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  1. C

    Domestic Under cabinet lighting/socket unit...Please, I need help!

    Hi there, I live in an apartment that got kitted out from international companies... all of the toilets and built in appliances are all strange and it's nearly impossible to get things replaced/fixed. I had an electrician out who told me he had never seen anything like the unit I have in the...
  2. M

    Domestic cooker tt no rcd

    hi extended a 32 amp cooker circuit, adding a cooker switch and outlet plate. extended as it is a 7kw range cooker now situated in fireplace. old cooker now not going to be used. problem is its on a 16th edition board and is on tt. the cooker and lighting are non rcd protected. ideal...
  3. A

    My Panel

    Im an electrical apprentise just about out of my time been working for 2 years now mainly as a mainternance engineer, but do lots of installs and panel building etc. Here is my latest Panel if any of you wonder how plywood cable drums are made (Well the Larger ones) this is how it is done. This...
  4. U

    New ballest not working correctly, need help xx

    Hi, I just bought a new ballest ( Tridonic Atco 2 x 39 Watt HO T5 Electronic Ballast - Part No. PC 2/39 T5 PRO ) for my fishtank light fluval Osaka edge 260, the old ballest seemed to be dead. I have wired the lamp holders correctly I think? But when I plug it in, the light just flickers on...
  5. T

    First attempt at a v.small control circuit design, /w image.

    Not sure if the image will come through properly so its ledgible but here goes, my first attempt at designing my own control circuit, its basically just controls a pump that is going to be feeding biocide into a tank once every 5 hrs, bearing in mind this is just the control side of it and there...
  6. trypod

    The New Megger MFT test leads

    Hi has any body used the new leads yet? ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  7. M

    Domestic Adding second Security light

    Hi,i have security light installed.if i want to add 2nd security for the front of the house than can i just take the connection from existing light? and is it notifiable work under part P here is the diagram to iexplain it bit better Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. D

    Help with diagram please

    Hey guys, i am a 3rd year apprentice doing an assignment from home, im drawing a ring circuit with socket and spur, trying to figure out how to draw the spur, can someone help please? This is what i think it should be, with supply going in and out, nothing on the load side is drawn in the...
  9. trypod

    Megger MFT1730

    Got one at last! First views: Good points inside of carrying case better Probe ends better Easy to use, better display Quick start guide better than the MFT1530 guide Rechargeable batteries Bad points No indepth guide price http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/1340/1730v.jpg...
  10. A

    Harmonic filter problem ---- computer harmonic analysis using EasyPower software

    I will just apologize to everyone in advance because of my English,, as well as for long post, I just don't know how shorten it :o.. I'm expirencing some problems (that are more "theoretical" nature) with harmonic filters.. I can't seem to find how to properly calculate the values for...
  11. I

    Monitor Powersupply faulty?

    Basically I turn on my 17" Xerox TFT Monitor on today and I can straight away hear flickering like squeal, looking at the screen I can see it shake abit and the monitor looks abit purple, not good, so I ring up a monitor repair center and I am presented a fixed repair price of £40 + VAT, since I...
  12. A

    Testing Day

    Not the kind of day where you walk about with test sheets and meters. Little information about my house.. 5 years old when we arrived there where problems with electrics wiring seemed ok just a few loose connections MCB's not labelled and no blanking plates in the consumer unit neutral in...
  13. R

    Manual Hilti chaser

    Just kidding, I'm after a copy of the manual FOR the Hilti wall chaser and wondered if anyone on here might have one they can scan? I already know how to use the machine BTW.
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