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  1. David Prosser

    Home solar panels are they worth it ?

    I've had a small amount of spare time the last couple of evenings so had a quick look at whats available in the way of PV panels for the home. From the limited information I can get without numerous companies contacting me to sell me solar panels it looks like they aren't really worth the bother...
  2. Lou

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do?

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do? I wonder. Please discuss.
  3. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  4. P

    Solar Panels Does the home consume solar produced electricity that doesn't reach the meters?

    I have been trying to reconcile our electric bill with the Enphase production and consumption reports. I don't believe we have any kind of battery. There seems to be much higher production/consumption numbers on the reports that my bill and meters can't account for. The installer says that my...
  5. john watts

    INSTYLE LED - LED strip light specialists

    Hi All, We are a Leicestershire based LED lighting company, specialising in commercial grade LED strip lights and all of the accessorise including control gear, extrusions, power supplies and more. We can ship to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. For prices or questions: Please call...
  6. GBDamo

    Don't know why but got to thinking on the way home.

    With the advent of PV feed in, how do DNO guys safely isolate? Did they ever? Have they always worked live or do they now have to work under the assumption that everything is live?
  7. S

    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    Hi.Have an question. It is possible that when turning on oven make a 0,5-1second power spike,without tripping fuse or breaker? I ask because when my mother in kitchen turned on oven,diablo 1 crashed to desktop on my old laptop. Nothing get tripped etc,lights not. So it was coincedence that game...
  8. telectrix

    free to good home blah, blah.

    these will fo in the bin unless a member has a use. 1 x 12 way metal wylex carcass, complete except for breakers. 1 x 6 way wylex cover and fuse flash guard. anyone need for a repair jobby? collect from Northwich area.
  9. B

    Tested a mobile home today and sometime you just wonder why!

    Tested mobile home today and you sometimes just wonder why
  10. D

    Mobile home DB's..........

    Evening all, Ran a supply today for a second hand mobile home at an equestrian centre which is to be used as temporary accommodation. Carried out an EICR on the mobile as well, all good but I cant decide whether to code the plastic DB as 'not of fire containing construction' as technically I...
  11. Marvo

    Recent Home Improvements....

    Just wondered if anyone is doing any home improvements at the moment. I'm quite proud of myself having completed a bathroom refurbishment and also building an outdoor BBQ recently. I'm not much of a builder, plumber or tiler but I'm quite happy with the way the two projects came out. Show me...
  12. C

    Home Security Options for Private Dwelling (Home)

    We have a burglary nearly everyday in my area. Just wondering what security people put on their houses etc.
  13. N

    Domestic Smart Switching for the home.

    Any recommendations on smart switching for the home? Would like it Alexa compatible.
  14. P

    Domestic Radial lighting not used in new build home

    Hi, My son had a water leak last night in his upstairs bathroom which resulted in the water pouring through a couple of the downstairs ceiling roses. In order to rectify the situation we turned off the power to the downstairs lighting circuit and removed the covers and pendants in order to...
  15. S

    Installing Mains Powered Home Automation Zigbee Wireless Repeaters

    Hi If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move. I need to have installed around 20 Zigbee Wireless Repeaters around a large property. They are 40mm x 40mm x 20mm and require a 230v supply, current is minimal. I wondered if the following scenarios are feasible and acceptable within...
  16. K

    Does anyone specialise In Home Automation

    Hi guys I am looking for some advice; I am interested in starting a business specialising in home automation installs but not sure where to start. I've done some research and it seems some of the big brands I should be installing are companies such as Centron, Lutron, Control4 & Savant. I am...
  17. N

    Mobile home wiring to existing house

    Hi all. I've been asked to hook up a mobile home to a house. My initial intention was to fit a rcbo in the dB and then a socket at the gable end. Blue type one. Earthing is tnc_s. So the previous owner has told the new owner that the mobile is negatively wired. He has told me this and tbh...
  18. D

    Installing a 230v Single Phase Air Compressor in my home garage

    Hi gents Just joined and this is my first post. I’ve decided to upgrade my home garage compressed air setup since my current 3hp 50ltr 8cfm struggles to run the air tools I’m using to restore my old project car. All was going ok until I invested in a 20 gallon sandblaster with the result...
  19. Pete999

    Working away from home and eating out

    Working in Canada on a three month job, 6 of us including a rather snobby Team Leader/ We were working 6 or 7 days a week 12 to 14 hour days, so to say we were hungry at the end of the day is an understatement. Started going out as a team but after a while you get fed up after seeing the other...
  20. E

    Replacing wall lights in home

    Hello there, I apologise in advance if this is a really amateurish question, I am looking for some advice about wall lights and in the absence of yet having found an electrician who can do the job, I am hoping to get some advice from someone on here. I am due to move into a new house in the...
  21. M70

    EV Home Charger Installer / Smart Meter Installer Required Qualifications?

