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  1. 7

    3 of 6 GX24Q-4-pin type pots lights went out together any ideas?

    3 of the 6 lights run by the same switch went out at the same time. Tried new bulbs, switching bulbs that worked no go. When the switch is off and I go to insert a new bulb it will flash on momentarily. Are these controlled by some type of ballast? Thanks
  2. C

    Ideas on control for lights

    Open office , replacing fluros with led fittings, all have pull switches next to fitting & controlled by remote switch. Pull switches look real naff, obviously there for local control @ desk. Any ideas on better control system,problem is the individual control required needed too.
  3. T

    Cable Ideas

    Ok all, I'm looking at a shower install and need a bit of advice selecting the correct cable for the job. The customer has a 10.5 KW shower. There are no cable factors to apply, all clipped direct in the loft from the consumer unit, above insulation, to the bathroom. I was going to use 10mm...
  4. T

    Drilled through a tile, any ideas?

    I’m an apprentice and dropped a real clanger. Had spent hours chasing our rock solid walls and moved over to a thin plastered stud wall on the other side of the room. Was drilling a hole through the wall and applied too much pressure and broke out the other side, ruining a shower bathroom tile...
  5. T

    Domestic Ridge board fixing ideas

    Afternoon guys and girls. I've a customer in a domestic setting who has built an annex on their property. It's all wood construction with a cathedral ceiling. The ceiling will be insulated and covered with plasterboard, however the ridge board may or may not be left exposed. From the ridge...
  6. D

    Home extention ideas

    Hi All, Happy new year to all! I'm due to have an extention built early this year, the extention is a two story side, single story to the rear, including a new patio. The extention will have a kitchen diner, utility, toilet, garage, salon space (wife to work from home) and bedroom ensuit...
  7. J

    Any Ideas Whats Happened To This Switch?

    Hi All, This morning we had a power failure of our shower. When I took the switch off the wall to check for any issues I noticed a section on the load side had "blown" for want of a better word. I'm assuming its something to do with overheating but not sure - any advice? Thanks, Josh
  8. D

    want to buy Cablestik or similar any ideas

    Been looking for a Cablestik cable roller for ages. will buy secondhand or new and pay postage, or any recommendations of a similar awesome product. any help would be great. (even thinking of trying to make one) Thanks Darren
  9. Smart sparks

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas

    I've had 2 honywell programer freeze up I replaced the first one now it's happened again any ideas
  10. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  11. D

    Any ideas how to solve this?

    Water is being sucked up though the armoured cables and is corroding the armourings , after hours of investigating I'm unable to find the cause as other ends not wet so must be a joint under ground,buried not accessable the last sparky gave this a code 2 but not solved the issue, Is there...
  12. B

    Electrician Advice on faults and Ideas for fixes

    Hi guys, I'm not a sparks so i'm looking for some advice and help on a few issues. I've recently had all my sockets chased back and new switches chased in and some replaced as well as other work. My first issue. I've had all my sockets moved up a few inches from there original locations to...
  13. E

    Creative Ideas.. Smart Stuff

    I'm scratching my head for a way to get a timer bathroom extractor to work in the normal way but with a LightwaveRF Gen 2 switch. Clearly it would be impossible to wire to the switch in the normal way due to how LWRF works. I'm convinced it wouldn't work 'electrically' and my only idea is to...
  14. gazdkw82

    Driveway audible alert ideas

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a wired driveway audible alert? A friend has a large drive and wants a PIR to turn brick lights on upon vehicles coming up the drive and also an audible alert at the same time. I doubt there is a device that does both so probably a separate PIR and then...
  15. A

    Could anyone give me some ideas on tools

    Hi I’ve just started working with industrial work and looking to stay in this type of work for as long as I can. Because I’m new to this my tools are mostly for domestic and commercial. Could someone please give me some ideas of what tools I should get that will help me working in this field...
  16. 1

    Weird box in bedroom any ideas what it is

    it's got three cables going into it and I has a fuse, possibly German, it sits in a cupboard in a bed room any ideas
  17. M

    Any ideas for a small 4way cu with rcd

    hi can anyone suggest the smallest cu u know looking for 4 way with rcd to fit in a cupboard limited space due to MI and meter only got 210x 170 have been hunting but can't really find anything suitable, just trying on the off chance that some one has been able to source a wee board in the...
  18. jonnyb

    Confused about a fault with downstairs lighting, any ideas?

    Hi chaps I have a query and wouldn't mind any suggestions. I've been preparing a consumer unit swap, ran the usual tests and no major worries except a low insulation resistance test on a ring. Going to swap the board tomorrow morning. Customer asked me to swap some lighting switches whilst I was...
  19. R

    RCD tripping has anybody any Ideas?

    Been to a customers home today,Reported fault was when he turned the kitchen light off the RCD tripped Problem is its a split-load board and the lights are not on RCD side The light switch in question controls 3 pelmet lights wired feed+N to switch and twin out I couldnt get this fault to happen...
  20. Last plumber

    Fluke 1652 Error 1 code, any ideas what to look for?

    As above really. My tester is showing an Error 1 code right from switching it on. New batteries, battery terminals all clean, voltage is good at the two terminals on the battery box/holder. All internal fuses are good too. Is this the end?
  21. Big Man

    Domestic Ideas please to extend a restricted socket

    So a clever contractor has blocked half a double socket with their custom built fixed bookcase. There is not quite enough space when a plug is in the socket down the side of the unit to give you an idea of dimensions. Customer wants to be able to use both sockets so how best to rectify the...
  22. T

    Low Zs at socket, Any ideas??

