1. UKMeterman

    A good video about a 1920's lift including the slip ring motor

    The power guys might like View:
  2. happyhippydad

    Can radio linked smoke alarms be on different circuits, including a ring?

    I have just been to look at a job were the builder has started the first fix as I was unable to be there. He has forgotten to put in a cable to the heat detector in the kitchen, partly my responsibility as I should have reminded him more fully. My plan is to have it radio linked to the hallway...
  3. Iain Kay

    Is this installation considered acceptable today? (1-ring including oven and everything else)

    Looking for some advice on what I've discovered is the electrics situation in my rental property. I'll note that before I moved in here I made the Letting agents (LA) more than aware I use an absolute -----ton of power. I told them I can and will be pulling 2,000-4,000 kWh a quarter (with gas...
  4. JK-Electrical

    Five electrocuted at Turkish water park including three children

    Five people were electrocuted on Friday at a water park in northwest Turkey, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, Turkish media reports said. The three youngsters were caught up in an electrical current in the pool in the town of Akyazi in Sakarya province, the state-run Anadolu Agency...
  5. Lou

    Westgate Electrical Services Limited

    Established since 1999, Westgate Electrical Services Limited offers a complete range of electrical solutions from domestic property re-wiring through to commercial property installations. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and quality workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our main...
  6. Lou

    Emerson Electrical

    Established in 1998, Emerson Electrical has successfully completed a broad range of major contracts throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Health Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Sheltered Accommodation and Residential Developments and Private...
  7. Lou

    RJ Lewis Electrical Ltd

    RJ Lewis Electrical Ltd is an electrical services company based in Northamptonshire, serving the surrounding regions including Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. RJ Lewis Electrical are specialists in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical works with qualifications to the...
  8. SparkyJoe

    A guide for an English sparky in New zealand.

    Thought I’d write a little on changing from being a UK spark to a NZ spark, after seeing the Australian thread. Kiwi licencing is ran by the EWRB (Electrical workers registration board) out of wellington. In order for them to assess your qualifications, you have to send them all copies of your...
  9. R

    Wiring Central Heating

    Hi everyone, I've just popped over from the plumbers forum so take it easy on me... Could anyone give me a ball park figure to wire up a combi boiler, single channel programmer + wireless room stat in a medium sized 3 bedroom house including earthing to the gas meter + cold water stop tap...
  10. SolarCity

    Maintenance contract on commercial scale installs

    Does anyone offer maintenance contracts on larger installs? If so, what kind of services do you provide? Is it an annual visit? How much do you charge? It seems a little unnecessary to me but some firms seem to like it.
  11. C

    62 x wylex rcbo 6-40 amp

    wylex nh range rcbo (all brand new) 6amp type b 6ka x 2 open 6amp type b 6ka x 8 boxed 6amp type b 10ka x 3 open 16amp type b 6ka x 2 open 16amp type b 6ka x 2 open 16amp type b 10ka x1 open 2oamp type b 6ka x 8 open 20amp type b 10ka x 4 open 32amp type b 6ka x 11 open 32amp type b 10ka x 2...
  12. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Easycert or Niceic

    Hi people, I am looking at dropping the pen and paper routine and moving to electronic certification. What are the differences in the above two? Also I tried phoning easycert but had rubbish reception so couldn't hear very well, how much does it cost in full including vat for there elec certs...
  13. E

    Couple of naked Hilti drills

    Hi guys, I am selling a brand new Hilti TE7-A 36V Cordless SDS drill. It is the body only (no batteries or charger) but comes in a hard hilti carry case, has side handle, depth stop and I am also including a genuine Hilti 3 jaw quick change chuck (swaps in place of the removable sds chuck)...
  14. E

    Multifunction Megger 1552

    Due to muppet timewaster on fleabay Used item in excellent condition and well cared for, comes complete with all leads and accessories including switch probe, carry case etc... Original Documentation available including original manufacturers calibration cert and previous (expired) calibration...
  15. P

    NIC EIC inspection

    I'm soon to have my nic inspection and was after some tips on what to expect? Etc thanks col
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