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  1. G

    Portable Generator (Health & Safety Query)

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the incorrect area of the forums. I'm currently undertaking a degree in Health & Safety - I'm about to begin an assignment in which a portable generator was housed in a confined space, which, ultimately led to the death of an individual through...
  2. Pete999

    Living away from youre imediate family, and Mental health

    Just read an article regarding Mental Health and isolation, want to try living in a foreign location for 12 months first before you start whinging about solation and mental health. I must be a complete looney by now if that report is anything to go by, " SHUT UP TEL" 12 months on my own was soul...
  3. N

    Solar Health Check?

    Hi All, Looking for some advice, got a cold call today from someone who informed me the company who put up my panels have ceased trading. The new company is contacting their old customers and offering to help with any warranty issues. They need to do a health check to validate the system health...
  4. G

    Health and safety and risk assessment for one man band

    Morning all I know the questions probably been asked a lot. Basically I done some work for a company last month and put my invoice in at the start of last month now there asking for health and safety policy and risk assessment. What's the score being a one man band solo trader.
  5. bigspark17

    Generic health and safety policy

    Does any one have or know where to buy a generic h&s policy document, ideally an edidable pdf version. Its worth a “like” ;) if you do :)
  6. E

    health and safety at work

    this man was relatively unknown to me till today, from what ive seen he seems a bit on the mental side i know there is folk that ---- and moan about health and safety but can see why access equipment is all the rage nowadays i refuse to go up ladders if the building is above 2 stories...
  7. the pict

    Health and safety policy, finger wagging another BS

    I need to have one for the next assessment the GOV.UK site has one which is a joke all I have to do is repeat myself over and over basically just entering my name as i am a sole trader does anybody have a suggestion were I can download one that actually makes sense, P
  8. Midwest

    Large Benjamin's health & safety

    Following on from some recent mishaps, I'm sure you've all read about the story of Big Ben being silenced for four years, and some suggesting story it's Health & Safety go mad; Big Ben's bongs to fall silent for four years for repairs | Daily Mail Online -...
  9. D

    ECS Health and Safety Assessment short notice in Hampshire

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any companies that offer the ECS health and safety certificate at short notice in Hampshire as my ECS card has expired but I need at least the health and safety certificate to get on a job I have been offered. I suppose I could go into London to use the premium...
  10. Spoon

    Proof of ID may be needed for NHS care.

    Sounds like a good idea. A few small things to sort out. Proof of ID may be needed for NHS care, says health chief - BBC News - http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-38060432
  11. Lou

    AM Electrical Services (NI) Ltd

    AM Electrical Services (NI) Ltd. are based in Eglish, County Tyrone and were established in 2007. Founded in 2007 by Anthony Feeney and Martin O’Neill, our company has grown successfully by completing projects on time, on budget and to the highest standard. Our main ethos is to deliver a...
  12. Lou

    Emerson Electrical

    Established in 1998, Emerson Electrical has successfully completed a broad range of major contracts throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Health Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Sheltered Accommodation and Residential Developments and Private...
  13. Lou

    MK Electrics Ltd

    MK Electrics Ltd are based in Bedlington, Northumberland but have carried out work all over the North East and mainland Britain. Established since 2003 as NICEIC approved contractors. We became a limited company in 2006 and have 10 employees operating from our offices in Bedlington...
  14. M

    Industrial AMEC Trade Test

    Hi everyone. Ive got a trade test for Amec Foster Wheeler coming up soon. I understand its a multiple choice test electrical, then one on health and safety. Has anyone done this test recently and could possibly give me a heads up on the general content? Is it all compex related, ohms law...
  15. G

    Domestic Does a co2 meter work for me

    hi, i have been living side of the road , and i noticed that due to high traffic during the peak hours, my neighborhood is filled with pollution and then it stays for a longtime. the pollution created is causing high health problems like respiratory problems during nights and evenings and i was...
  16. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Discussion

    Hello, Thought i would post my first thread on something that always baffles me. I am a charge hand for electrical installs on big sites we get alot of sparks young and old working on them alot of them are a complete waste of time. How do they manage to get there JIB cards? I dont think the...
  17. D

    underpinning knowledge questions... help please!

    hi all, just need a bit of help doing the last few upk questions that need to be done before i can sit my am2. Q1 what are the main requirements and procedures for inspecting and testing electrotechnical systems and installed equipment after fault rectification? Q2 what are the organisational...
  18. Waterhouse1989

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib card

    I passed my am2 and nvq3 in march last year after doing an apprentiship with jtl. Just wondering if I can apply for my jib card at any time as I haven't applied yet. Is there any time limit to getting my card.
  19. K

    Worst thing you've found in a premise when working!

    House full of cats, stinks, start to drop fittings in kitchen,DEAD cat rotting away on top of cupboards.! Tools packed post haste.
  20. S

    Risk Assessments

    Guys, I have been working on the health and safety policy for my new company which is completed now, but have to move on to the next beast, risk assessments. how do some of you guys do them? do you do a good general one to cover works or have you written individual ones, eg, using steps...
  21. K

    Need help on few logbook entries...

    Hi guys, would appreciate if someone could help me on a few second year logbook entries, all I need is to complete second year to get my job back but as I lost my job in may I am a bit rusty and could do with a hand, I would appreciate anything anyone could offer on the following entries...
  22. E

    ECS Card London

    Does anybody know where to do the ECS card exam in or around London ?
  23. S


    I was speaking to some one on site the other day. He said theres different versions of the AM2 so you can't find out what you will be doing untill you actually turn up. How true is this? Its the first time i've heard it being like that. I have mine booked for mid october.
  24. J

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa forms

    Hi everyone, I have my Elecsa assesment next Thursday and wondered if anyone had the sample forms they send you on download? mainly the complaints form, risk assesment and the health and safety cheers!
  25. F

    elecsa assesment

    Hi got my assessment due soon, just wanted a little feed back , first when putting together your health and safety policy did you download one ,write one or use the print out they provide? Same question for the risk assessment? Any other things to look out for ? I'm quit nervous about it all ...
  26. T

    Health & Saftey Policy & Risk Assessments

    Hi Everyone Has anybody got a up to date health & safety policy I could use and if possible some risk assessments re electrical testing and other more general to electrical work. As I have been accepted by NAPIT, but they need this in place! I would be greatful for any help with this, thanks...
  27. P

    logbook questions

    saft questions really bur im not too sure on them 1st is ... what law applies to your health and safety at work.. is this the health and safety act 19?? 2nd is what legal responsibility do you have to maintain a safe workin environment is this also the h&s act?? Cheers Matt
  28. R

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib card renewal

    Having been out of the contractng game for around 15 years I have enquired about renewing my JIB card, I have been informed I will need an ECS health and safety test before a card can be issued. Do most contract companies require the production of a JIB membership before employing qualified...
  29. L

    funny people working at heights

    With many thanks for "mark111" for sending me the link, its gotta be shared with you guys. some really daft people, here goes Facelift Rogues Gallery
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