1. M

    Hello from Offshore North Sea!

    Hello guys. Looking forward to participating in this forum.
  2. F

    Hello from Essex

    Hello people, just popping by to say hello JIB Approved 2391 and 18th Edition, Vehicle Charging 30 years experience
  3. S

    Hello all, just joined...

    Hi all, this is my background for anyone that’s interested . I served a 4 year apprenticeship (1979 to 83), got HNC electrical engineering, also did 2391 course 2380 etc. Worked on maintenance in NHS for many years (which included quite a bit of installation works, mainly in MICC). Did lots of...
  4. C

    Hello, thank you for adding me

    No doubt you've heard this before but... "I'm 40 years old and want to change career" I'm a chef. I work long hours in a hot and stressful environment with the constant pressure of maintaining the highest professional and personal standards. As much as I love what I do, I need a proper job...
  5. J

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi All, My name is Johnpaul Humphrey, and I am the DeFacto electrician (and tiler, but thankfully not plumber) for our new house. I helped a semi-retired electrician wire our house, and have learned tremendously from fixing the problems. (we changed a few things after he left, I am not blaming...
  6. 2

    Hello All

    Hi, Look forward to making comments and receiving information from all at the forum
  7. S

    Hello everyone João from Portugal

    Hello everyone, I am writing from Portugal. Best regards!
  8. M


    Hi Guys:) My name is Simon and I am 39 yr old... I am currently re-training to be a spark.
  9. DannyJS

    Quick intro...

    Hi All, Quick intro as i've read a lot from a distance but now I am looking to get involved, ask questions and get some advice. Thanks everyone up to this point :thumbsup: I am 33 in Greater Manchester area, completed C&G 2365 L2 & 3 at Trafford college a couple of years ago, recently updated...
  10. H


    Just on here like many wanting advice on the underpinning knowledge questions but not answering just pointing in the right directions where to look Cheers
  11. Z

    Newbie on forum. Hello

    Hello I'm Robert. I'm from Poland I have 36 ago I hope to find help on the forum
  12. D

    Hello everyone, anybody know how to apply for the Birmingham nightingale hospital jobs

    They must need electrician to wire it all up
  13. S

    Hello forum

    Hi all My name is Simon and I tend to just do basic eleccy stuff more from an understanding point of view in order I can better understand the issues that crop up from time to time. so, probably like a lot of new members I'll be posting a couple of questions I have. Cheers in advance and stay safe!
  14. J

    Hello all.

    Very new to forums and posting. I have my nvq to do and am2. I havebeen working in the indutlstry for 7 years
  15. Y

    Hello all

    Hi all, New member obviously. I work in a very limited scope of electrical installations, so although im good at what I do, I have not worked in some areas since I completed training.
  16. R

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the industry and am currently attending college to get relevant qualifications on a fast-track scheme. I have already passed my 2365 Lvl 2 Diploma and 18th edition, now beginning the 2365 Lvl 3 Diploma. I look forward to making new friends with trainees and...
  17. A

    Hello everyone

    I am a retired physicist. I worked in electromagnetism, antennas, magnetic design for MRI etc. As regards practical electricity, it is only my hobby.
  18. R


    Greetings folks. In the 80s I made illustrations and photographs for books for do-it-yourselfers, now I are one.
  19. Andy Cam


    Hi, Everyone new to the forum looking to progress as an electrician.
  20. M

    Hello from US - NC

    Hello, My name is Joe and I'm originally from LI, NY - but now reside in NC. My interest in understanding electricity sparked from working with cinematography lights, where it is required to have a basic understanding of loads, current, etc - especially when working with generators. I am still...
  21. timmy88

    Hello all

    I'm Timmy from Texas I visited the forum when I needed help and it helped me now if possible, I can help you with something if you need it!
  22. A

    Hello from London

    hello everyone. I decided to write first here to understand how everything works here
  23. T

    Hello from Texas

    I am working on a bit of a redneck project. It wasn't until my registry was complete, that I noticed that this is primarily a UK group. I hope that I can find a person willing to help me locate the items needed for my project.
  24. D

    Hello from scotland

    Hi My name is dean and I am a 3rd year adult trainee. Finally getting the chance to Get My grading card. Do various of jobs at work, currently learning about renewables, Hope to speak and get some great knowledge from you all. And answers to my stupid questions that I may have. Thanks dean
  25. P


    Hello I hope your all well.
  26. S

    Extension cord usage for inflatable hot tub?

    Hello. I live in MA, in case it has any bearing. My daughters gave me an inflatable hot tub, and my question is re: using an extension cord to plug it in. I had one several yrs ago plugged into one of my outside outlets but they're not working at present (only 1 is attached to the house so I...
  27. J

    Electricians wanted in Harlow.

    Hi new to this but not the industry is there any electricians or experienced mates etc looking for a job in or around Harlow must have a UK driving license and be over 21
  28. L

    UK electrical helper looking for experience.

    Hello everyone , I have just completed a course that gives me the qualifications below: 18th edition wiring regs Portable appliance testing level 3 qcf Part P Domestic Installer Level 2 I have done some practical but not as much to call myself a sparky. I would like to know how to go...
  29. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  30. D

    Hello I work for a company in the UK and have done for 15 years, as of this year I’ve been told the following.....

    Hello I work for a company in the UK and have done for 15 years but as of this year I’ve been told that the type of work we will be undertaking will change and I will need a certain type of card to get on site ( perilously just certificate). Now I am being told I have to source these things my...
  31. S


    Hello, been meaning to post on the welcome forum since I registered several weeks ago. Looking forward to asking a few things about which I have been thinking.
  32. R


    new member here. found the forum whilst slacking off on a nightshift and signed up. hopefully i'll be able to contribute something useful at some point!
  33. A

    Hello all, how do I get my post visible to everyone?

    Hi all, I just registered and posted a new thread to get some advice on what to do with this (potential) cowboy electrician working on my house in the "Electrical Forum" but it says it needs to be approved before it is shown to everyone. How does it get approved? Thanks. 1571611574 Oh, this...
  34. diced carrots

    Newbie @ 47

    Hi All I've found mysef here because I'm considering a change of career at the tender age of 47. I've been running the family business for the last 15 years or so but we've sold up and moved on from that. I've sigend up for a Level 2 Electrical Installation diploma - 1 year / two evenings per...
  35. D

    Fuse blows randomly

    Hello, thank you. I am DYI. Our daughter has home built in the 60s with fused service panel. One fuse has started blowing ; when a new fuse is put in, it will not blow right away, it can go for hours sometimes without blowing. It is a 20- amp fuse/circuit. On the circuit is a microwave and...
  36. F

    Hello from a new guy.

    After lurking around for a while I thought I should get involved! Im based in Gloucestershire (Land of Split Phase 480V!). I mainly do Agricultural Installations. Heres this afternoons entertainment, it the sort of thing I often have to service and repair!
  37. M

    Hello everyone:) quick self introduction and question.

    Hi, I've come across this forum, started reading it and couldnt resist to not share my point of view and ask the question. About me: I was always interested in electricians trade. I've worked 3 years as an electricians mate in Poland, 3 years in France, then I come to UK. And I've...
  38. M

    Hello from A Professional Digital Multimeter Manuafacturer

    Hi everyone. Nice to meet you here. Hope to share more new things about multimeter.
  39. E


    Big hello to you all 👋
  40. frodo6


    Hello sparkies I have stopped by because i have a slight problem in my house. I am a master plumber, I have worked with you guys for years, I hope you would be so kind as to steer me in the right direction. when my AC kicks on, my lights blink. From what I know, that aint good. I have a 200 amp...
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