1. Mike Johnson

    What's happened to the Format of the Forums

    The Forum seems to keep changing its format, very difficult to navigate now, lots of text in the dropdown box's and the top banner scrolls up with navigation so notifications are not visible until you scroll back to the top, definitely not an improvement IMO.
  2. C

    What the hell has happened to the 18th edition course

    So I decided to do my 18th edition after needing to renew my ecs card and they wouldn’t until I Did it. My company decided to put me on the 4 day course becuase they thought it had a higher pass rate and they said they will go through the book and exam questions better Well I’m into day 3 and...
  3. S

    What’s happened to my electric meter?

    Hi all after some advice with my meter reading. Every month I have to send my readings to octopus which I’ve been doing for months no issue. However gone to do it today and the reading looks like it’s started again. Gone from 00732 to 0002. Also when pressing the “A” button it doesn’t go to...
  4. S

    What happened here?

    Hi, Bit of a strange one today, was using a single socket extension lead and I plugged my hoover into it, turned it on and it started up very briefly before the power to it was cut. Checked if it had tripped an MCB, nope. Next check was the fuse in the plug, thought maybe it was the wrong size...
  5. M

    UK What do you think happened here?

    So was asked to do some electrical work at this house (power and lights to shed)... but I like to see what I’m working with first... and this looks like a can I might not want to open first - every other house I’m the area is TNCS I live just down the road and I’m TNCS So I think there is a...
  6. J

    Any Ideas Whats Happened To This Switch?

    Hi All, This morning we had a power failure of our shower. When I took the switch off the wall to check for any issues I noticed a section on the load side had "blown" for want of a better word. I'm assuming its something to do with overheating but not sure - any advice? Thanks, Josh
  7. S

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas
  8. F

    Domestic What has happened here?

    So our oven stopped heating up. It's done it before and we had the element replaced. This time I took the back off to have a look and found what, to my untrained eye, looks a little concerning. The wire insulation had turned white around the spade connector and crumbled away when touched...
  9. D

    What ever happened to the c.k screw driver give away ?

  10. richy3333

    Whats happened to Clancy

    Just had a email from NICEIC and some bald heads now the interim MD? Whats happening at NICEIC Towers?
  11. polo1

    What actually happened.

    So a bit of a story.... Was in checking out an office for its first EICR. Another company of electrical contractors was in adding some floor boxes. Heard a yell and found a lad looking as if he’d seen a ghost, said he had got a massive belt when removing a radial circuit from an existing box...
  12. telectrix

    what has happened to Friday?

    as tittle. all a load of sensible posts, i do despair, i really do.nv;dnciaafbsjsv.dr ]gdr;lhrawgdn;lv,';sr,lkankjcas;bdffb.ma.uu!!)&REIOBHVB
  13. HappyHippyDad

    What happened to my posts from this morning?

    I did 2 posts this morning and they have disappeared. They were replies to 2 different threads both by the same OP. The first one was 'which toolbelt do you recommend' (ps.. not the one I recently started) and the second one was about which flat head bit was best to get for putting in socket...
  14. C

    Working live

    How many sparks would work in a square D KQ 3phase DB board if it was LIVE i was putting a new mcb in a live DB and it blown the MCCB at section board i tested between phases and there was no polarity between any conductors switched the MCCB and it tripped again WHAT COULD OF HAPPENED
  15. Simonslimline

    What happened to the trainee section?

    I am possibly overlooking something here! I cant seem to find the trainee section anymore, has my access been removed? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  16. B


    I was conducting a zs test on a 3 phase isolator and the terminals were sparking and snarling when i placed my probes onto them. This has never happened before and i am struggling to understand why it happened on this occasion. It was a 3 lead test: live,neutral, earth etc. It happened across...
  17. J

    What happened?

    Hi all, trying to understand what I did wrong or what caused my volt meter tip to arc, ruin my tester and trip out rcd & mcb. I had a fluke t100 and have been fault finding a tumble drier. I probed L2 onto heat element to check voltage was present and blew the tip off. What caused this? Cheers
  18. C

    Links to products appearing in my recent post - why has this happened ?

    "Hello All", I noticed tonight that a couple of Links to products appeared in a message that I posted - How / Why would this be happening ? For example I wrote `28mm Diamond Core bit` and `bathroom Vent Axia` in a message earlier to Member gnselectrical about Diamond Core bits - this...
  19. O

    This should have happened years ago

    Pretty much as it says: BBC News - Government crackdown on mobile 'notspots' I live in Surrey where the number of black holes in the mobile network seem to get larger by the day!
  20. B

    Whatever happened to weekly pay for subbies ?

    Worked in a factory when recession was at its worst, been back subbying this year and cannot believe I'm being asked to work a month in hand on a short term job. Some offers I've had even expect you to also pay your digs too meaning you can be owed thousands before you get paid. A colleague...
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