed that the SPD cartridges connected across the neutral and line poles of the SPD were rated differently. Is there a reason for these different ratings? Spud
  8. happysteve

    Oh Hager, you little beauty...

    First time using Hager ADA reduced height RCBOs (as opposed to their tall ADN range). See how beautifully they match up with their MTN circuit breakers (circuit far right next to main switch, for SWA feed to shed). :D Compare to BG, my "go to" budget (and garage DB) brand... can't even get...
  9. SJD

    Hager Duplex Cu and KRN190 Neutral connector

    I have a Hager Duplex (stacked 2-row) CU to install. The main switch is on the bottom row. There are cables from the switch feeding the top row. Both cables are fed via a KRN190 "100A neutral connector". The neutral enters the top, and from the bottom is fed to the N busbar. Now I can see this...
  10. ferg

    Hager dimmer module swap

    Does anyone know if I can swap out the module on a Hager rotary dimmer switch for a different module i.e the aurora dimming module? I'm looking for a hager solution for dimming Enlite E8's Thanks in advance
  11. Leesparkykent

    Hager square knock outs.

    Just seen this on twitter.
  12. D

    Hager boards. Cant stand them

    Had to replace an MCB on an existing Hager board (dual RCD) as part of yesterday afternoons job. Having to drop the entire busbar just to change one MCB, and then fiddling around in a tight space to get it back, then the paranoia over whether I've missed a clamp. Mirror, torch...still cant...
  13. J

    Using Hager J804 to wire two lights controlled by one switch

    Hi, I’m replacing the two lights in my living room (both ceiling rose pendants) with flush fit lights, so was looking at using the Hager J804 junction box (I have access under the floor above light fittings). Both lights are operate by a single switch. The ceiling rose has no Loop out. My...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Functional earth fly leads and rcbos

    Whats peoples approach when dealing with the earth fly leads on RCBOs? Got a board to fit next week and the bits arrived today. So been busy getting rid of packaging and putting bits together ready and checking its all arrived. Hager say you can trim the fly lead and nuetrals down if needed as...
  15. Malcolm

    Hager RCBO to fit old board

    Hi all Would anyone know if a new Hager RCBO would fit into one of these old Hager boards? I have to do a small amount of work and there is no RCD protection. Thanks Malc
  16. NDG Elecs

    Hager RCBO compatibility

    Hi Lads n Lasses. Just been to look at a job, just small stuff. One thing was that they wanted a new shower putting in. I was going to check the busbar depth (from front/back of OCPD) on the CU but got sidetracked by bad jokes chit chat with the owner! So never checked the CU thoroughly. I...
  17. M

    Din rail connectors - Best place to purchase? & Hager Invicta

    Hi all, I'm wondering where people purchase their din rail terminal connectors from for extending consumer unit cables? Also, has anybody had any experience with the hager invicta for commercial premises and if so, what did you think of it? Thanks, Mike
  18. G

    Surge Protection Device question

    I am busy doing some work with a local contractor to get some up to date hands on experience. whilst doing a EICR today i come across a CU with SPD in. The property is a recently built 5th floor flat about to be let on a new tenancy and meets the criteria for requiring a SPD. The whole set up is...
  19. O

    Building regs for consumer unit

    We are buying a newbuild property and due to the regulations, we are told the consumer unit needs to go in the dining room (as boxes are on the external wall in that location). As the room will be painted dark grey we want to hide the box inside a cabinet by removing the back from the cabinet...
  20. Pete999

    Tool aficionados

    Sorry for the mix up before hager wiha blue screwdrivers | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xhager+wiha+blue+screwdrivers.TRS0&_nkw=hager+wiha+blue+screwdrivers&_sacat=0
  21. LeeH

    Resistance of a transformer windings.

    Does any of you clever chaps know what the resistance of a 5kVA transformer should be? It's a 240-110 CTE. I have a resistance of 0.16 Ohms (1400A) If I recall what little transformer theory I covered years ago the impedance will increase when energised but how much I have no idea...
  22. Pat H

    Safe Isolation lockouts for new Hager board?

    Anyone know of any safe Isolation lockouts that work on the new Hager boards? My current ones don't fit. The mini circuit breaker style ones don't work as the hager MCBs only have a hole one side. The clamp on ones don't fit as the shape of the lever on the MCB and main isolator is curved on...
  23. S

    Hager industrial recall

    Has anyone else heard of the recall Hager have done on there 3phase mcb? Had the rep from CEF on the phone yesterday to tell me they have been recalled but he didn't know the problem with them, its any mcb that has been installed since July 2016 have just fitted around 30 of them at my work.
  24. dexy

