1. Mojo

    Trainee Hello! Decorator takes on (all the safe bits of) rewiring his garage

    Hello, I don’t usually introduce myself in forums, but just fancied it here. I’m not a trainee (though I’m considering it), I’m a 45 year old decorator who has a garage without power, so in conjunction with an electrician friend, I’m studying and researching how to wire it. NOT connecting to...
  2. D

    Looking for experience,

    I am interested in becoming an electrician, currently I am in the forces at RAF Waddington, I am looking at doing a couple of days a month working/helping anyone who would have me to build some experience and aquire knowledge where I can. Obviously I don't want paying, I just want to learn, if...
  3. W

    Trainee New to forum just saying hello

    Hi , joined the ef as am starting a college course in September as an adult learner.
  4. D

    Hello, my name is David Just joined!

    Hi people, I have just joined this forum, I have been an industrial electrican for a number of years, and have finally decided to complete my level 3..in order to obtain my jib card.. I am an adult trainee.
  5. J

    Just joined Hello . Need some advise.

    Hello Everyone, Need some advise. My fuse meter switch tripped . Upon inspection I realized that it trips the 'wall sockets' part only as the ceiling lights work fine on their own. I removed all the plugs from the appliance and reset the fuse box but after a minute or so it trips the socket...
  6. J

    Just saying hello to one and all

    Just Joined and hope that i can use this forum to as a good reference place and to check that i have got things correct. hope i may be of use to some others as well if I can.
  7. G

    Hello from South Wales

    Joined up as hoping to get some help with a problem. I am going to enjoy looking around the forum and learning a thing or 2
  8. S

    Hello from sunny Nottingham, seeking unpaid work experience.

    Yeah right.. it's grey and miserable, as always :sweatsmile: Anyway.. Hello ladies and gents. I'm new to the forum and extremely new to the industry. I'm currently doing the C&G 2365 level 2 and due to start the level 3 next month. I'm wondering if anybody in or around the Nottingham area...
  9. M

    Newbie Just Saying hello

    Hi all New to forum so just saying hello. Work in South East in Fire & Security but increasingly looking at getting domestic installer cert to widen skill set. Time served maintenance from many years ago so dont want to get into contracting or site work anymore. Far too old now. Lol
  10. P

    New member saying hello,

    Hi, I'm an approved electrician with over 40 years experience in domestic, commercial, industrial works, installation works, testing and inspections, I'm based in Derbyshire and really enjoy being an electrician, my hobby is metal detecting and I'm always looking for new land to detect, I have...
  11. Thomas Connolly

    New to the Forum, Just saying hello.

    Hello Folks, I'm new to the forum and thought I would say hello . I look forward to speaking to both newbies and experienced sparks alike on my journey to becoming an experienced electrical myself!! Nice to meet you all . Tom
  12. H

    Hello All - new guy looking for advice please

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a career change to become an electrician, with a view to getting into Solar and Renewable energy in the future - I'm 32 years old currently - is it too late for me to be pursuing this goal, or is it just a question of getting qualifications and industry...
  13. K

    Nest Hello Doorbell help

    Hi, Just about to embark on installing a Nest Hello Doorbell. There isn't a doorbell at the moment (no door bell, no doorbell chime although during the renovation cat 6 cable has been laid ), I have got a 8v-24v transformer...
  14. J

    Hello there, what a great forum

    Hello, my name is Juraj(your eye) and i'm an improver electrician. Only got qualified in May of this year, so still a fresh meat:). So far i've done 2nd fixing new builds, some minor alterations to final circuits and testing. Only found this forum today and already spent 3 hours browsing. What...
  15. L

    New to electrics, new to the forum. Hello.

    Hey everyone. My name is Luke and I am currently studying Level 2 Diploma in Electrical installations, with the hope of going all the way to my AM2 test in 2 years time. I decided to retrain after spending 4 years in the family business of scaffolding and so far am loving every second of it...
  16. *-jester-*

    Erm... Hello, newbie on board :D

    Hello everyone :) Coming to your Mobile Device/PC screens from Hull, are there any forum members from the East of Yorkshire? Been in the electrical industry for 30 years - mainly Control Panels. Got my 17th Edition and not really looking forward to sitting another exam for the 18th but Jan is...
  17. Horace68

    Just a Hello from a newbie

    Hi all, just a hello. I'm stuggling with the 2396 assignment and a lot of Googled questions lead me here so I thought I might as well join.
  18. Infuseon

    Saying hello to all of you!

    Just saying hi Attending a 3 week in house electricians course in two weeks Hope for a change of career and by having these qualifications it'll give me a step in the right direction.
  19. M

    Just a quick hello from Mike in southern UK

    As I'm new here and this seems the right place to say it ... My name is Mike and mainly I do electronics (design and test) rather than truly electrical, but I like to keep abreast of the state of the art, and still keep my hand in on occasions. Though if I'm honest these days it seems to be more...
  20. Shoei

    Newly joined, saying hello..

    Newly joined and Spoon kindly invited me to introduce myself. Electrical/electronics designer working mainly on instrumentation (scientific instruments). Interested in all things electrical and lots of experience from 40 years in industry. Outside the day job, currently playing with...