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  1. M

    Extractor fan, hourly timer....

    I have a customer who has a extractor fan in a storage container used for ventilation. They would like a timer fitted which enables the fan to come on for 10 minuets every hour. Im struggling to find an off the shelf timer that would let me do this? Anyone got Any ideas? Cheers
  2. L

    Hourly Rates for employed spark??

    Hi guys, Just wondered what the average hourly rate is for a PAYE employed spark. Ive worked for local government for a few years and they are not the best for good rates of pay. Been offered a start for a private firm for around £13.50/hr. Is this anywhere near the mark?? Not...
  3. H

    Working Quicker

    After a hiatus of two years working for hourly pay i am back on price work. Do you guys have any tips for working faster? Cheers guys.
  4. jason121

    Refused Connection

    Had my first refusal today for 50 KW system due to western power primary sub station not able to with stand all the Solar PV in the area. I have to wait for the upgrades in a few months. To much reverse power anyone else experience this yet
  5. J

    Displaying prices on website and marketing literature.

    Just wondered what the general consensus is regarding making customers aware of your prices before they have even contacted you. I have looked a quite a few 'Electrican' websites and would have to say that the number that display costs/hourly rates, or any form of pricing for that matter, is...
  6. T


    Can anyone give me an idea of costing for domestic installations per point i.e price per socket outlet, lighting point, mains/cc and earthing etc? New to being selfemployed so any help appreciated folks:hurray:
  7. P

    Help with Pricing.

    Hi. I'm looking to go it alone as it were, and I'm looking for any advice on how to acquire a decent pricing structure. I know this will probably evolve over time but I'll be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction with regard to some sort of help with this. I've only ever...
  8. W

    pricing help

    hi all just been to look at a consumer unit upgrade for a customer all wiring tests out fine problem is theres no main bonds to the water or gas. going through the house is a nono, client doesnt want trunking nicely decorated house wooden floors throughout. only option i have is to go round the...
  9. N

    Periodic / EICR

    Im recently starting out and not yet joined one of the 'scams'. But Iv just had a phone call from a commercial place asking me to do a 5 yearly. Can I do this just on some model forms? And how do I go about getting them countersigned? Thanks Ps. I have 2391 etc
  10. C

    Small Works Price

    2 t&e's poke through wall from kitchen each in different place spurred from separate sockets floating in living room, sockets connected. Customer would like them trunked down the wall along skirting in each case as far as cable length will allow, approx 3 foot per cable! To include testing &...
  11. P

    Customer wants to supply material

    what do you say when the customer wants to buy the materials after you have given them an estimate? Do you let them?
  12. M

    Pricing help!

    Hi all Kind of new to forum, long time reader not often poster! Finishing off college after 3 years of grafting and sorting out starting up on me own. Now come to the challenging part of pricing... How do you determine the cost of services you provide? For instance a PIR do you price on per...
  13. M

    help with pricing for letting agencies

    Just started up my own company in glasgow and meeting with a letting agency tomorrow to discuss prices. Could get alot of work as the spark that done all the work for them has been binned. Hes looking for an hourly rate, do sparks usually give letting agencies a discounted rate like you would...
  14. Z

    Pricing in Norfolk

    Hello everybody, I am strugling a bit with pricing up a small job. How do you guys do it, how much do you charge here in Norfolk area?
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