1. Vortigern

    Anyone heard of Elldue downlights???

    Trying to find manufacturers instructions to see if they are properly installed at a job I am considering. They appear to be chinese import. It says they are CE but I have doubts about that. They have been installed in a ceiling that is ply with a 75mm space to the roof which is ply and...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody heard of voltcraft testers?

    Dropped some old clothes and bits in charity shop this morning. Saw this on the shelf. Bargain price of £2 brand new in box. Not sure as to how accurate it is. But its only a phase sequence tester and seems reasonably safe.( I hope) It seems a German make given the packaging! Instructions also...
  3. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Daily Express never heard of Napit,Stroma,Elecsa.

    As above,an article in todays express urging housholders to have their wiring checked by Select in Scotland and niceic in rest of the UK.How many years before the others are in with a chance? Regards S
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Emergencyelectricianuk.co.uk heard of them?

    Just had a text come out of the blue asking if i cover BA1 which is essentially half of the north part of Bath and outside my building. Clearly they didnt read my website when searching and getting my number! As they would have seen a headline saying bath and surrounding areas! Offering €69 per...
  5. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme has anyone heard of STROMA

    keep getting contacted by STROMA about joining them and using there services for electrical certification , they seem to be implying that they are the new and improved NAPIT service, has anyone else had contact from them
  6. O

    Have you heard of REIN???

    This caught my eye in the Telegraph today: and this: Sorry about the 1st picky being at 90 degrees, its in the correct orientation on my PC! Useful bit about the am radio...........
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody used or heard of TOOLi

    Been told about this new website that is supposedly meant to help us market our trades to one and other so that business can invite you to tender..and showcase our work so people can hire us. Its called TOOLi Anybody used it or had any experiences of it? Seems a bit like instagram for...
  8. Clodbuster

    Howzit Guys

    I am not an electrician but deal in electricity of sorts. I have been supplying and installing Electric Fencing for 40 years. Firstly in Central Africa then here in the UK after being booted out by Mugabe. I have had occasional conversations with electricians and am always willing to supply...
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Working at heights, no problem

  10. B

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Having passed the assessment they are asking for...... complaints procedure health and safety risk assesement as a old one man band, any ideas where I can get something short and simple to placate them ? dont have complaints, always h&s aware dont take risks !! Lol joking apart, any help...
  11. 8

    2394/5 & Ammendment 3 cource waiting times??

    Greetings all. Just wondering I am trying to register at my local college where I did my 2392 five years ago to go and do the above cources. I made my application to the college on 1st January but have not heard anything since. Are the 2394/5 & ammendment 3 cources generally in high...
  12. S

    Pheonix contractors federation scam?

    I have been contacted by pheonix about becoming an approved contractor? Has anybody heard anything about them because I think it is a scam? Thxs Sparklet
  13. E

    Have you ever met a gay tradesman?!

    Random I know, I've got nothing at all against anyone regarding sexual preference by the way, but I've never met a gay tradesman. Ever. Have you? No sniggering we're all mature here I'm happily married (to a woman) by the way
  14. S

    Bundled Phases

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard of bundling two phases together at the cut out. A Guy form the energy board was moving the main cut-out and told me they used to do it years ago. Does he mean 2 cores (in the same cable) on the same line incoming form the transformer? Surely you cant put two...
  15. G

    Competent Persons Scheme

    Right guys I'm recently qualified electrician and looking to join a competent persons scheme. Is there any drawbacks to joining NAPIT or ELECSA rather than the NICEIC? It's just iv heard the others are a lot easier to get into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  16. M

    Testing question

    hi all I am currently working as a mate the contractor I'm working for which I shall not name does the following test. he only measures zs doesn't do continuity r1 r2 he says that there is a good earth return if these results are within those permitted, he takes his ze from his zs to obtain his...
  17. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Certification by the Niceic

    Hi all, was going to buy some software to help with certification and heard amtech and easycert are pretty good but have heard now that the Niceic are going to be doing a pay per use scheme where by we wouldn't own the software or indeed the rights so no up front fees.... Could anyone tell me...
  18. Tiny Spark

    Anyone in the IET?