    Hi all, while testing Zs on a ring final circuit i found one socket to have a particularly low Zs. All others were reading between 0.25- 0.30 but this one was reading 0.08-0.09. Its got a brand new Crabtree double socket installed. A full RFC test has been carried out, and this is the only...
  23. H

    Suspended lights fitting ideas

    Getting a stack of these to replace the fluorescent we currently have in our sports hall. I've got a test unit, and I've put it up using the suspension kit the old light was on - it's a wire type with a quick release mechanism. The new light weighs the same as the old fitting so the wire...
  24. the pict

    Label printer ideas please

    Time to get a label printer is there a favourite among the trade P
  25. happyhippydad

    Any good ideas for 'rise and fall' lighting GU10's?

    Hello all, My customer has high ceilings in her workshop/office, 3.5m high. She is pretty exact in what she wants and would like uniformity with the other LED GU10/MR16 that she has. She has asked for some GU10's that can be lowered by up to about 2m from the ceiling. I have seen plenty of...
  26. S

    Electrician Tattoo ideas?

    Bit random and irrelevant, but I’m wanting to get a tattoo sleeve electrician themed. Just wanting some ideas. Don’t want like 13a sockets and lamps on my arm though lol. So far I’ve got; High voltage sign Lightning Circuit board Plasma ball Electricity atom structure Ohms law Earth symbol
  27. N

    Any ideas, on this one..

    Evening, Visited a site today for an external lighting fault, bollards to be specific. The circuit contains six bollards and a contactor brought in via a photocell. Bollards sited around a mill conversion 4 to the front and 2 to the rear. Protected by a 6A mem rcbo They rcbo trips whenever...
  28. andysparkfree

    Been on a few days but haven't actually said hi , also anyone any ideas on electrical related course

    Hi all , i love these forums , full of semi like minded guys with different opinions etc, so thank you what I'm after is a course that can be mainly undertaken in my own time and not need to sit in a class room , that will possibly actually have some value with commercial type work currently...
  29. L

    builders and there good ideas

    Hi Evening all been to look at a job about installing 2 instant water heaters in this property, no problems you would think. These heaters are zip dex12 11kw nearly 50a each heaters yes 2 of them in same cupboard to power 1 x shower each. The house is 5 bedroom and is only on a 60a supply...
  30. W

    Any ideas what this is and if I can get a replacement?

    2 wires have broken off leaving 2 still connected.. it is in a switch for a table saw. Upload the image directly to the thread: The most awesome images on the Internet - https://Upload the image directly to the
  31. T

    Hive system playing up any ideas?

    So my son has a hive controller and while it appears to say system is on the boiler does not switch on. Sometime later, maybe an hour the boiler switches on. Any ideas ? It is a potterton boiler quite old and the hive has been tacked on, perhaps wrongly. Anyone in the Farnham Surrey area that...
  32. M

    eicr timescale any ideas ????

    hiya lads have the guidlines changed in the last few months or is somone at it i currently live in a privately rented house that has just had an eicr done the db has the foillowing cooker circuit, shower circuit, 2 x ring circuits, 2 lighting circuits, heating circuit and smoke detector...
  33. C

    Strange motorhome electrical problem - any ideas please?

    I have a '17 Eldiss motorhome based on a Peugeot Boxer and have a strange warning light coming on on the dash. It's the orange triangle , which according to Peugeot is a general light failure warning. The light comes on when I select reverse and then stays on until I restart the M/H and is...
  34. sythai

    Any ideas please....?

    Morning All Just going through some plans/ pricing up. Before I see Client next week just want to see if others have any suggestions for these ? See attached pic of key : track light for pendants & surface light cube (shown on ceiling.) I've used track lights many time before (Robus, Aurora...
  35. weevilward

    Need some ideas - RCD tripping but everything tests fine....

    Hi all, Customer reports sporadic nuisance tripping of RCD. I cannot reproduce it, or fault anything, except SOMETIMES on EFLI test it trips the RCD (megger mft 1553 'no trip' test). I'm out of ideas here, can anyone help? This is what I've got: - TT installation (small domestic); - 30mA RCCB...
  36. SparkyChick

    Interesting IR Readings - Any ideas?

    Hi all, Well, this one is interesting and I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this. Just added a PIR to a lighting circuit, very simple, disconnect the lamp and move the feed cables to feed a PIR and then onto the lamp itself. Nice straightforward. Doing my testing for the minor...
  37. S

    Inverter for 450w array - any ideas

    Ive been asked to price for a small system using 9 x 50w solar tiles (new build slate roof). Does anyone know of an inverter that will be suitable?
  38. C

    Any ideas?

    We had one of our guys on site checking a 10 or so year old system today (not ours). It is set up as two single phase SMA inverters, on two separate phases of a three phase supply. Both inverters have the following error "VAC BER Disturbance" which is a high grid voltage error. When testing...
  39. happyhippydad

    Any good ideas for holding the tails (clips etc) as they enter the main switch in CU?

    I shall be changing a CU soon (same thread as just started!) and it is a TT. I'll be using a wiska sprint gland to hold the tails (25mm) and main earth in place as they enter the CU (from the bottom) but I dont really see how this is going to help with respect to the possibility (however...
  40. Brighton sparky

    Help needed to keep working after knees gave out

    Hi guys Looking for any advice, ideas or suggestions to help me out of my predicament My knees have given up on me - have been off work for two years now following a couple of knee ops and recovery times. Unfortunately it looks like I'm off the tools permanently as unable to do any low level...
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