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  1. K

    UK RCD keep tripping.

    Hi All.. I have a 16mm 3 core swa feed a 9way split board in shed, 30m from incomer .. from the split board I have run a 10mm 3 core swa to 2 way board for hot tub. This has a 63amp rcd in it.. the other end at the split board is also a 63amp rcd on its own of one side of the split board.. this...
  2. Marcus Vaughan

    BS951 Bonding Clamp on the Incoming Supply

    Hi all, Just been to look at a job for a consumer unit changeout, checked the supply and, Not sure you can see it too well but TNS system with older earthing conductor in green kind of sweated onto intake (connection does not feel too good), but disconnected at the other end (goes into that...
  3. V

    Commercial hager invicta 3 - rcd incomer neutral

    hi about to install a invicta 3 , hager 3 phase board. the neutral on the board is on the left, yet the 4 pole time delay rcd i am going to use has the N labelled on the right hand side of the RCD, so with the copper incoming kit links it won't fit? are there Hager version rcds with neutral on...
  4. GBDamo

    Antiquated incomer...........

    Any of the site historians like to explain what this is all about? It looks like one side is a 40A main fuse but the other, exposed, side attached to the 15A switch? By the way it was open when I got there, honest. Need the DNO in to put in an E7 meter and teleswitch, if that's how they still...
  5. J

    3 or 4 Pole main incomer?

    When ordering a 3 phase + Neutral DB, I forgot to specify that I wanted a 4 pole switch for the main incomer. What came was a 3 pole main switch with neutral link. My question is why would you opt to use a 3 pole and neutral link instead of a 4 pole switch? Surely a 4 pole switch is always...
  6. R

    Isolator versus protection device on main incomer

    Hi, i'm only a student so please forgive me for the basic question: Say you have a generator or power transformer serving a main mccb panel, why can't the main switch of the panel be just an isolator? I've only seen the main switching device as a mccb or acb. I know that in a house you'll have a...
  7. S

    Will a Fuse Finder do this?

    Hi, I'm working up an estimate for a board change for a flat in a small block. Checking for the main incomers in the Dry riser cupboards and of course the labels are 'inconclusive' to say the least! I confess in the past I've just pulled fuses (one was 5 fuses until the right one) but whacking...
  8. T

    Can you identify this cabinet/TNS TN-C-S type

    Anyone recognise this typ of incomer in cabinet and the earth strapped to presumably paper type incomer doing EICR in flat this is the main riser off to Wylex BS1361 fuse then up to flat in 10MM² TNS or TN-C-S ?
  9. L

    Tp+n Dis Board

    Morning All I have a Hager TP+N Dis Board that i am installing later on this week. I need to purchase the switch disconnector for the board separately. Im unsure of which type to buy as i am getting conflicting statements. Its Between: 4 pole 250A Switch Disconnector 3 pole 250A Switch...
  10. M

    Help on mains power

    Hi, went to to look at a job last week where the builder proposes that the new electrical installation will require 135amp three phase. However the the main incomer to the site only seems to be 100 amp three phase and a 25 mm incomer. i have calculated that the run from the main incomer to...
  11. M

    2 core SWA sub main in domestic flats

    Hi all, so what would be your plan of attack..... Gone to have a quick look at some remedial/maintenance on a domestic flat within listed building. Mixed occupancy of rented and owned. Owner not present but another person lets me in. Im told metering equipment and incomer is in basement but...
  12. S

    SMA4000TL grid voltage too high

    I think I read that this unit can be adjusted in case of high grid volts or fit a G59 relay? Client is getting 257-259v and it is tripping. It is a rural location and rather not get DNO involved if it can be sorted on site. Did I read that right? Thanks
  13. O

    Domestic Types of installation

    Does anybody out there recognise this type of installation. I have never come across anything like it before. I was doing some work on a flat yesterday that had a few problems. The incoming water pipe was not bonded and the earthing cable on the gas pipe was not attached. The installer had...
  14. applemac

    rcd incomer

    hi guys i need some help.. my board at home has a 80amp 30ma rcd incomer without a incomer dp switch. about 10 used circuits ans about 4 spare. i get some tripping problems so i want to change the rcd as its hard to reset sometimes and crap quality q- can i use any brand rcd or do i have to...
  15. J

    runniing single core tails in trunking

    hi all just reading through and i have come across a post. it was about running single core 16mm tails to 5X CUs only 2way 5 sockets and 1 lighting point per CU. as if one trips it wont take the other 4 rooms out with it. i know you have to put an isloator on any tails lengh over 3m but...
  16. S

    Fluctuating voltage!

    Hi I hope this makes sense. Went to look at a job a few days ago, did a quick test on the incomer of a 3 phase supply TNC-S system (seperate from the main consumer board) got a Ze of 0.19, all good, went to test the seperate consumer board & got a Ze of 0.33 & a Zs at a few RCBO protected...
  17. L

    Help fuse wire

    Old main incomming fuse, pot with 100a fuse wire, what is it as far as a EIC is concerned? bs??
  18. C

    RCBO tripping

    Hi folks, my first post. Been just lurking in the background for a while so time I joined in. Had a callout today as lady had no power. Usual isolation identified kitchen ring protected by 32A RCBO. There was an incomer RCD as well (TT installation) that would also get taken out when the RCBO...
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