1. W

    Light Or Heavy Gauge PVC Conduit?

    Hi, Which do you guys use? I've bought the light stuff as it's going in a shed where there's not going to be any risk of mechanical impacts. It seems unnecessary to spend extra on the heavy stuff. Is the choice to use heavy gauge purely due to its greater mechanical protection and because...
  2. M

    Very Heavy chandelier fitting

    I've been asked to fit a massive chandelier, 3ft across and weighing 50kg. It comes with an metal eye fitting to go over a hook but i want to make sure i get something substantial. I was thinking of a hook on the end of a long threaded rod that i can bolt into a new brace that ill be fitting in...
  3. Wantvegas

    Domestic Heavy Duty Camping and truck wiring

    Hey Everyone, So I am stateside and I have a truck and camping trailer that I am trying to wire-up. I am going to have roughly ~1200 watts of lights running on the trailer alone, with another ~1500 watts on the truck. The truck is running dual batteries and a 140amp alternator. I have a 4...
  4. E

    falcon heavy booster landing

    some clever engineering in these
  5. Leesparkykent

    Tool bags getting a bit heavy...

    So I've had enough of lugging around my tool bag as it was feeling really heavy. It was starting to depress me every time I pulled up outside a job...the thought of lugging it up stairs etc. I've just emptied it and Ive just noticed I've lost a few things but amongst all the tools I was carrying...
  6. B

    Amazon drone delivery and drones

    Well I have seen the toys working even had a go (rumour has it a gorilla can work them) Amazon has done a few delivery's with one. see https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-Air/b?ie=UTF8&node=8037720011 Well do you think its the future? millions of drones flying about delivering packages? After...
  7. uksparks

    Air Tools For Sale

    Hi, I have owned all these from new and looked after them as best you can whilst using them, they have all had very little use. I was going to use them to do a car up, but it never happened, so they have just been used for the odd little job. The ratchets have been used perhaps 3 times, the die...
  8. M

    Inverter and Battery Combo

    Hi all, Long time. I was wondering if anyone on here knows of any combo unit that is an inverter from 12v - 230v that is rated at 600W continuous BUT has a battery attached as part of it. I suspect such a thing doesn't exist at this rating having done some searching already as you'd need a...
  9. D

    Wheeled Tool Bag

    Just seen a thread about tool bags and though is ask if people know with links please if possible. We used to have a dewalt tool bag that we cable tied to a little trolly as we work on large sites and need carry basic hand tool couples screwdrivers etc and a few meters. Any one know of a...
  10. D

    lighting fault

    When round to a job yesterday where it is extremely damp. Tested light all ok and working. Now had a phone call to say since after heavy rain the lights are tripping intermittently. Says trips rcd and Mcb but resets fine. Has happened 3 times today. Any ideas of tops of heads before going Tomor...
  11. J

    Domestic Upstairs Circuit

    Hi, In your opinon is 20amp more than suitable for an 3 bedroom upstairs circuit, cant think why they really need to be 32amp maybe if you started plugging in 3kw heaters :) thanks
  12. B

    Hilmor conduit bender

    Eveneing Gents I was just wondering if a conduit bender can be used to bend conduit without a conduit stop as a guy i know will let me have an old one but he says it has no stop will a bolt or something in its place work?
  13. S

    And we have the wind to deal with

    What a day. We had three jobs to complete as of this morning, one of them in a very windy Essex. One of the lads rang me mid morning to tell me that an extended roof ladder had blow off the roof and landed on a conservatory some way from where they were working. Two new toughened seal units now...
  14. N

    Commercial Avon prime line hand dryers

    Anyone know who sells these, I need a replacement and a quick search on the Internet has not helped. Any ideas?
  15. B

    Domestic Plasterboard ceiling fixing solutions

    I intend replacing a pendant light fitting with a new light and fan unit (heavy weight), however the screws of the pendant were only fixed into plasterboard and not into the joist because the wiring exited the plasterboard in between the two joists. The plasterboard is not going to support the...
  16. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) health&safty cs or ecs or jib!what

    im getting confused im a jib(approved spark )havnt been on site for 16yrs im not allowed to wire a house need part p! ,i also need 17th to go back AS approved elec,and a health&safty test, man things have changed in 16 yrs,what i see that hasnt is the agencey rates, ok so ill go on site...
  17. P

    Domestic Assessment: insulated steps

    Are insulated steps/ladder expected to be used during an assessment?
  18. B

    van security?

    Just wondering what van security people use? I've been looking at extra heavy duty locks. Is it worth getting an alarm, or are people just going to think there's that bloody car alarm going off again. Whats the best locks to buy, like the real heavy duty security ones? Is it worth getting a 'no...
  19. P

    Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunctional Allrounder

    Hi all Has anyone used or have one of these as I am thinking of getting one
  20. G

    Meter and CU Board

    What material do you tend to use for a new back board for incomer, meter and CU ? Was gonna go with MDF as I have done several times before. But I am using this job for a NIC EIC inspection and I want no problems. Is there a preferred wood?
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