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  1. Pete999

    Stories of working in rough dwellings, both Private and Social housing.

    I worked in some real dung holes whilst rewiring a local Council estate in South Twerton in Bath, you could work in one on a pair of Semis real nice people, move next door to a stinking hovel, got taken to the Council de lousing depot more than once, makes you wonder how some people could live...
  2. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  3. J

    Downlight earthing For housing

    i am doing work in a void property for the council, there are downlights installed into a wet wall ceiling in the kitchen ( put in by previous tennant ) they are wanting to keep, when going round each downlight the earths were chopped away so went round sorted them all but i am getting no earth...
  4. J

    Large housing outside socket

    customer has standard outside socket and has bought outdoor lights with large transformer plug she wants to plug in, is there any outside sockets out there that has a deeper casing to accomidate this, keeps the job simple
  5. C

    LED Fluorescent Light Fitting - Standard Fluorescent Tube

    OSRAM - 4058075000988 - DAMP PROOF 1500 1X LAMP HOUSING IP65 | CPC UK - http://cpc.farnell.com/osram/4058075000988/damp-proof-1500-1x-lamp-housing/dp/LA0602907?CMP=KNC-CPC-ebooks Says its pre wired for LED lamp. Can anyone tell me if it will take a normal (older type) tube? Thanks
  6. L

    jib gold card electricians north Birmingham

    Hi we are looking for jib gold card electricians and mates for social housing kitchen and bathroom installs in Birmingham around kingstanding erdington area Subcontractor position Price Work and dayrate available 1 property per day 5x per week 4 years work Asbestos awareness needed...
  7. H

    LED tube light, a couple of questions

    Hello everyone! I'm new, so if I make any faux pas, please excuse me. I am working as an architectural intern in Amsterdam at the moment and have been given the task of making some new light fittings for our new office. My boss found some very beautiful lights made by a dutch company called...
  8. Resu

    A bit of testing

    Did a bit of testing recently for our local housing association. Found this in a communal area at the front door to a block of flats: Yep, full of water! Turned power off and drained: When water drained battery backup kicked in! (Circuit was protected by 3036 fuse): Also found this in...
  9. D

    london and quadrant

    Hi, quick question, does anyone know if London and Quadrant housing have their own sparks or sub the work out to big firms or individuals, or if anyone works on their stuff cheers David
  10. B

    Anyone know of any council or Housing Association etc using Amtech or other software

    Hi all I'm trying to gather evidence of good practice by large social housing providers in using the likes of Amtech etc for recording either void tests or EICRs . So if anyone knows of examples where councils, Housing associations etc are insisting on certain software or have developed their...
  11. T

    How to pull supply fuse

    Hi proffessionals, I'm in need of help once again please. Ii understand there is a ongoing discussion ( although one sided) about pulling the supplier fuse. I need to do this to change the CU on my next job but I have never done it or seen it be done before and need some advice or video if...
  12. S

    RCDs in Rental Properties

    One of my regular Customers: a landlord, has had a letter today from his LA, stating that he must have RCDs in all his Rental houses. Very limited information received, but I am waiting for a copy of said letter. What I am wondering is is there a legal requirement to have RCDs installed into...
  13. R


    I have been asked to carry out some Pir's for a housing association. What does anyone consider the going rate to be in London? Many Thanks
  14. H

    signing off to mcs database before system completed

    Is there any reason why a system cant be signed off before the system is completed, the customer giving all the details of the system to the electric company paying the fits as in generation meter details, installer etc to make sure they receive the full rate of 43.3p if we are pushed to get it...
  15. H

    Should it be law all - ASBESTOS be removed from domestic properties?

    Should a law be passed that all killer ASBESTOS be stripped out of all UK RESEDENTDIAL property, so once and for all there is zero risk to tradesman & homeowners. I raise these concerns, because Artex painted walls/ ceilings containing ASBESTOS are regularlly skimmed over to achieve the current...
  16. E

    Working in someone’s home

    Slightly related to a previous post of mine... How do you stand as a tradesman if a customer asks you to do some work but the property is owned by another party; in my case owned by the council / local housing association? Am I allowed to carry out any work agreed between myself and my customer...
  17. tuckermot

    whats this sort of work ?

    Going to interview tommorow had quick chat on phone to employer and was told the work is void work any one know what is it ? Rich
  18. M

    12 Volt DC Motor and Carbon Fiber housing

    Hello all. I hope Im in the right place to ask help for a problem that I have. I am engineer and not electrician and I do not have any special knowledge on this subject. I am producing a tool which is mainly made of aluminium and plastics and Its purpose is to harvest olive trees. Low weight...
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