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  1. L

    Having issues with this wiring set up that is in an older house.

    I have a 2 gang box in my dining room one of them is part of a three way switch to the main light. I also have three recessed lights in that room that I was trying to run to the other switch. With all of that going on I realized the switch also had more wires all tied in together. I removed a...
  2. Vortigern

    Is anyone else having problems accessing certain areas of the forums?

    Just wondering is it just me or a general problem I encounter. First, I cannot comment on the DIY forum as I have insufficient priveleges. I have raised this a few times with forum admin but nothing has come of it. Secondly today I tried clicking on a thread to the plumbers forum and was told...
  3. Vortigern

    Garage broken into having a moan sorry!

    Had my garage broken into a couple of nights ago. Took a lot of cable maybe £500 worth. Drum of SWA and offcuts, T&E reels and singles in all sizes and colours. Strange thing is nothing else taken! Tools were left and mower, jet wash and so on so I suppose that is good. Door wrecked with jemmy...
  4. K

    Issue with having all LED spotlights in bathroom, 2 must remain Halogen

    Hi, I have 6 spotlights in my bathroom, when I moved into the house 4 years ago I replaced all 6 with LEDs but they wouldn't work, turns out I could only get the lights to stay on if 2 Halogen bulbs remained (1 on each end of the bathroom). Recently one of the 2 Halogen bulbs has died and now...
  5. gutterball

    nic log on

    anyone else having trouble logging into nic. just getting a holding page
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Having a clear out of bits and bobs

    Having a clear out of stuff still. Got a brand new unused unopened Armeg Accelr8 Hole saw (20mm). Have the full set and a few spares os getting rid of this one.. They are around £29.00 for 2 in the shops so if anybody wants one I will post it to you for the good price of £12.50 Also got the...
  7. Pete999

    My Sister in Law is having her kitchen extractor remodeled, what certi ss required

    My Sister in Law is having a new extract fan installed due to an obnoxious Neighbour complaining about cooking smells, She is having a builder to install a new fan and ducting, What Electrical certification would be required? me I would say a MNEW cert and an ISITEE as well what say you lot? I...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    I'm having a clear out of surplus bits

    As the title says I am having a clear out... Have as follows Kewtech KT115 multimeter £25 I will post it for free. Barely used and In Very good condition. Also got a kewtech FC2000 checkbox, about 18 months old in excellent condition £75 with free signed for postage. (pictures to follow) good...
  9. D

    Hi and thanks for having me. Can I wire an Au plug to this fan?

    Kinda was hoodwinked on Ebay. Pic had black wire, taped and end hidden. No mention of no plug. I guess you get what you pay for. Liv'n'learn. Anyway, I can return it, but was wondering if I can simply wire it to a plug and use it. Tried Google but no mention of Fans with 2 red wires. Apreciate...
  10. J

    I'm considering having 3 phase installed

    Hi I currently have a 100A single phase supply ( forgive the pun ) & I am considering asking for 3 phases to be installed. I have some workshop equipment that I want to install which are 3 phase and total about 30kW. My property is fed by 2 cables overground on 7 telegraph type poles. My...
  11. J

    Would having upstairs/downstairs rings on same rcd speed up powerline adaptors

    Hi i'm trying to get the best speed i can from powerline adaptors scattered around the house. between the downstairs ones the speed is 784mbps, however to the upstairs ones only get 40mbps. i've eliminated all the interference i can around the house that was affecting the speed. if the upstairs...
  12. H

    atlas copco air comp

    hi guys hope all of you having a good time my air compressor atlas copco GA11 FF is not running due to a fault a red light is in screen i try to reset many time but not gone thanks for help
  13. S

    Trying to source an item not having much luck

    Hi all I am desperately trying to source several of these Legrand RCD twin socket outlets for office 3 compartment floorboxes but not having much luck. Could anyone very kindly point me in the right direction? :) Many thanks
  14. rolyberkin

    Chances of constant current LED's having been fried!?

    Picked up a job where the previous electricians had not connected some collingwood LED stair lights (they were exited from the job!), they had been wired in parallel and no doubt hooked up to an LED driver, anyone up on their electronics? Have they definitely been fried or is it worth taking a...
  15. O

    Winter Tyres - are they worth having

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on having winter tyres - being in the south it hardly seems worth while ............ even the "beast from the east" only managed a light sprinkle! Thanks
  16. H

    After having an electrical rewire - certificates?

    Hi, After having a partial electrical rewire of a domestic property and existing electrical installation tested which certificates should I receive from the electrician and should I receive something from the council, also are they uploaded somewhere so they can be downloaded in the future...
  17. M

    New spurs stadium having major problems

    Ok without any football team references... Mace are the managing contactor and spurs have nominated contactors. So mace wont be liable to any delay clauses due to this. I read in construction manager journal approx 500 sparks ( including supervision ) but not sure. Anyway my point is with that...
  18. Rockingit

    Accessories galore! - aka I'm having a clearout

    OK, I've crates of stuff looking for a new home, at make me a sensible offer kind of prices.... 40 x (4 boxes of 10) Knightsbridge white PVC dbl sockets 32 x Hager 2way 2G light switches 10 x Hager 2way 3G light switches 8 x Hager 3p shower iso switches 7 x Hager BT points (secondary) 5 x...
  19. D

    Does having your compex and/or 2396 design help towards electrical and electronic HNC?

