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  1. A

    Consumer unit heights

    Hi guys I've read consumer unit heights are to be situated so that the breaker switches are between 1350mm and 14500mm from the floor in a new build property. Is this really the case. Is this a must or can the consumer units when being installed in a new build property be installed lower for...
  2. A

    Consumer unit heights and mains tailsnew build

    are the consumer unit heights for a new build 1350mm and 1450mm. The services to the new build property will be on the front outside wall of the house meaning the tails will have to be passed through the cavity wall. Can I pass the tails up through the cavity wall to a reasonable height and...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    catenary wire heights on bungalows

    Putting together plans for a job in few weeks. Will need to run a new catenary wire over to the garage from bungalow, length approximately 6m. Was a previous wire in place before the old supply was removed. it is now sagging and not fit for purpose. Cable will cross over edge of lawn and wont...
  4. A

    Socket and switch heights

    hi guys I’m preparing to carry out a rewire myself on a home I have just moved into. It’s a 1930s semi. And looks like it has had a rewire in the past (black and red colours - pvc cable) Id say I’m competent to carry out the work as I am a qualified industrial maintenance electrician however...
  5. stidge

    Heights Cu regulation ?

    I’ve mounted a Cu at eye level in tall cupboard unit, easy to see and reset if necessary.cruella da ville( customer ) now wants it moving 500mm up ! She’s a pain in the arse and has been all through the job ) is there a regulation I can hit her with regarding height and accessibility, I know...
  6. K

    Part M regs? socket heights and other important regs

    Hi All, For my own knowledge I would like to easily access some of the fundamental regulations such as minimum distances for sockets and locations of 'stuff' to comply with current regs. Ive a copy of the 17th edition but I struggle to find anything even with the table of contents! I need...
  7. S

    catinery to garage

    Hi. Quick bit of advice. Just gone out to dad's to fit a garage supply using it for part p assement. He was supposed to be sorting a metal support for me ready and he hasn't got the pieces. Now he wants to do it on catinery gap is about 2.5m using bit of 10mm swa I had left over. Any...
  8. C

    socket heights(Scotland)

    I am looking for some advice regarding socket and switch heights in an extension where the 2 bedrooms have been extended and some of the existing sockets kept and the switch kept. Basically the building inspector has pulled the new socket heights up and I asked him to relax this as it is an...
  9. P

    socket and light heights

    Hi all About to take on a rewire and my memory has gone a little fuzzy. Are there any regs regarding socket and light switch heights. It's an existing property with an extension going up as I type. So technically not a new build.
  10. Y

    Hand Dryer Heights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of the legal minimum/maximum heights for hand dryers in; 1)Normal WC's 2)Disabled WC's 3)Childrens WC's We fit alot at work and it's one of those things that nobody seems certain on the heights. Had a quick flick through the regs and OSG and can't find them. Thanks James
  11. E

    EcoSkies Training

    Hi guys, I am on the EcoSkies Solar PV Installer course next week at Chesterfield. Has anyone else been on their courses?? I have confirmed with the NICEIC that they will accept the ECO Certificate but just wondered if anyone had any feedback on how the course was run etc! Have also had to do...
  12. T

    DDA requirements in domestic dwellings.

    Can anyone tell me if the DDA regs for heights of sockets and switches are written in stone or can we write them out as a deviation on a test cert, this is the first time someone has questioned me on it and it stumped me completely.:confused:
  13. gazzamikes

    heights of sockets

    morning all, am about to wire a 2 bed extension with a hall way, very small, both very tight single rooms. the customer also wants the rest of the bungalow rewired, again very very small. am i required to install all thye sockets and switches and the new heights or as only an extension and...
  14. sparks1234

    Skirting trunking

    Interested in others opinions on skirting trunking, or to be precise dado / skirting trunking and mounting heights. With the regulations for mounting heights with regard to accessibility for disabled persons as we know we have this gap between 450 and 1200 for siwtches etc etc. How do we go on...
  15. C

    Socket Heights in New Extensions

    Hi All, Do the heights of Sockets & Light Switches in a New Extension to an older property (one room) have to abide by the new regs for heights or can they be at the same height as the existing sockets etc?
  16. A

    Minimum socket heights - first floor!

    Another minimum socket height question! Material change of use - New flat in an old warehouse so I guess you could call it new build. There's no way you'd get a wheelchair or anybody of limited mobility up to the first and second floors, so do the sockets still have to be min 450 and the...
  17. F

    Socket heights

    Just about to do my first re-wire. I know that on new builds socket and switch heights have to be to the new heights to meet 17th requirements but I am going to re-wire a 1960's place and would like to know if the socket heights can remain as is, or have to be re-cut to the new heights? The...
  18. D

    Height of light switch

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question regarding the height of a normal light switch. What is the regulation regarding the min and max height of the switch. I have noticed in new build's they seem to be quite low. Is this for disabled people?, What is the min and max height Thanks in advance
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