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  1. K

    Advice on old style junction box for cooker - need to replace cooker, told box illegal?

    Hi everyone, there is an electrical cooker already in situ and still connected to this junction box. Have been told box is illegal. I have no idea why, box has been checked inside and is earthed. Can anyone tell me what the issue is please so that I know how to install the new cooker? Big thanks...
  2. L

    Domestic Pulling the main fuse :/

    Hi guys i have been asked to change a consumer unit. I have been told that pulling the fuse is not illegal as the Yorkshire Electricity Board just don't have the men to come out and pull everybody fuses who need it doing anymore. i know this may cause debate and i will get the answer of "it was...
  3. J

    Domestic RCD Housing?

    Hi, does anyone have a source (legal) for a housing similar to the ones used by the supply provider (Scottish Power) I occasionally need to install a RCD in line with the CU and can only find the Hager 2 module unit which is a pain to fit the 25mm tails?
  4. M

    are cables with 240 volts allowed to be clipped direct in zone 1 of bathroom

    the periodic report reports cables clipped direct in zone 1 illegal. cables supply a water heater and a wall heater. thanks in advance. the cables run lower than the 2.5 meters allowed in zone one
  5. Dean Williams

    Pulling the main fuse?

    Hi following on from another thread is it Illegal to pull the DNO fuse, i always do, after all i am an electrician. ta
  6. Z

    Illegal fuse box!

    Was on site today when the kitchen fitting brigade rocked up..5mins later i gets the fitters/electrician wouldnt do any electrical work in the kitchen..the fuse box was illegal!The consumer unit had been changed just over a year ago,and the guy had fitted a 16th split load board...
  7. I

    suppliers main fuse next door

    been to look at a job today and the main cutout is in next doors property.anyone come across this before,its a semi detatched property,never at any time been one house.surely once customer has informed dno they should be out to inspect and move into customers house.any thoughts?
  8. La Poste

    Illegal gas fitters 'cost customers up to £100m a year'

    The cost of fixing botched work done by illegal gas fitters is costing customers up to £100m a year, according to the Gas Safe Register. It said 250,000 illegal jobs were carried out annually and one in five of those inspected are found to be immediately dangerous. BBC News -...
  9. J

    Seal on cut-out fuse

    I have just moved away from commercial engineering including some electrical work. I sat the part P course at TS4U and now intend to operate as a self employed domestic electrician. Could someone tell me what to do if I had to remove the suppliers cut-out fuse? Could I remove it myself then...
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