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  1. J

    The induced EMF can be found by...........?

    Hey everyone, Im a complete beginner and looking into the lvl 2 2365 syllabus to see what i need to be studying. I came across some multiple choice questions and came up against the below question, can you please direct me to some good vids/sites etc that will help me to understand. I need...
  2. S

    Induced Voltage LED / Steel Trunking

    Just fitted some 10 Low Bay Led all wired in steel trunking. Have just noticed my volt stick light up on 3 cables that are not even connected to anything. Gets volt meter out and I've got 38v on it. Seems a hell of a lot. Anyone else found this with LED power supplies
  3. captaincaveman

    50 volts between nuetral & earth - Lighting/ fluescents

    Hello beautiful people. Quick one for anyone who may have an idea: Attended job today with a room with 2x 5ft fluescents not working and found 50v between N-E. I did basic tests on the fittings (continuity, ir, etc) - all ok. main earth and everything else ok. Checked the light nearest the...
  4. N

    Ring continuity voltage at dead test

    Hi guys doing a ring continuity test . R1,Rn,R2 values all okay. Done figure of 8. Tested at each point and not allowing continuity test due to 8 volts. Stuck on what this is? Any ideas ?
  5. T

    12v on socket ring main after isolation.

    Hello all! I've come across a bit of a problem today as I was changing a socket and got a tingle (Isolated the MCB of course). I tested the voltage and it was pulling 12v. I've found when you isolate the upstairs lights the 12v on the upstairs sockets disappears. Its a 17th edition dual RCD...
  6. M

    Led snubber

    Having read the forums about these, there appears to be several answers as to what and where. Is there a definative answer as to what these are, where you put them and where to purchases them ?? I dont want to go into a store and be looked at like i am speaking in tounges ! :6:
  7. R

    Stuck on a underpinning knowledge question!

    Hello Folks. Situation is I'm doing the online 2356 and have to do some underpinning knowledge questions, but I feel I may be over thinking this one.... "Why would an induced overvoltage occur and what damage may occur if this happened while working on an un protected computer?" Now is it as...
  8. M

    EICR Code for no main earth

    Throw this out there what code would you put down on a EICR report where "There is no Main Earth to the installation??
  9. C

    Lighting Circuit Problem

    Hi All, Just returned from trying to locate an issue with an upstairs lighting circuit - with the circuit L/N/E disconnected from the board and breaker I get he following readings:- (a) Type 2 Insulation Resistance Test = 49.7 taken at 250V (b) Voltage reading on the (dead) circuit of 3.5V...
  10. J

    180volts on CPC

    Hi All, I have just been checking out an installation in a 1970's house in prep for a CU change tomorrow, I noticed in one of the light switches the CPC has 180 volts to earth and 60 volts to live on it, obviously it is not earthed. Anyone any ideas what could cause this? Cheers
  11. G

    Commercial led stays light

    hello am new to the site. working in the hotel industry and have change all hallogens lamps to led,but in one of the circuits i have 10 led lamps and when the switch is on the off position 1 of the led lamps stays alight and i am getting 20 volts through the circuit. any ideas is it possible to...
  12. O

    neutral-earth voltage

    guys, head is battered its been a bad day and cant think straight. Replaced a 3kW water heater element and everything went well. Circuit tested out fine so turned everything back on but when the element is pulling im getting L-N 238 L-N 234 N-E 4V!!! This was tested at element but is the same...
  13. D

    Domestic Cooker Circuit

    I have been called to do the electrics for a couple who want a induced as well keeping their existing electric oven, here's the details oven 5.2kw induced hob 7.2kw a toal of 12.4kw, after working the design current and diversity out I have 29amps, at the moment it has a 6mm cable with socket...
  14. G

    Domestic 2 Way Ghost Voltage

    Hey up, was doing some testing today and found 15V at some 5 amp lighting sockets even though they where switched off, after testing the hell out of the circuit I realise now this is induced voltage, I've come across this a few times in the past but only ever 1 or 2 V. The circuit in...
  15. M

    Need help with 2 way switching.!!!!

    I know it doesnt sound very serious but I urgently need a wiring diagram of two way switching in UK's old councill house. This is one of the systems where every one way switch has three live wires in it. I know how it works but have no idea how 2 way switching is organised in system like that...
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