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  1. D

    Ikea Flat Pack Houses what ever next

  2. C

    2 houses being joined into one / wiring

    Hi all, 2 adjacent terraced houses are being joined into one. The supplier meter cabinet is towards the front of each house and the consumer units are over the rear door in both instances. The heating system is oil and there is no storage electric or heat pumps in either unit, therefore, it is...
  3. W

    Surge in houses ? Protection what

    hello I’ve been to a house where the lady is complaining her lamps keep blowing (yes they are cheap filament and halogen lamps that I’d normally say is the cause but I’ve also been a few doors down for the same problem from that family. The circuit tests fine and voltages and connections are...
  4. N

    Passive houses timber frame

    Hi guys Ive been offered an opportunity to wire 12 timber frame passive houses, is there anything I should be doing differently as there passive? Thanks
  5. sparksburnout

    Odd things in folks houses.

    How’s this for a light-hearted Sunday thread. Working in a house the other day, went off in search of the customer for a chat, as I walked through his lounge I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was met with a horrendous, deafening screeching noise, I thought it was one of these intruder type...
  6. S

    Should I change from Domestic to Commercial

    I'm currently working on new build houses across Essex as a second year apprentice, although it can be "hard graft" it's not that bad and I don't hate it. However I'm getting to the stage now where I can do pretty much everything involved with wiring new build houses and I feel I should consider...
  7. S

    Electricians mate looking for work in Islay - Electricians in Islay - Islay Electrician Available

    Hello my names Stephen and im looking for work as an electricians mate.I am willing to relocate to anywhere in the Uk,preferably for contract of 4 weeks or more.I have around 6 years experience as a domestic electrician.I have worked on numerous rewires of occupied houses,flats,fitted...
  8. uksparks

    Kitchen on own circuit

    Am I being thick or are kitchens supposed to be on their own circuit, I'm talking of a brand spanking new house.
  9. S


    Forsale Wharefdale Pro Programme 105T speakers These are in used but fantastic condition These retail at £150 each I'm selling at £30 each Will sell separately or bin bulk Spec is as follows Stylish, Compact & Discrete Wharfedale Pro Programme 105 / 105T is a foreground/back-ground...

    theres some rite DIMMERS about...

    Well...... Take a peek at these pics boys: The cover was nearly off on this...its a dedicated cooker feed and none of the cables were terminated....yep, its still energised.... Found this CPC out of the earth bar upon pre-board change inspection...turns out theres 55 volts sitting on...
  11. C

    new distrubution board

    we have had several new distrubution boards fitted to replace old fuse boards and we need to know if they need their existing old circuits retested.
  12. T

    Quality Work

    Came across this collection of quality installs in Glasgow the other night.
  13. SolarCity

    All new homes to have PV panels as standard?

    A Tory MP speaking sense? Now there is a thing. Carlisle MP calls for all new homes to be solar-powered - Solar Power Portal
  14. S

    sockets in stud walls

    do sockets in external stud walls need to be fire rated? also in timber framed houses is it only the joining walls that need to be fire rated? where can i find documents to help me with this, cant find much in document p or bs7671
  15. L

    Domestic Earth fault

    I have a house on an estate of 8 houses in Cyprus. The houses are modern and the electrics a good standard. The electricity to the houses is supplied alternately on 2 of the phases, the 3rd phase being reserved for street lighting. Each house has a box outside in which is the meter, 80amp fuse...
  16. A

    Strange one - main cut out fuse

    Hi Guys, was installing a new CU today and all went well but noticed an extra main cut out fuse with 16mm tails going into the wall. Pulled the fuse and found out the next door neighbours power went out. They have no main fuse, just a meter and old rewireable fuse box. I don't think the...
  17. Hawk81

    Would you report this to NICEIC

    My mates father inlaw is a building contractor and has built 4 new houses. One of which my mate has moved into two years ago. My mate was having bother with his RCD tripping so he asked me to have a look at it. To cut a long story short i found lots of faults in the house. Like the upstairs and...
  18. C

    rules for pvc trunking

    loacl housing group are re-wiring 40+ homes around near me i was asked why thay are using pvc trunking for all circuits .. i remember in the late 80s doing houses with trunking but that was just lighting drops only .. what are the rules for pvc trunking in a house just seems lazy not to chase...
  19. K

    Mobile homes

    Hi Guys, This is my first post, although I've been lurking here for a bit. I have to say this is the friendliest forum I've come across, far less keyboard warriors than is usual. Now that I've massaged your enormous egos:p Can you help? I've got to price up a job this weekend and wanted to...
  20. A

    Smoke Alarms

    Hi good people can anyone tell me what is the latest reqirements for smoke alarms in domestic houses on a perchel rewire hope you can help
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