1. L

    Why is there no power to my Dyno-Glo Garage Heater?

    Hi, I have a new Dyno-Glo Garage Heater that I connected to the breaker, and it won't turn on. Multimeter reads 120V going at each node in the heater. Breaker is a double-pole 30 Amp Stab-Lok, rated for 240V. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot further, and I'm hoping for some direction, please.
  2. Mingi7

    Off-peak heater doesn't work

    Hi, My flat uses an Economy 7 tariff. When I use the boost heater, it works fine. But the off-peak water heater doesn't heat up the water overnight. The bottom element on the tank connects the off-peak switch and I've tested there is no electricity in this wire during the night. I'm not sure...
  3. S

    Can I switch on an Economy7 immersion heater during daytime hours?

    We are replacing our Economy7 hot water cylinder due to a leak that has two immersion heaters and an indirect coil from our multi-fuel stove. My plumber has only been able to find a cylinder with one immersion connection (plus the two 28mm indirect coil connections). Is there a way to switch...
  4. P

    Plug in 2kw heater in shed Will it go kaboom??!

    I use my shed for pottery and it’s currently wired to have 2 sockets and a light switch (fused down from one of the sockets). Currently I draw less than 300 watts of power. As it’s getting cold I’d like to plug in a heater out there but my husband says it’s not a good idea as my shed isn’t...
  5. P

    Storage heater question.

    Hi. I've been asked to install a Dimplex qm150 storage heater for a customer. There is a suitable existing supply for the off peak element. Someone has installed a switched fused spur to supply the boost functionality. This has been taken from a nearby socket circuit. However the property has...
  6. E

    Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz Heater Help!

    Hello, Apologies if this type of question has been asked before. I have no gas in my house so rely on a water heater to heat the water tank. The water heater is a Horstmann Economy 7 quartz model. I have found the pdf manual online that vaguely describes how to change the timings the heater is...
  7. B

    Using solar panel DC output to feed immersion heater?

    Just an idle thought - has anyone any experience of using the DC output of solar panels to directly feed an immersion heater, to avoid the expense and losses associated with an inverter? Evidently, a changeover relay would be required to utilise the usual 240V AC supply at times of low or zero...
  8. S


    the simple heating device is just a plug and a 220v 300W spiral thing. I would like to add a 12v or 24v fan from a laptop just to make the whole place warm and not just a corner. Needs overheating cut off as well I guess would be the minimum requirement. Want to do this safely at low low cost...
  9. R

    Horstmann Electronic 7 Water Heater - not working

    Hi all, Yesterday I returned home to no hot water after a few days away. After a brief inspection it seems the fault lies with the Horstmann Electronic 7 Water Heater. The display is still visible but the controller is completely unresponsive. If I select either of the following buttons...
  10. I

    Storage Heater Repair

    Hi, We have an old storage heater (FGS Storad COH 972A). Guess it's around 30 years old. It's a dual rad - storage and convector heater. Stopped working last winter. I opened it up (after turning off the power!) and noticed one of the cables was burnt and snapped). Also, noticed one of the...
  11. M

    Pct heater to plug ?

    Heya I have a pct heating element for an egg incubator it’s 220v 80 w atm it’s wired to the old circuit but mid incubation all the digi display started flickering and now I can’t read the numbers I baught an external plug in thermostatic controller for lizards you plug a uk plug into and it...
  12. W

    Water Heater wiring query

    Just wondering if someone with more experience can enlighten me, called out to a bar today. Plumber was in to replace immersion element but FCU was faulty and wouldn’t switch off . Noticed that both the top and bottom elements were being supplied from the local ring circuit and were constantly...
  13. C

    Baseboard heater wiring

    I have two baseboard heaters (1000w and 1500w), both 240V. They are in different rooms of the house. I want to run them on the same 240V circuit- 15A. Two questions: can I put both on the same circuit? And can I simply connect them in a junction box near the panel?
  14. D

    208v heater doesn’t work

    I have a 208v circuit that reads 208v across the leads on my meter; but when I connect a baseboard heater rated for 208/240v that works elsewhere in the same house it doesn’t work. Appreciate any assistance!
  15. jolb72

    black screen when fridge motor or heater starts

    Hi there I’m looking for some help as I have what seems to be an electrical issue. It seems to relate to my computer PC, the fridge freezer in my kitchen and my electrical heater. My computer PC tower is connected to my smart TV so I can use my TV as a PC monitor as well as a TV. The problem...
  16. Hair865

    Hair heater doesnt work

    Hi, I have hair curler. The led is shining, but the part of curler that might be hot doesnt work. I tried where electricity is and whete isnt. There is trimer, which reduces the temperature of hair curler. I think that the trimer is bad, because the electricity is at spiral, but there isnt...
  17. A

    Replacing an immersion heater

    Hi. I've taken my immersion heater out and want to replace it with an instant hot water heater. The unit will be placed on a wall at chest height from where the immersion heater control was sited (Horstmann economy 7 quartz) The fuse on the fuse board says it's a 16A. I only need it to heat...
  18. W

    Upgrading water heater

    I currently have a well water set up. I have an electric water heater (50 gallon / 240v / 30 amp breaker). It is on its way out and I would like to upgrade to a tankless water heater (electrical would be the easiest / although I do have propane on the property). The tankless water heaters that I...
  19. D

    UK Immersion heater on a Nest

    Hi all Have had a request from customer that would like their immersion heater controlled via a Nest. It has standard 2 elements and is not on Economy 7. My initial suggestion was to just put in on a Horstmann timer but he is adamant would like it on Nest, has bought the bits already including...
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