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  1. V

    Electrician Electrical Inspector / Tester Needed, London

    Good morning, my company has a job to do in London. It's a restaurant that was flood damaged, and will need s full test. A qualified tester to C&G 2391 or equivalent please. Will need to issue an EICR to the customer on completion. If the right guy comes along, it could mean a lot more work...
  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Anyone fancy a job as an Electrical inspector in the US

    Looks pretty straight forward and quick, how many do you reckon you could do in a day, not a MFT in sight, sound. Part 2
  3. S

    How can I become a third party inspector?

    I have a technical bachelors degree and I have done a material inspection training course and I would like to become a third party inspector, however, I am unsure about how to go about it.
  4. G

    Electrical Inspector

    Just a note to say hello
  5. 3

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Caution to members of the NICEIC as three years ago we had an assessment that took all day due to the location of the project and now every year get an additional half day charge. My argument is how can that be when they do not no where our work is? Lots of excuses like he inspector has...
  6. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Going for NICEIC Registration at long last.

    At long last I am finally getting around to applying for NIC approval. I've been meaning to do it for ages but "other " stuff kept getting in the way and delayed the application. I've just been re reading the Guide and one part has me worried. There is a paragraph that says: "How you have...
  7. happyhippydad

    building inspector not happy!!

    Afternoon all.. I have recently been asked if I would sign off a new installation (large new build house) that I had not installed, I said 'no' and explained that I could supply an EICR. Even after a brief look around I could see a number of problems. The building Inspector has said that he is...
  8. D

    Need Advice on Part P with newly wired extension not installed by myself

    I would like to say that for the last 8 years i have not worked in the domestic installation environment and have recently been tasked to sign off a new house extension (for one of the bosses family) and produce a EIC so that it can be signed off by building inspectors. Back story - A spark i...
  9. P

    Domestic just come from job what,s wrong with this

    hi everybody happy new year just been to look at this customer as had new DB fitted in extention the electrician who is part p reg with scheme begining with N is also polish from outside meter (no isolator) through wall in 25mm tails angled up wall at approx 45 degrees with tails and earth...
  10. V

    building inspectors

    Been having trouble with our own house here are some of the things you would never believe First day we had water running down the walls contacted the council and the inspector said " we have had a lot of rain and wind the last few days I am not surprised " Is it not a requirement these days...
  11. D

    Niceic Qualified Supervisor role

    Hi forum, Have been working for a company for a few years they've asked me to become QS for the site I work at I've got 17th / 2391 they have offered a salary increase of just over 1 % not sure how much I should be looking for before I respond. Thanks
  12. J

    Building inspectors duties?

    Hi everybody, somethings been puzzling me, today i went across the road to a neighbours house cos he said he was having a problem with a socket not working. The socket in question is in his new extention which was completed around four months ago and the socket never worked in the first place...
  13. Tuttle

    Company position for sole trader

    As a sole trader, what is my position in my "company"? E.g. for test certificates and other general forms / documentation? What's generally used in this situation?
  14. P

    first periodic inspection report

    Hi just trying to clear a question up,reg134.2.2 states the designer makes the recommendation for the first PIR to be done. GN3 page 19 2.5 says the inspector is the person to recommend the first PIR, which one is correct?
  15. S

    Sealed Meter ?

    In MCs metering guidance version 1.0 it says. . 5. Sealing The meter and terminal cover should be sealed to ensure the customer cannot access either. So do we have to seal the FIT meters we install ? and how are you guys seaing your meters and are you using old meter fitters crimps and seals...
  16. M

    niceic assesment tomorrow!

    Hi to you all, got my assessment tomorrow and i was just wondering if there was anything in particular i should watch out for?Its for...
  17. D

    Shower isolation

    Went to a friends house today. Apparently they recently had a PIR at the request of their Landlord (Council house). Haven't seen the report, but from what I was told, the inspector apparently had to by law, disconnect their electric shower, as there is no local isolation. The only isolation...
  18. P

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Help ...Part L requirements and NAPIT inspector

    Hi,pulling hair out here I hope someone can clear this up for me as I have the inspector coming from NAPIT to visit the install. To put it short, Existing building,existing extension,Extension had a fire,I rewire new feeds back to the board.Install 11 fire rated downlights 2 outside lights,1...
  19. E

    Heat alarm

    i am just rewiring my house and am unsure about putting in a interconnected heat alarm along with the 2 smoke alarms. I have totally refirbed the property so am thinking i need a heat alarm in the kitchen. In the british standard and the regs it says this can't be mounted DIRECTLY above oven...
  20. D

    Height of light switch

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question regarding the height of a normal light switch. What is the regulation regarding the min and max height of the switch. I have noticed in new build's they seem to be quite low. Is this for disabled people?, What is the min and max height Thanks in advance
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