    Just wondering if anyone is in the IET? Is it worth the £130 PA price tag? Its something that my employer used to offer all electrical staff but they stopped ding it the year I qualified! its something I have often considered joining off my own back but I dont know anyone who is in it anymore.
  19. D

    Niceic v's the rest

    Deos anybody find or have noticed other contractors that get more work by being NICEIC as a pose to the rest ?
  20. M

    Flush Mounted PIR

    Morning all, does any one else have problems with a sertain make flush PIR ( Danlers ) xs is there another option it still gets effected by the wind thanks...
  21. W

    NIC Approved contractor periodic assessment

    Got my first annual assessment on wed, since upgrading from DI last year, how many jobs will he normally want to see is it still five or is it less after your initial main assessment?
  22. S

    garage boards in recessed meter box

    Hi all, has anyone fitted a garage board in a recessed meter box when installing pv when there havent been any spare ways? I've heard people say you shouldn't do this.
  23. M

    anyone heard of surecall is it a scam

    Hi got a call from a nottingham call centre " saying they were from surecall and that they had a job for me and would i like the details, amd they started going through the name and number before i could say hang on aminute who are you, on questioning i was aparently the ON Call electrician in...
  24. darkwood

    Zoning and other trades ......!!!!!

    :sad3::sad3::sad3::sad3:..... crap morning but saved by been prepared, was pad-sawing out a socket box in dot and dab about 1m from a window with a radiator under it, then psssssssssssssss water squirting out, was hot so isolated boiler to drop pressure and bashed out a large section of wall...
  25. S

    Installation photos - point me in the right direction

    It has been a long day and i am fed up of looking for a list of all of the stages of the installation you should photograph for your records as per the MCS requirement. So far i have the following points Entry to the rafter Placement and fixing of the roof hook Attaching the mounting...
  26. La Poste

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma, what do you think?

    I will be booking an initial assessment this month to become a member of the part P brigade. I work part time as an electrician in my holidays and weekends etc and often get asked to do jobs for friends or family. Stroma is half the price of the other schemes and this is what attracts me...
  27. J

    DNO Approval

    Just had a client contact who has DNO approval, but who's company can;t do the install before the 12th. Can we just pick this up? - we don;t have the schematics that were provided, what inverters were spec'd out. Just the notice of permission to connect. I've never picked up a contract like...
  28. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) End of the JIB ?????

    Anyone else heard this rumour that some of the big names ie T Clarke, Balfour Beatty etc etc are pulling out of the JIB thus creating their own wage structure metal muncher, tester whatever your so called discipline. I heard at least 7 of the biggest companies are going to pull away form JIB
  29. N

    Professional switch?

    Long story short, need to install a new circuit so that when the RCD trips, the freezer will come back on when power is restored. It's an old RCD and tripped when a powercut occured when these people were on holiday. No one there to put it back on, two weeks later lots of spoiled food. It...
  30. 1

    Benchmark Certification Scheme Benchmark Certificated - Corgi-membership?

    Benchmark Electricians Anyone heard of this scheme previously and looked into it further? I've had a look at the price of registration and it's £330 + the dreaded I just thought I would ask the question as I have not heard of this scheme EVER? Thanks for any advice you may be able to...
  31. C

    Any Flour corp sparks working in Afghanistan

    Are there any U.K/N.I certified sparks working for flour corp using this forum,if so what are the minimum requirements (quals,h/s,experience etc),for gaining a position as an electrician in Afghanistan? Any info/opinions would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  32. jon jordan

    on the bell magazine anyone heard of it ?

    hi guys anyone heard of this magazine I am getting hassle of them regarding adverts anyone had same trouble. jon:mad:
  33. B

    4mm radial 20 amp breaker

    Hey guys just a quick question. Doing a rewire on my property and was wondering if it was ok to wire the power In a radial 4mm with 20 amp breaker. I know it's usually a ring on a 32 but I heard the regs will soon change to incorporate the 4mm radial. Will it still pass on test though at the moment?
  34. R

    City and Guilds 2391 August 12th 2010

    I sat the August 12th paper for the City and Guilds 2391 and was wondering if anyone else had sat the paper and heard if the relsults were out yet?
  35. P

    pir`s to be done away with

    the pir will be replaced next year with a, electrical installation condition report. codes one, two, three, and four will be replaced with just three catagories
  36. K

    Socket Protection Behind Cooker

    On two occasions in the past week, we have come across a situation at work where the fitters delivering new gas cookers have refused to fit them, stating that the socket situated behind the cooker for the gas ignition/clock contravenes their regulations as it requires a metal plate over it to...
  37. C

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB approved test

    Hi All Got a date for my approved course. Been out my time for 10 years just wondering if any of you scottish sparks have sat this test???? any info would be much appreciated!!!:) another sjib money making scheme, but ave heard from a few guys, that have failed!!! meant to be pretty...
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