1. W

    Golf 42W E14 Halogen to LED

    Guys One further question. In the conservatory, I have three wall lights which has E14 42W Golf Halogen bulbs. Can I replace these straight with LED E14 (say 6W) 4000K bright bulbs?
  2. C

    2007 Nissan Pathfinder change Xenon to halogen headlights

    I have a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder Aventura (R51) it is fitted with Xenon headlights. I want to fit european headlights as I am exporting the car to France but am unable to find the xenon headlights. Is it possible to change the existing headlights to Halogen? If so how technical is the change?
  3. C

    Domestic Earthing required? MR16 halogen to GU10 LED conversion

    Hello, I am converting my ceiling downlighters to LED. The old MR16 50W halogen bulbs come with a 12v transformer. I plan to cut the LV cable just before the transformer, then strip it and wire it into the new GU10 LED lamp holder. This means the new GU10 lamp holder will not be earthed. Looking...
  4. J

    bathroom halogen downlights - new to me need help

    The bathroom in my bungalow is fitted with ceiling down lights but my knowledge of these is far from good. There are three lamps in the ceiling but one lamp doesn’t last long and I don’t know why. Has each light got its own transformer or does one transformer provide all three? The lamp I have...
  5. R

    Halogen to LED- Transformers?

    Hi, I was hoping for some advice on replacements for the spotlights in our kitchen. There are currently over a dozen (!), spotlights in the kitchen- all halogen. Many of them have died now, and I’m obviously looking to replace them all with suitable LED replacements, but I’m not sure a) what...
  6. D

    Help needed about halogen lights

    Hi. I'm sure this is a simple question to answer so I apologise for my complete ignorance! My parents have just bought an apartment in Portugal and in the kitchen they have a brass fitting containing three halogen spotlights, and similar in the hallway. A couple of the bulbs have gone so they...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    EU banning Halogen bulbs!

    Despite banning old filament bulbs and telling us all to use these halogen ones instead, the politburo and EU dictatorship have decided that we should now only use LED lamps and have banned halogen ones... EU will ban halogen bulbs at the end of the month making lighting our homes TWICE as...
  8. Gakure

    Halogen to LED downlight replacement.

    Hi all, I have been asked to quote to replace existing Halogen 12V with LED downlights. Do you guys have any recommendation, there are 37 of them. I have seen some at Scewfix for £89 park of 10 and kews they have H2 for approximate £12 + VAT. *would you charge per light or on hourly rates.
  9. W

    Halogen to led downlighters

    Hello first floor has halogen recessed downlighters run off a 12v transformer. I’m sure you can’t just swap the lamps to led but why is that if they both are low voltage and also If it’s the first floor it needs to be fire rated right? Many thanks
  10. J

    Reverting from LED lighting to Halogen

    Hi, I am not an electrician but I wondered if I might ask for a little bit of advice? My parents have just bought a house and all of the rooms are lit with LED light bulbs, which give me a bad headache after half an hour. I would like to switch to halogen light bulbs, but I've never really...
  11. L

    Electronic transformer box - halogen light fitting...help!

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice. My light fitting has stopped working after my husband changed the bulbs. I think the transformer has blown (bulbs put in were too high wattage) and I’m looking to change it. Can anyone advice me of a good replacement for an NRE-80 transformer please. Picture...
  12. L

    110v site lamps at 240v domestic

    Hello, I have bought some site lighting with 110v plugs to rig up in my shed workshop which has a 240v domestic supply. Obviously I can use a site inverter but I would like to avoid this. Is it just a case of rewiring and fitting 240v halogen bulbs? Some help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  13. J

    Kitchen Halogen lights to LED

    Hi, I currently have 13 (yes 13!) kitchen halogen downlights that I want to convert to LED's. They are the 12v halogen pin type connected to AC 240V transformer (60VA). Is it possible to convert these to to something like Philips 8W MR16 LED? Im not sure if the transformer I currently have is...
  14. E

    LED & Halogen on same circuit - Halogens no longer work

    I have 5 lights in my garden on the same circuit, they were all previously small industrial looking fluorescent tube lights. Last weekend I replaced two of them with standard halogen light fittings (Astro 0483 | Homefield 1 Light Outdoor Wall Light -...
  15. H

    Low voltage halogen stops working but bulb not blown

    Hi, I've got 8x 50w 12v halogen lights each with individual transformers in the bathroom. Two of the lights occasionally stop working. If you pull out the bulb and re-seat it, they start working again. The bulbs are fine. Only they stop working again in a few days and you have to do the same...
  16. jquadri

    Understanding led & lowering energy cost

    Would it be fair to say there are two types of recess lights: Halogen and LED, I am trying ti replace the Halogen recess light with an LED recess light. The electrician tells me there is no transformer attached to the Halogen lights, he said the Halogen fitting constitute 9w and 50w within...
  17. V

    Domestic Halogen Gu10's Banned From Sept 1st

    I don't know if there is another thread on this? But I can't find one. I got an email the other day saying that directional halogen bulbs (which includes GU10) would be banned/phased out from 1st Sept 2016. I must admit I know there were murmurings a couple of years ago about EU legislation...
  18. L

    Domestic Sub-newb question - wiring a 240V to 12V halogen lights transformer

    Firstly, hi, Lavrentiu here, live in sunny Cyprus where thankfully we have the same wiring/setup as UK which is a good thing :clap: I moved to a new place few days ago, this flat has some groovy halogen spotlights by the entrance door but unfortunately none worked. After buying a few new lamps...
  19. M

    Halogen to LED 12V MR16

    Hi I currently have halogen lights 3 x 20w on a 12v Transformer Power 65W and I want to change them over to LED lights but I have to use the existing transformer as I'm unable to get to them to take them out and use the mains to change them over to GU10. So my question is what is the best way...
  20. H

    Halogen Light

    Went to help neighbour replace lamp in outside halogen lamp because "the lamp has gone". The screws are all seized up and there's no way to get in without drilling the screw, so said for sake of £5 it'll be easier replacing the unit. I was off home again as she said "it comes on sometimes, and...