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  1. J

    How to wire IKEA light pendant

    I bought an IKEA light pendant and confused about how to wire it. The light is controlled by 2 switches and I have old colour wiring. From the ceiling I have 3 cables coming out. One is a single red cable, the other 2 contain black, red and earth. The switch I have to put these wires into only...
  2. D

    Ikea Cooker and Hob Explain please.

    Hi, So i have turned up to a job and this information is all i have on how to fit a cooker and a hob. Am i right in saying these to can be connected to a 6mm wire with a 45a switch for the hob and a 16a switch for the cooker? Thanks
  3. littlespark

    ...and I thought Ikea light fittings were bad

    Hi all. Got asked by a customer to change a couple of pendants in his house to something he had bought from Next. Nice enough metal twist design. Fragile glass globe shades and you get the shade retention ring tightener for those with chubby fingers. Mounting bracket has holes that match the...
  4. happyhippydad

    Ikea under cabinet lighting....

    Hello all.. I am wiring a new kitchen/extension. The customer is supplying the under cabinet lights, see link UTRUSTA LED worktop lighting w power supply White 40 cm - IKEA -...
  5. Strima

    I'd rather install Ikea light fittings

    Than these horrible EM fittings from a national wholesaler. Designers need to try and install things like this themselves... 2x 1.5mm were a very snug fit. Beer time...
  6. NDG Elecs

    I love Ikea light fittings!!

    Fitted an Ikea light fitting yesterday, and normally I find they are a PITA. However this one was unusually electrician friendly. It came with a little hook to hang it from whilst fitting it, and a whopping great ceiling mounting plate. Well done Ikea (and yes that's a sentence I thought I would...
  7. 7

    Ikea - sockets in units

    Im in the process of quoting for a kitchen refit which ikea fitters will be fitting whilst i complete electrical works. Dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer are all freestanding but below worktop so my plan was to provide a switched fused spur with single socket for each. Now, ikea...
  8. N

    LED Ikea lights battery powered?

    Hi everybody, thanks for letting be part of this group. I have to apologise firstly to everybody as probably this topic may sound a bit silly, but it would be helpful to get some information about what we are tying to achieve. Im a filmmaker, and because of my job we constantly have to deal...
  9. M

    IKEA bathroom light issues!

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice on hooking this IKEA bathroom light up to the connections in the picture. As shown, the IKEA light has just a live and neutral input. I need to take the rose off so assume I'll need to connect some of the wires up in a block. If anyone can provide a step by...
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