1. GMES

    Quick hello

    Hi Guys Just thought I would pop in to say a quick hello, it's been a while but work is crazy so I haven't had much spare time. I hope all the usual suspects are still frequenting the forum and that you're all well. I'm off for a look around and try to catch up on things.
  2. J

    Hello, I'm John saying hello

    Hi all, How are you? Dad was a builder and been around building sites most of my youth. I know a bit about electronics (HND and previous jobs). I don't know much about the regulations and house wiring practice, which is why I'm here. Cheers, John
  3. lightingvilla

    Hello, I'm William Spear

    Hello, I'm William Spear an author of lightingvilla.com. I've written many articles related to lighting on various websites and I'm very passionate about helping people on creating beautiful and functional living spaces.
  4. P

    Hello from new member

    Hi, I am a full Professor of Physics, but with little or no knowledge of current regulations or best practises. Actually, I have no intentions of doing any new electrical work myself, just looking for help re issues arising around EV charging. I may be able to answer any physics related...
  5. F

    Hello from *banjo* I mean wrong turn I mean WV

    Hey hey, never been much of a full on handybkan tho wires and cables always been pretty good at but I don't think I've ever failed at anything I have the tools for haha just was coaxed to say hi I live in an older mobile so lots of work to do haha
  6. C

    Hello from Dolly Parton country, Land of peaks, valleys, and moonshine!

    Hi folks, my name is Ralph but prefer to be called Coin or Coinhunter. I am an avid DIY'r who dabbles in a little of everything from repairing televisions to wood working, welding, and treasure hunting. I love metal detecting in water, sand or dirt and own 10 different machines specialized for...
  7. W

    Hello from sunny Texas!

    Hi there, Thanks for the access! Telling my wife "do it yourself" no longer works, so now I am into this kind of DIY. 😜 Cheers! - Willem
  8. Carolina

    Hello everyone, new member here.

    Hello everyone, I must admit I'm kind of terrible when it comes to introductions so here goes whatever I can put together. Name's there, just like the state, well two states in fact. I just signed up for an electrician course that hopefully will allow me to operate in both domestic and...
  9. A

    Hello all. I'm new here

    Hello all. I'm new here and looking forward to learn here as a DIY and I'm sure I will.
  10. J

    Hello there, introduction time!

    I recently signed up to the electricians forum and Lou said why not introduce myself in the welcome forum, so here goes! My name is James, I spent most of my working life in 3D animation and VFX but after passing my domestic installer qualifications in order to work on my house wiring, I have...
  11. W

    Hello all, from currently frigid Colorado!

    As noted, hi to all. Old guy here, son of a journeyman/master electrician before he passed on. That was years ago. I worked with him for a few years, learning enough to do my own work. I wired my basement finishing, and later a 1000 foot addition. Got kudos from the inspectors and it hasn't...
  12. S

    Hello there young hobbits

    Hi I'm Ste. Nice to eventually met you and share and exchange ideas
  13. V

    Hey from Brighton UK fellow Pros and DIYs alike... :)

    Hi form Brighton in UK... just a DIY enthusiast, who likes to fix staff himself, if possible. :)
  14. T

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello I'm Tim from Wisconsin. I'm a DIYer (to the best of my ability) and am learning a lot about improving our home. So far I've learned the basics of light fixtures, standard receptacles, light switches, 3 way light switches, and one 4 way switch. Our home was built in 1970. I'm in the...
  15. J

    Hello from South Yorkshire

    Hello everyone, I’m Jenna (hand waving emoji). I’ve followed a few interesting topics on here before. As I’m new to electrical and studying for C&G 2365 level3 (level2complete), I love the opportunity to swot up on things I haven’t considered myself. I’m a bit of a theorist and hoping to...
  16. M

    Hello, Newbie Introduction

    Hi, I'm Martyn, just wanted to introduce myself. New to the industry, due to a covid related redundancy in 2020, have spent most of 2021 at a training center learning the basics. Have passed the following City & Guilds qualifications. 2365 (2) 2365 (3) 2382 2377 2391-52 Based in Essex and...
  17. R

    Hello and merry Christmas all

    Hi There, I've been a spark for 12 years and I'm moving into the realm of food by doing up a grub trailer. I've largely been domestic and wrapped up in wool! So I'm having a but of a hard time wondering how I connect the earthing system to my trailer via a generator. I've heard phrases like...
  18. F

    Hello From Glasgow (East Kilbride)

    Hi Everyone Really great to be here. Looks like a brilliant forum 😁. Gordon
  19. J

    Hello everyone, from spark in Devon

    Hello, Just joined as some threads catch my interest but could'nt see the pics. Domestic work only in Devon. Look forward to joining in.
  20. M

    Hello from Nebraska a DIY person

    DIY with some anxiety about when I did 14 years ago. Looking for advice in the DIY forum. I've did a 220V 14 years ago but later I remember doing some wiring on a toy and didnt realize primary wire insulation will melt with too much current. So I know I had more to learn! If my install looks...
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