1. J

    Any Ideas Whats Happened To This Switch?

    Hi All, This morning we had a power failure of our shower. When I took the switch off the wall to check for any issues I noticed a section on the load side had "blown" for want of a better word. I'm assuming its something to do with overheating but not sure - any advice? Thanks, Josh
  2. Smart sparks

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas
  3. richy3333

    Whats happened to Clancy

    Just had a email from NICEIC and some bald heads now the interim MD? Whats happening at NICEIC Towers?
  4. telectrix

    what has happened to Friday?

    as tittle. all a load of sensible posts, i do despair, i really do.nv;dnciaafbsjsv.dr ]gdr;lhrawgdn;lv,';sr,lkankjcas;bdffb.ma.uu!!)&REIOBHVB
  5. happyhippydad

    What happened to my posts from this morning?

    I did 2 posts this morning and they have disappeared. They were replies to 2 different threads both by the same OP. The first one was 'which toolbelt do you recommend' (ps.. not the one I recently started) and the second one was about which flat head bit was best to get for putting in socket...
  6. C

    Working live

    How many sparks would work in a square D KQ 3phase DB board if it was LIVE i was putting a new mcb in a live DB and it blown the MCCB at section board i tested between phases and there was no polarity between any conductors switched the MCCB and it tripped again WHAT COULD OF HAPPENED
  7. B


    I was conducting a zs test on a 3 phase isolator and the terminals were sparking and snarling when i placed my probes onto them. This has never happened before and i am struggling to understand why it happened on this occasion. It was a 3 lead test: live,neutral, earth etc. It happened across...
  8. B


    We seem to have a lot of young sparkies following the trend that RCD's are some kind of wonder device. To explain, An elderly lady has just come out of a 3 day stay in hospital. Why ?? Because a young electrician had installed a dual RCD board to there property and explained how it protected...
  9. M

    Baffled and need help/advice

    Hi I know very little about electronics, it's never been my vocation. I know basics and that's it but I'm a bit baffled by something that happened the other day. If I sound like I'm waffling at any point then I apoligize in advance. I went to boot up my PC. Nothing happened, which I found...
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