1. J

    coolant temp sensor > is polarity important?

    Does it matter which way you connect the 2 wires to an engine's coolant temperature sensor? Does the thermistor inside the sensor have polarity? I do not know the pinouts on the car's temperature sensor and I do not want to risk damaging the car's computer. Thanks in advance.
  2. HansJones

    Is an annual boiler service important?

    I had this LPG and gas boiler servicing Tavistock expert install a new boiler in my apartment. And since I just got it, I honestly don’t think that servicing it annually is that important like what my brother think so. Want to know your opinions about this. Anybody?
  3. Daniel Parsons

    Trainee Most important knowledge and skills for new electricians..

    What would you list as the most important knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) needed for new apprentice electricians? We are putting training programs together for a Rotary Club in Asia, i don't want to start digging thru the regs at this stage just looking at getting some bullet points...
  4. E

    FREE Tickets to important electricians seminar

    Hi Everyone I'm pleased to announce that we have recently sponsored this forum and to celebrate i'd like to offer all forum users FREE tickets to our upcoming seminar on smart automation. Just click here to get your free tickets - Smart TECH Live is the IoT seminar of the year -...
  5. K

    Part M regs? socket heights and other important regs

    Hi All, For my own knowledge I would like to easily access some of the fundamental regulations such as minimum distances for sockets and locations of 'stuff' to comply with current regs. Ive a copy of the 17th edition but I struggle to find anything even with the table of contents! I need...
  6. D

    Step-up and Step-down Transformers

    Wanted to start a discussion on wiring transformers in reverse. What are some important considerations for what you wire a step-up transformer in reverse to make it a step-down transformer. And what are the important considerations when you wire a step-down transformer in reverse to make it a...
  7. Lou

    Bank Holibob Monday.

    Does anyone have any nice plans tomorrow? Or are you carrying on with work? I can't believe this is the last one before Christmas. This year is flying by!
  8. R

    Why is it important to have earth wire run as bare, than insulated in a metal conduit

    Somebody at my workplace is suggesting that there is no harm, but rather beneficial to run earth wire insulated in a metal conduit from customer cut-out to installation's earthing point, saying it would rather prevent corrosion. This has however met fierce resistance from the remainder of the...
  9. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic - David bailey

    Hi got my niceic domestic installer assessment in 10 days time with a guy called David bailey, just wondered if anyone had been assessed by him before and what he is like? Is there a certain topic he likes to cover? thanks guys craig
  10. H

    Working hard

    is far less important than looking cool and mean in front of the lads
  11. C

    Solar requirements for my laptop

    Hey! from the wet forest of the xgreek, now arvanitiko, state of markopoulo of attika. here is a critical, very important problem we must solve, for me... and for the common good... A single... typical laptop of 17''... how big fotovoltaic system needs... to be able to work... 24 hoers...
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