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  1. M

    Electrical Inspections , who can and who cannot?

    Anyone settle this argument.. Any competent person can inspect and test and issue certs. Having the 2391 , full apprenticeship and NVQ's. You don't have to be in the competent schemes. Thoughts???
  2. D

    Industrial Inspections and testing HV/LV transformer.

    Does anyone can recommend company or person from East Sussex which can do inspection and testing for transformer HV/LV ?
  3. sevuk

    Building control inspections

    I was just thinking how commercial electrical work is not notifiable to building control as it doesn't come under part P, but there's a lot of other building regulations that can come up depending on the extent of the electrical work, we're talking part L and teams from BREEAM turning up. So it...
  4. W

    What's needed for domestic if already qualified and have 2391?

    Hi guys, I'm already qualified as apprentice trained (NG Bailey) to 17th edition (new, C&G parts 1&2 and AM2) and have 2391 test/inspect. I worked on industrial/commercial from 91-2008 then moved over to periodic inspections. I've been out of it the last three years to bring our daughter up till...
  5. M

    schedual of inspections question

    Sorry this may seem like are really daft question but during initial verification and testing do you issue one schedual of inspections for the whole installation or do you issue one for each circuit ?
  6. P

    Distribution Board Schedule

    Hi peeps. I have to produce a distribution board schedule for this 2 bed house, has got fire alarm system, burgular alarm system and the normal ring radial shower circuits etc This isnt a real job its for a assignment, stuck on this question Can any one help?? Thanks x
  7. E

    Test form from a company called GAS-ELEC. Anyone heard of them?

    A landlord has given me a copy of a test form from a company called GAS-ELEC, looking over the form I can see virtually no info on the installation, Zs taken from the fuseboard and not Ze, nothing mentioned about no RCD protection on the lighting. Considering there is not much info there are...
  8. F

    The new EICR

    Hi I wanted to see if anyone has any question or answers on the new EICR forms. I will start with, Does anyone know what "location reference" means in the schedule of inspections?
  9. K

    Schedule of inspections

    In large multiple DB installations, do you fill out a single schedule or one for each?
  10. F

    periodic inspection report certs

    I'm currently studying for my 2391 and I have come across a question in my revision that I'm not sure about... Could anybody inform me whether if you were to do a periodic inspection of a property, but as part of the work you also did some other work i.e a new circuit. Would you have to also...
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