    Hello all (first time posting so apologies if this topic has came up before) I am looking towards doing my electrical and electronic HNC through teeside open learning and have been told that you can use level 4+5 (compex,design) qualifications as a RPCL (recognition of prior certified learning)...
  20. M

    New member having lighting problems

    Hi everyone Forgive me if I don't explain this correctly but I am not experienced with electrics and will be getting an electrician round but this is confusing me . I have halogen spotlights in my landing and stairway ceiling and they've been there for years. However I have had the lot stripped...
  21. P

    Need help on having a free standing LED Panel tested for faults.

    We currently have LED lighting panels that are used for photography and video lighting purposes. They are a stand alone electrical device with their own power pack and mains adapter. We want to have them tested by an electrician to see if they are safe, or if they have any problems. We are...
  22. Nitram

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Having trouble with getting a JIB/ECS card

    I have been working for one main contractor as a subbie for about 5 years (hoping to go on the payroll eventually) until they went bust last year. I got my 2360 pt 1 and 2 and 17th 1st ed. and try as I might I found progression impossible given my circumstances. I find myself in need of a...
  23. T

    Megger power suite is it worthwhile having?

    Just wondered if anyone has used powersuite for megger and is it any good.
  24. C


  25. LeeH

    The BRB. Title spoiled by having to use 20 characters.

    I will skip over the Pete\Tel jokes... :mevilrun:
  26. Leesparkykent

    Local Heroes....A British gas innovation

    https://www.localheroes.com/ listening to Absolute radio today and this advert caught my attention....Has any one signed up to it? Having the British gas badge attached to it could be a good thing as its known they charge a premium.
  27. V

    What determines your rates?

    Hi, what determines an electricians rates, living in London. What points would you say distinguishes those earning £25/hour and those earning £50/hour?
  28. Pete999

    Judge Rinder

    I was sat in the living room minding my own, when the Wife came in all excited (no not that sort of excitement) you smutty lot. Quick she said turn over to ITV and watch this idiot, turns out the Posh Lady was having some building work done, and she had to get an Electrician in to repair a...
  29. P


    Hello everyone. Newly qualified guy, having passed all the short course material, I realise the learning now begins. Having spent 20 yrs on the road as a long distance lorry driver, I need a career change.....well here I am. Please forgive any stupid questions I may ask. paul
  30. E

    Advertising and websites

    Hi everyone was just wondering how much money people spend on advertising and how much work they receive from the advertising? ive been on my own for about two years and 90% of my work is word of mouth, I have an ad in yell and get the odd call from it. also with websites do you pay for seo...
  31. M

    testing codes

    Hi everybody, just wondering should i give a code C3 for a shower or bathroom fan having no local isolator.
  32. Gazthesparky

    Main switch bs numbers

    Having a brain fart at the moment could some one put me strait and help me out. I'm filling in an EIC and in the part it says main switch/ switch fuse part i'm stuck on which BS number to it put. i have a metal switch fuse so its that BS number i'm putting in. I don't know what to list as a BS...
  33. O

    Domestic Looking for some C Type 20A MK RCBOs - Anyone having a clear out?

    So adding a couple of circuits to the garage/workshop (socket radial either side) but having an issue locating some 20A MK C Type RCBOs at a decent non RRP price (I ain't paying £30 odd quid each - yes for my own garage I'm a cheap git :P ) (sockets are for compressor / other stuff with decent...
  34. J

    Is it Regulation to have a Heat Alarm in the Kitchen ?

    Having a new kitchen fitted and the workmen have said we need to have a heat alarm in the kitchen as well as the smoke alarm in the hall. The hall smoke alarm is 2 metres away from the kitchen, it is a 1920s small 1 bedroom flat and has never had a heat alarm in the kitchen only the 1 alarm in...
  35. M

    Workmanship warranty

    Hi all I have been asked by workmanship warranty company to sign a statement saying should my limited company fail & a claim is made against work done then I would be personally liable, so here is the point should I pay the warranty & I am still trading it is down to me, should I cease trading...
  36. J

    Failed 2395 (yes another one)

    I've just had my results back from the august 2394/5 exam and found out I've failed the 2395 written part. Was expected as I have very little testing knowledge at all and got nominated by my company. My main question is how long do I have before the 2395 practical gets wiped and I have to do...
  37. GMES

    mobile valeting

    Mobile valeting is awesome I'm sat with a cold beer watching two lads cleaning my van sweating their backsides off, I did offer them a cuppa soup but for some reason they declined! , there's no pleasing some people. :rofl:
  38. S

    Domestic multiple switching of fan

    Hi, I have a quick question... Without having to spend time sitting down and working out I'm hoping someone might have a simple solution. I have one run on fan in loft but wants to be switched and ventilated via 3 separate bathrooms. Now I'm thinking off hand that ill need a relay but I may...
  39. I

    what use is 2394

    what use is 2394 without 2395 , does this mean i can sign off work or just my own work , and would i still have to join select or niec , i stay in scotland
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