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  1. Chivers

    Opinions on Coding a Tubular Heater

    How would you personally Code a Tubular Heater that was fixed to a Wall Horizontally with Two brackets. The Heater being about a meter long but one bracket supporting it had the top half broken but supported by the Bottom section and the other bracket completely intact? Just opinions &...
  2. 8

    Panel heater cycles on off

    I have a 2 year old 2000w electric panel heater. Devola Designer 2kW Smart Glass Panel Heater with Timer White - DVPW2000WH - https://www.devola.co.uk/products/devola-designer-2kw-smart-glass-panel-heater-with-timer-white-dvpw2000wh It seems to cycle itself off and on. About 50 secs decreasing...
  3. J

    Replacement of an x shaped convection heater element.

    Hi, I have a princess 1500w smart glass panel heater which only chucks out half the heat it should. I've checked the thermal fuse with a multimeter and it seems fine but the element has twice the resistance I think it should have and therefore only kicking out half the power. It has a high and a...
  4. J

    Storage Heater with one dial

    Hi! A storage heater in my home has two switches on the wall, two on the heater and one dial. How do I operate the storage heater?
  5. Q

    Wiring heater and thermostat advice please

    Hi - we have an inline heater for a vent system that appears to always be on. I believe the electrician may have wired it incorrectly with only a 2 core wire from thermostat to heater control board. Please find attached wiring diagram and photos of the heater control board and the thermostat...
  6. littlespark

    Storage heater teleswitch

    There was always talk of teleswitch transmitters being switched off. Does anyone know if that is a thing, or whether it’s been done? I was at a local holiday cottage on Monday, owner said 2 out of 3 heaters weren’t working. I found one burnt switch, which I replaced, but nothing wrong with...
  7. P

    Horstmann Water heater controller for Economy 7

    Yesterday moved my Mum into her new bungalow. The Hortsmann had been off for a few months I suspect. The boost worked, but nothing happened overnight on economy 7 even though I set the timer dial correctlt etc, so no hot water this morning. I can't see anywhere in the threads on here whether...
  8. S

    380v immersion heater in UK

    I need a 3 phase immersion heater with a DN32/42 mm thread for a commercial pasteuriser. The only ones that I've found so far are not inexpensive! I have now found several for sale on line which are far more affordable but they're rated at 380 volts and advertised as heaters for PV water...
  9. S

    Homeowner - Pushmatic Breaker and Water Heater Conversion

    Hi all, I converted my gas water heater to electric. I have a two pole pushmatic breaker of 20 amps. I am wanting to connect this to a 40 gallon 4500 watt water heater. I currently have a 12/2 wire connected, and get 240 volts when read with a multimeter. I wanted to get input before I...
  10. D

    Water heater use stored energy?

    Can anybody advise? I have a 3 rate old style electricy meter with 3 rates (day, night, and stored energy) Storage heaters are completely off at the mains (red fuse) , yet the bill is showing a ton of stored-energy usage 2849. kWh over 3 months. What else would use stored energy? Does the water...
  11. W

    UK Storage heater help needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of assistance please from those that know more about this stuff than I do. Currently in a rented flat and there's an old style Breda (beige /grey) storage heater in the living room with an input and out put dial. When I used the heater in the winter last year I'd...
  12. electricnewbie

    Baseboard heater periodic buzzing when maintaining set room temperature

    Hi, A baseboard heater in my house emits a short buzzing sound every 30 seconds. It seems to happen only when the room is near the temperature I've set on my thermostat, that is, only when the heater is keeping the room at a certain temperature, and not when it's working hard to raise the...
  13. G

    Domestic Kitchen heater leaking. Water touches the extension cord. Will I run into issues?

    Hi, would would be your thoughts on this one? On the floor under the sink in my kitchen is a power cord that connects the small undersink water heater to the outlet. It's the heater's power cord connected to a simple extension cord. The coupling of the extension cord lies directly on the tiles...
  14. punkin

    PAT testing a Ariston Andris under sink water heater

    Hi All I’ve come across this heater Ariston Andris Lux Undersink Water Heater 2kW 10Ltr - Screwfix - https://www.screwfix.com/p/ariston-andris-lux-undersink-water-heater-2kw-10ltr/3248g Its a plugin & I’m trying to PAT test it. It doesn’t say which class its is under (1 or 2) I would assume...
  15. groetschel

    The timer switch in the sauna heater broke replace smart?

    Hello DIYers I need some help reading the attached diagram. The "Timer (60 minutes)" broke and I need to replace it. First, for my theoretical understanding: the voltage between L1 and L2 is 240VAC. How is the timer able to connect to L1 and L2, while only one line goes into the Thermostat...
  16. I

    What under sink water heater?

    I've been asked to provide hot water in a small kitchen, no room for a storage tank, any recommendations on under sink heaters? The largest demand will be a pot wash sink so it needs to be hot and reasonably quick.
  17. M

    Car heater electrics - wrx 2003 impreza

    Don’t know if anyone can help me. My car heater blower is getting no power until the car gets up to running temperature only then will it kick in. Once up to running temp it works great on all settings. I have changed relay, resistor and the motor but it’s still the same… any ideas?
  18. L


  19. R

    wiring in a bathroom heater

    DIY and new to the forum Hi there. I want to install a simple bathroom heater in my bathroom (this one: Wall fan Heater 7 DAY Timer PTC bathroom workshop electric wall mounted Remote | eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183692212680). I have an unswitched fused spur in the bathroom close to...
  20. R

    Panel Heater broken, can be replaced?

    Hi, Obvously im not an electrician, but i can just replace this broken "fuse box" at this heater with insulated crimps instead or something similar, without blowing up the house? Not sure what the connection is in the broken one (see attached). Has this odd metal bit on the back of it. Any...
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