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  1. K

    Hilti hammer drill bits?

    Hi, I was browsing a flea market and noticed that TE-CX Hilti SDS plus drill bits are available in multiple versions. For example 18/48cm and 18/47cm. On Hilti's site I only see the 48cm version. So where does the other come from? Is it older? Are they, both as good, quality-wise, or the newer...
  2. Pete999

    Hilti SDS Drill bits as follows 18"x 1omm, TE-CX20X47 used once TE-CX 25X48 used once

    All three £30 plus postage again PM if interested
  3. S

    Milwaukee drill finally let me down. Looking at hilti instead

    hello all. My Milwaukee drill has finally let me down and I must say the quality on my newer Milwaukee 12v drills are not the same I believe. Im tempted to look at hilti sfc -22a drill. Hilti are based 5 minutes away from me and I've rated them since I've been working but I finally now have a...
  4. sam400

    1m sds drill bits

    Can anyone recommend me a decent 1m sds drill bit, I've managed to shear a few of them off at the chuck.
  5. S

    Marcrist or Hilti for a core drill?

    Which one would you buy?
  6. D

    Bosch or Hilti

    Upgrading my power tools and not sure wether to go for Bosch or Hilti... I use Bosch at the moment but it's my dads old gear so is getting on a bit and the batteries are a nightmare! But it's done me well. Although i had a go of a Hilti sds at the weekend and it was brilliant... Do i pay more...
  7. M

    MCS accreditation of PV mounting kits

    The deadline for accreditation expires on 30th of June. Is anyone bothered with it? I know that Hilti got their certification and say that the kit is 4 times stronger than Clenergy's. H
  8. M

    Hilti or dewalt laser level

    I'm thinking of getting a laser level and have narrowed it down to either the hilti pm 2-l or the dewalt dwo88k. the hilti is more expensive but i see a lot of the dewalts on site ,any opinions
  9. P

    battery sds

    Hi guys, looking to get a new battery sds drill, was just looking to see what you think are the best, only ever used bosch or dewalt. If you think any others are just as good or better let me know Thanks Paul
  10. C

    36v drill

    Just wondering what 36v drills you guys use? Used to have a Bosch 36v which I found good, but have had a shot of a hilti which was excellent! Willing to spend a few quid but not sure if I can justify the price of a hilti!
  11. W

    Hilti fear for sale

    I have a load of Hilti gear that I don't intend to use. I'm getting kits now with K2 so ive no use for it. I live in Nottinghamshire, if anybody is interested in buying it email me at [email protected] and I'll send you a list of what I've got. Cheers
  12. E

    Couple of naked Hilti drills

    Hi guys, I am selling a brand new Hilti TE7-A 36V Cordless SDS drill. It is the body only (no batteries or charger) but comes in a hard hilti carry case, has side handle, depth stop and I am also including a genuine Hilti 3 jaw quick change chuck (swaps in place of the removable sds chuck)...
  13. U

    reliability of DEWALT!

    since i started ive only ever owned or used dewalt. reason i brought all dewalt was because all the other lads i was working with owned them and the batteries were compatable! so my 12v driver has been repaired 3 times in 4 years, (trigger, chuck, ??) 18v driver chuck locked open, replaced...
  14. E

    Hilti 36v 3.9ah Battery NEW

    I have for sale one Hilti genuine (copy of reciept can be supplied) 36v 3.9ah Lithium Ion Battery. I have just given the old debit card a bashing and ended up buying a cordless circular saw and TE7 drill so ended up with 4 of these batteries. Looking for £165 delivered Paypal as gift!!
  15. R

    Hilti DD100 Diamond Core Drill advice.

    I have a job coming up involving fitting a residential cooker extractor hood and the appropriate ducting. The ducting will be going up through the ceiling first, then along under the floorboards, then back through the ceiling at the side of the room then along a wall above a row of kitchen...
  16. Amp David

    Which diamond core drill adaptors?

    Looking at getting some decent high quality sds chuck adaptors, extension bars etc for dry diamond drilling. I know there are hundreds of deals online, some makes i've heard of and some which look like cheap tat, but can others give ideas of which makes you use. Already gone down the road of...
  17. G

    RIP DeWalt SDS

    Right my DeWalt sds packed up yesterday, the hammer stopped working.:mad: Got 3 years out of it though so not bad for a ton. Anyone bought a new corded sds recently, any recomendations ? Just out of interset anyone know how much the Hilti equivalent would cost ? can't get a price off the...
  18. P

    Another New Hilti Drill

    This one is only available on the german website but I bet my bottom dollar it'll be with us soon. It's the vibration proof version of the TE-6A lith, think It may even tempt me to chop in mine :D Doesn't look like it's going to be here before Oct:( Set TE 6-A36-AVR + B 36/3.0 Li-Ion...
  19. W

    Bosch or Makita??

    Im after a 240V SDS hammer drill with rotary stop and would like to know which is the best manufacturer to go with. It wont be used day in day out, only occasionally. Thanks
  20. S

    Core Drill

    Hi all Need to drill some 50mm holes through a wall What do you guys advise - should I look at buying a Diamond Core set, TCT or individual bits? I would need to use them with my Dewalt SDS or should I look for a cheap core drill as well ?? :)
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