    Various electrical installation materials

    "PLEASE NOTE ITEMS ARE CURRENTLY IN SCOTLAND BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN ENGLAND BY END OF SEPTEMBER " Various electrical items for sale (selling by a fully qualified approved electrician) prices below Defender 240v LED worklight £15 4 bar GU10 spot light £8 Philips master...
  25. J

    hager rcbo/ c/u

    Evening chaps think they will- but not really used much hager... will the attached pic of rcbo fit fine inside 3rd ammendment hager c/u (link below) Hager Design 10 Metal 20 Way Consumer Unit - 100A Main Switch (Amendment 3) VML120 - The Electrical Guys cheers guys
  26. M

    Favourite amend 3 board

    So guys and girls what's your favourite amendment 3 board. Fitted cti, Wylex, hager, British general and MK up to now. MK being the winner up to now but that said there also the cheapest.
  27. Hellmooth

    Hager 100A s type rcd

    Can anyone tell me if a Hager 100a time delayed rcd part number CN284U will directly replace a Hager 100a main switch part number SB 299U?
  28. N

    Domestic Favourite brand for sockets?

    Hi all, Just interested in what everyone's favourite brand for sockets is with regards to looks and quality. I prefer the look of MK and find Crabtree easier to connect.
  29. B

    Manchester Sparks.. Need to pick your brains

    In Manchester and ran out of hager grid gear, does anyone know who stocks it locally? Cheers in advance
  30. G

    For Sale Job lot of used mcb

    Having a clear out got the following for sale as a job lot MEM AB32SB 32A M6 TYPE B 4 OFF MEM AB06SB 6A M6 TYPE B 1 OFF MEM AB16S2 16A M6 TYPE B 1 OFF HAGER BS3871 16A TYPE 2 1 OFF HAGER BS60898 32A B 2 OFF HAGER BS60898 6A B 1 OFF PROTEK BS 60898 16A B 2 OFF PROTEK BS60898 32A B 2 OFF PROTEK...
  31. uksparks

    Garage / shower cu

    Hi, whats the general consensus on using an RCD as a main swich? I had to add another board today for a car charger, basically the current installation had no space left and the customer and charge point supplier said put another board in just for that, which is what I was going to do anyway...
  32. N

    Hager 1361 to rcbo

    Hi guys Does anyone know if the old Hager boards with the 1361 fuses will take a RCBO and if so what type ? I have found Hager RCBOs but not sure if they are compatible. Thanks to any replies in advance.
  33. J

    Hager RCD

    Went to quote for new electrical shower and they want to upgrade from 8.5 to 9.8kw. (I am a plumber boooh boooh) anyway, the cable is 10mm but the rcd is 40amp. I cant find a 45amp rcd its either a 40 amp, 50 amp or 63 amp!! can I use 50 amp? I will get an electrician in but just want to know if...
  34. yellowvanman

    63A RCBO required

    Got a house divided into 3 flats. 3 phase supply but don't want to get a 3 phase board as the smallest is 12 ways (SP) when I only need 4 ways (SP). Seen a hager enclosure that will take a 3 phase incomer and using a 3 phase busbar I could fit the necessary MCBs/RCBOs. Trouble is that I...
  35. E

    Domestic Did EICR today...

    ...no supp bonding or rcd on lighting circuits in bathrooms. C2 i said. According to esc pdf guide!! Easy fix, spare three ways in 16th ed hager board. Busbar is long enough. Install rcd. Wondering if i can get any hager one to replace pictured are sizes universal? I thought save money and...
  36. S

    FOR SALE: Load of Hager Klik plugs. 3-Pin & Red 4-Pin.

    Hi guys, I have a load of Hager Klik Plugs for sale, both standard 3-Pin and 4-Pin plugs. I have them listed with Best Offer option, the greater the bulk buy the lower the best offer I shall accept. Based in Southampton but can ship nationwide. 3-Pins: 10 x HAGER KLIK LIGHTING PLUG IN, 3 PIN...
  37. S

    Domestic Shower timer

    I've been asked to install 2 electric showers. That's the easy bit. The client has asked me if I can install a timer so they will only run for a maximum 10 minutes. Is this possible? The reason is to stop the kids spending hours in the shower and save on energy.
  38. J

    Rcd x5 higher than x1 reading

    Hi all, just filling out some paperwork from an inspection a couple of weeks ago and just noticed that a x5 reading is 76.4 and x1 is 28.4-not sure if I've misplaced a decimal point or what.. Going to go back and recheck it tomorrow- how can x5 be higher?
  39. D

    Best make of RCBOs?

    Hi, Looking to source some RCBOs in UK as part of a re-wire here in Gran Canaria (will be done by a retired UK electrician). Looking for good price and performance (happy to pay more for better quality - but not just for a name). Can you experts recommend makes and suitable suppliers. Thanks.
  40. Eco Chap

    Fault on SMA Inverter? or outside influence

    Hi all. Im after some input from other pv installers (or anyone in the know) about an installation we installed a few months back. In short its a <4KW installation with a SMA TL inverter on a TT arrangement. A few weeks after installation I got a message saying the RCD had tripped, not a...
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