1. D

    Hello from Scotland

    Evening all New to the forum but hope everyone is well through these strange times. I am based in Central Scotland and reason for joining is in the hope it can help me find an adult apprenticeship out with the usual job websites and apprenticeships.scot. Wish me luck!
  2. J


    sadly i have no electrical expertise, but i'm interested in how things work. currently working on sorting out various things in our block of flats. apologies if my questions are posted in the wrong area! Jep
  3. N

    Hi everyone, new to the forum

    Hi all, just a quick hello as new to the forum
  4. M

    UK Hello, I am very interested in becoming an electrician, 22 years old, TradeSkills4U 2365 L2 and L3.

    Hello there. I am 22 and would like to become an electrician. While searching online, I found the TradeSkills4U L2&L3 2365 qualification, worth £7490. I know it will NOT make me a qualified electrician, but I am of the understanding that I need that qualification to get me through the door. Can...
  5. D

    Hello all

    New member hoping not to ask too many dumb questions. I don't usually mess around with electrical anything, and try to hire a pro whenever possible. Once in awhile I'll install a fixture or something but that's about all I'll do. Thanks in advance for reading
  6. C

    Hello from the Entertainments Industry!

    Hi all, Great to be here, mainly here reviewing training options and how I can make my sector a little more 'compliant'. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to some interesting discussions in the future.
  7. M

    Hello all,

    I'm seeking advice on how to locate the correct wires for LH & RH indicators on my 2011 Nissan Qashqai. I'm wanting to fit aftermarket LED strip lights which act as daytime running lights and double up as indicator lights to..... I have to locate the turn signal wires as per wiring instructions...
  8. F

    UK Hello. I saw a question related to the Rangemaster Kitchener 90

    My own problem is that when the grill is on, sometimes the mains trips which takes out all of the other units like boiler freezer etc. The individual trip for the cooker does not drop out! Does that mean there is a short somewhere? I suspect the switch for the grill as yesterday I turned it a...
  9. P

    HNC night classes, Coventry

    Hello folks, is anyone aware of any night classes, HNC, in Coventry area. Institutions I have enquired to onll offer full time degree courses in engineering.
  10. T

    Hello electric folk

    Hi there, I was a member here for years, not logged in for a long time, so my account sort of disappeared, so I've re-registered ! About me: I am a human male, limbs still attached, poor taste in clothing, English teeth, with a rudimentary understanding of electricity, anything I've learnt has...
  11. Samthepan


    Hello everyone, I have to confess straightaway that I am scared stiff of electricity, so you probably won't be seeing much of me on the site. I live in south-west France, having kissed a Frog while on my year abroad during my French/Spanish degree, and we are very ordinary people, with ordinary...
  12. B


    My online name is black cat or blackcat13art. I'm a graphic artist and computer technician working on my BS in Software development.
  13. V

    Hello, we have a M35G 25040B Starter Motor and unsure of what it fits, can anyone tell us what this goes into??

    M35G 25040B Starter Motor and unsure of what it fits, can anyone tell us what this goes into?? 12V 9 tooth, earth return. we think maybe for a boat??
  14. E

    Just saying hello...

    Just joined the forum and am saying hello. I'm a DIY-er but have a background in electrical engineering (mostly non-domestic). So generally I'm either seeking a bit of advice or trying to satisfy my curiosity about some aspect of electricity on which my understanding is fuzzy. Kind wishes - Pat
  15. E

    Hello! I'm trying to replace a floodlight

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum today and I'm looking for some advice. I recently bought a new pir sensor LED flood light for the back garden. I removed the old fitting after taking a photo of the wiring but (like an idiot) I've managed to lose said photo. What's throwing me is that I...
  16. OiNath

    Hello to all

    Hello from North Wales, 1st time on any sort of forum. Maintenance man with limited but wide range of knowledge, if that makes sense 🤔 seeking help advice to improve my work performance.
  17. A

    Hello everyone

    My name is Andrew and I’m from east London , I currently hold the c&g 2365 and I recently done my 18th . I want to do my NVQ but I feel that I need more experience because I have mainly done only site temps , Is there any advise that some of you experienced sparks can give me on how I can...
  18. L

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, Just to introduce myself from near Winchester, Hampshire. I'm only an enthusiastic DIYer, so please be gentle with me! I live in a house built in 1974, with an extension done in 2008, so have a mix of old wiring with a bit of new wiring. Will be looking to replace some PIR security lights...
  19. G

    Time to stop lurking

    Hello, Long time lurker here, Not an electrician as such but I'm an apprentice trained electrical automotive technician and having moved up the ranks over 20 years i'm currently an electrical instrumentation engineer in the scientific measurement world. I have 18th edition regs and PAT under...
  20. S

    Hello, I need a new cooker, I would like the supplier to fit it as well, but they will only fit if it is safe to do so, is it possible to tell from a

    Hello all, I need a new cooker, the supplier will only fit it if it's safe to do so, is it possible to tell if it's safe to fit from my photo? Many thanks