    I have previously worked as a field service and installation engineer (AV DATA CAT5 areas) for over 12 years, although i am currently working in IT but i am interested in a career change as a EV home charger installer, or smart meter installer. What are the required qualifications to become one...
  22. Zdb

    It's coming home

    Come on England!
  23. E

    Socket height regulation in old home

    Hello I am hoping to find a definitive answer to this as heard. Socket height regulation of 450mm is for new builds only not for old houses. What about renovating old houses for example a basement renovation but in an Edwardian home? What would pass building regs? Many thanks
  24. sinistersnipe

    New home... domestic hot water linked to central heating?

    Hello, Moved into a new flat about 6 months ago, and now that the weather is getting warmer and we want to turn our heating off we've discovered a little hitch - it seems like domestic hot water and central heating aren't programmable separately. Specifically, if either the programmer or the...
  25. Jason Philip

    Smart Home / Lighting Controls options

    Hi all, just curious as to know what are the preferred brands to use for smart home lighting packages. I use lutron and wattstopper in my job, these are both great but pretty pricy. but for residential re-wires, what brand can you recommend, good ones not junk. Thanks.
  26. Tardigrade

    Could a relay switch be causing the havoc in my home?

    Hi guys, Don't know if I picked the wrong builder, products, am desperately unlucky or its the relay switch...all help much appreciated! Background facts • Back to bricks refurb of duplex flat, all new wiring etc. • Upstairs en suite utilises same in line fan as existing bathroom. Builder...
  27. O

    Think I upset a 1st time home owner ....

    I had a call from a new home owner today ........ they've just bought their first home. Knowing the area well, I asked them what type of report, if any, they had done before buying (the home probably cost over £375K if not more). The answer was a visual inspection Q. what did it say ? A. It...
  28. M

    Newbie on the Home based level 2&3

    Evening all, hope everyone’s well? This is my first post of many to the forum so please be kind At the age of 30, I’ve just signed up to a home learn level 2&3 2365 course with able skills based in Dartford. Just wondering if anyone has done this course as a home learn and if you have any...
  29. J

    Domestic load and running home office question

    Hi hope you can advise. I've just purchased a 2500w, 230-240v, fitted with 12.4 amp fuse heat press for my small business which came with a 13amp plug. I've been advised it's safe to plug into its own domestic wall socket. However it's a double wall socket and normally in the other socket i have...
  30. T

    Home Education v. State "Education" (read indoctrination?)

    Homeschooling Parents Would 'Go to Jail' Rather Than Send Daughter to State School - http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/02/26/homeschool-parents-jail-daughter-interviewed-local-authority/ I was worried to read this today. I home ed four children from 2 to 9. Any home eds on here what are your...
  31. C

    Home Lounge Lights do not turn ON first time!

    Hi, I am new to this Forum, so excuse if I do not enter details correctly! I am hoping a bright spark! can answer my question: basically, I am puzzled by my Home Lounge Lights (not fluorescent). The Lights do not turn ON first time, but always turn ON second time (that is after I turn the Room...
  32. Pete999

    Wanted, good home, tool tart in need of help

    Hi Guys and Gals, being the tool afficianado that I am, I'm on the lookout for a Stanley Wooden handled ratched screw driver, the one I'm sure we all owned before the onset of torque, WIHA and WERA came along. They had a wooden handle it was a sort of dark red colour, if there are any about...
  33. A

    Sonoff Alexa Motor Control Project Help

    Hi all, I have a TV lift which will go up and down using a remote. I want to add the Sonoff Mini switch so I can raise and lower the lift by commanding Alexa and google. This should be possible although I am a bit of a novice and it is unclear where this needs to be wired in In the photos you...
  34. C

    Smart home install containment

    Doing a install for lighting specialist company,which involves Cat 7 cabling,quite a few to various points. The engineer wants it put in the floor,before the actual floor goes down. Seems a good idea but he’s on about 25mm plastic conduit,I’ve been looking at the plans,& I really dont think it’s...
  35. Clive Richards

    home automation alexa or app controlled light switches

    I am trying to automate my home as much as possible having installed hive for heating and some light bulbs - however there are some rooms where the lightbulb option is not possible and I need to have automated light switches. The problem is that all the ones that I have seen (which connect to...
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