1. Davehaywire

    Awa cable? Any information would be helpful thanks

    doing an eicr I noticed the cable feeding the service head on 3rd floor from ground floor is a 1x25mm awa cable From the service head 3rd floor it’s your normal tails to dB in flat So the awa cable is being used as below The inner core used as line The outer sheath (unsure on mm size of this...
  2. C


    Hello All, I hope that this recommendation does not break any Forum Rules: I was looking through my previous posts and I saw one where I recommended this UK White Goods Forum to a Member who had asked a question about an Appliance malfunction code. I know from previously reading some of the...
  3. L

    Trustatrader ? Are they any good?

    I am considering trustatrader, are they any good. A mate of mine says they are rubbish, very expensive with little results and crap service. Has anyone any dealings with them?
  4. G

    Vynckier RCBO

    Hi dudes, can anyone tell me where to get a Vynckier rcbo or rcbo compatible with Vynckier cu. Thanks !
  5. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Approved Contractor.

    Well after a long road and a lot of hard work i had the good news that it has all been accepted and im now in......... Woo Hoo!!!! Ohh yes!
  6. P

    I am cancelling NIC and joining NAPIT

    Nic are the the most unhelpful set up in history......I have my assesment on Thursday and the two examples I was using are for a housing company who went bust so I have no access.....I phoned nic about this and there only solution was me getting charged £290 + vat for a revisit, when I asked if...
  7. M

    Competent persons scheme, who do i sign up with?

    Hi everybody, Just a quick hi as i'm new to the site. I have recently done my 17th ed, part p and domestic intallation qualification. Just waiting to do the written half of my 2391 at the moment. I want to get on a competent persons scheme but i'm unsure who to go with. I have been looking...
  8. C


    hey guys, what are napit like to work with, just deciding weather to go, napit or elecsa?? cheers guys
  9. S

    elesa assessment

    hi guys im pretty new to this site. just a general question about elecsa assessment if anyone is registered with them i have my assess booked and the assesor is paul dudley does this name ring a bell to any one. i live in somerset so that must be his general area
  10. C

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Joining Elecsa

    I have got more and more private work and the chap that I rely on to issue certs (I test and complete paperwork and he submits under his NIC reg) is looking a bit wonky. Elecsa is cheap to join (£360 +vat) but I appreciate it won't happen overnight. Can I hold back certs to put through them...
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