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  1. FatAlan

    A little holiday reading. What a sad person am !

    Quite nice out here in Antigua though ;)
  2. Leesparkykent

    Holiday: Nervous leaving the business for a week!

    Well it's that time of year again. Off to the airport at 2AM with the family for a week in sunny Spain. Starting to get that nervous feeling when your leaving the business for a week....:eek:
  3. happyhippydad

    Serious question regarding how to take a holiday!

    Afternoon all.. Since I started doing this full time a year ago I haven't taken any holidays. A day or 2 here and there, but no long breaks. I thoroughly enjoy the work and when I get home I get on with quotes, certificates, invoices etc and I'm ok with that as I enjoy it. However, it can take...
  4. Leesparkykent

    Holiday blues ....and 25 characters.

    So I've just done the whole family holiday thing......first week back to the grind and want to go back on holiday :( Thinking of taking Mrs leesparkykent away for a week the end of August as the mother in law has agreed to have the kids for a week. Can anyone recommend best hotels, places...
  5. GMES

    Bank Holiday sorted for me.

    So I have managed to get 4 lazy days off for the bank holiday and have just ordered the entire Star Wars collection, 8 movies if my maths is right, I haven't seen the 3 originals for years so Looking forward to revisiting them So that hopefully is my break sorted. What have you guys and gals...
  6. D

    New to the site, from Northern Ireland

    Hi I'm Dave and like the title says I'm new to the site :) I currently hold EAL NVQ level 3 , C&G 2394/2395 and 17th edition. Also been thinking about going out on my own when I return from my holidays in a few weeks time, likely doing domestic work. But just thought I'd introduce myself and...
  7. O

    Holiday 2017

    The Misses and I have been discussing what we should do for our holiday next year. Our son will be 18 and our daughter will be 16 having done her GCSE's. My idea is to go to Florida, rent a villa with a pool for 2 weeks and do some of the park's, Kennedy and some sight seeing. Ouch it's...
  8. John Murphy


    i need an electrician to give my place in africa the once over the once over so i know where am at and to do some rewiring work anybody interested in a working holiday?
  9. GMES

    Bank Holiday

    So who's working on Monday, I have managed to get a rare day off but knowing me I will end up going to the office as I need to print and go through a load of designs for an upcoming job, This will be after a trip to buy an A3 printer. It is probably sad but it is the best chance of getting...
  10. yellowvanman

    Radiolink smoke alarms in holiday let?

    Finished 1st fix in a new holiday let and for one reason or another forgot to wire in a supply for the upstairs smoke detector. Thought it shouldn't be a problem to use a battery one with Radiolink. Sharp eyed Building control guy noticed smoke supply cable missing and said can't use Radiolink...
  11. C

    Domestic Holiday Chalet Advice 30Amp 1361 Type Main fuse.

    Hi There, First post so be gentle. I've been asked to install a trip switch on a 2 bed holiday chalet, where each of the chalets is supplied from the holiday park's mains on a 30Amp 1361 main fuse cutout. However the owner of the chalet has already blown this fuse twice (at £50 a pop to...
  12. L

    Domestic Running 2 supplies from 1 DNO Head

    Is there any better way of doing this? 1 DNO Supply - 100A 2 Buildings - not connected to each other. DNO on Main House - PME Supply Holiday Cottage run by 25mm SWA (2 Core) from House Supply (underground) 25mm running 6m from DNO to CU - 100A Iso fitted 2nd Iso for Holiday SWA Supply - 80A...
  13. Jay Sparks

    Enter button not working???

    Not an electrical problem really....but when I am writing a thread, my enter button does'nt work!! It works on all my other applications like "word" and "pdf" etc but not on this forum....which is a pain in the rear coz I like to end my threads with my name but I cant!!! Do the mod's know what...
  14. I

    USA voltage

    Hi everyone, I'm off to Florida next week & need to check if things will work when plugged in. I know the voltage is different but I'm assuming things will still work or you couldn't get an adaptor? Any info you've got would be really helpful. Thanks Ian
  15. Strima

    NIC Certificate Software Problem - Master Password.

    Just got NIC certification software loaded onto my works laptop. The previous bloke who had this laptop also had the NIC software installed and had set all his own passwords. He has left the company and is uncontactable at the minute, probably on holiday with a lot of other electricians...
  16. C


    evening lads. hope we are all well, am toying with the idea of going skiing or snowboarding next year up in scotland, got accommodation so thats no problem, slightly worried about price wise tho as am i going to have to fork out for all the gear? anyone been before? is it as pricey as it...
  17. R

    ebay tools

    Hi people.i have been looking around for a multifunction tester,had a look on ebay,just want to get some of your views as to steer clear or not,seems to be loads for sale on there,i think i would trust a business seller with loads of feedback,but what about anyone else,would not like to buy...
  18. G

    Anyone else unable to switch off?

    I'm on holiday this week, and this afternoon we managed to prise the kids away from the cocoon of the Wii and cable tv. We went to a national trust property near here. Walking round, I found myself not looking at all the marvels of the property such as art worth millions, but looking at all...
  19. B

    Building Modular Pods

    Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience whatsoever of working on/building of, modular pods? If so, can you share your experiences of them please? Any advice whatsoever would be appreciated people.
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