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    Any opinions as to which is best? I have tried both, and I think the Ideal connector levers are more secure than those on the small Wago 221 version. On the new small Wago 221 connectors, I have found the levers tend to lift easily.
  2. J

    Help! Netatmo Wireless Thermostat installation on ideal mini c28

    (I did post this in the central heating section too, but i thought it might be seen more here...sorry if that's not allowed) This was supposed to be simple, but I'm struggling to wire up Netatmo wireless relay to the boiler and the Netatmo forums are a ghost town. Current setup is a wired...
  3. J

    Help! Netatmo Wireless Thermostat installation on ideal mini c28

    This was supposed to be simple, but I'm struggling to wire up Netatmo wireless relay to the boiler and the Netatmo forums are a ghost town. Current setup is a wired thermostat onthe wall, that I want to disconnect entirely and replace with the wireless netatmo thermostat. In the first image...
  4. R

    Spurring off a ring

    Hi, I only have 1 socket in one my rooms but would like to install 2 more double sockets, the kitchen backs onto the room and i thinking about spurring of the one of the sockets in the kitchen, i was going to install fused spur (fused 13A) then off the load side install 2 double sockets. Is...
  5. Midwest

    Crimping Solid Conductors

    I know that this has been debated before (quite recently in fact, but it is a boring Sunday afternoon), but as new products may have come available, I was wondering members views. So the scenario is; Sunday afternoon, Mr DIY has finally fallen to pressure to Mrs DIY and agreed to put up shelf...
  6. David Prosser

    Zanussi Boiler Reviews ???

    Hi I've had a search and there doesn't look to be a lot of information out there about Zanussi boilers. I'm getting a complete new central heating system installed and Zanussi are offering a 10 year parts and labour warranty. Any one out there with a constructive opinion on these ? Thanks
  7. V

    two circuits in one mcb.

    Hello Just opened up a consumer unit, to find two circuits (lights and extractors) coming out of one 10 amp mcb. This isn't right is it? What should I do come the time to test and record results? Where would I write them down? I've always thought its 1 fuse/breaker per circuit? head...
  8. M

    Domestic cooker tt no rcd

    hi extended a 32 amp cooker circuit, adding a cooker switch and outlet plate. extended as it is a 7kw range cooker now situated in fireplace. old cooker now not going to be used. problem is its on a 16th edition board and is on tt. the cooker and lighting are non rcd protected. ideal...
  9. L

    Commercial Labelling.

    Hi all, I've recently had an occurrence on a shopfit job I've just finished in Spitalfields where as usual I was the only trade who was beaten with a whip to finish by the hand over date which obviously turned out to be pointless as there were chippies & painters etc there in the following few...
  10. O

    Flexi Drills

    Hi guys, Trying to lay my hands on some flexi drills in the UK and having little or no luck. However I was speaking with a friend over the pond, who gave me the name of a manufacturer over there. Long story short they are looking for someone to distribute their products over here (and the rest...
  11. N

    Immersion Heater Circuit

    I have a plumber mate who is installing an (3Kw I believe) Immersion heater into a property and needs it wired in. I know in an ideal world, i new circuit from the CU, 16A CB and 20A FCU, as we all know the world is not always ideal and getting a new circuit from the CU to the airing cupboard...
  12. S

    *fluke 1503 insulation tester*

    ***BRAND NEW***** The Fluke 1503 insulation tester is compact, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. With its multiple test voltages, it is ideal for many troubleshooting, commissioning, and ideal for preventative maintenance applications. Additional features, like the remote probe on this tool...
  13. M

    Solartricity is......

    Solartricity is another trading name of Ideal Solar. Here is the website photo of Ideal Solar Main Office :- Ideal Solar Energy - Ideal Solar Energy has 10 years history and highly trained professionals which is identical to the Solartricity Main office shown here :- Solar Panel...
  14. J

    Advise for an outside socket

    Hi all, We had a cable ran down to the bottom of our garden for when we were going to get a garage but we decided against it. I was looking to get an outside socket fitted down there for hoovering the car etc.. the only problem is there isn't anywhere really to mount it. Currently the cable...
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