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  1. R

    Domestic Advice on Installing Brick Lights

    Hello all, I've recently begun building a retaining wall in my garden for a patio area, I decided to go for 6 brick lights along with other lighting for the area (not decided exactly what that will look like just yet). The brick lights I went for are these. I've been having a read up on how...
  2. M

    Installing metal light

    Hi I have a metal light that I am looking to install. I was going to take a cable from my current 2.5mm lighting circuit through a junction box. I have a pull switch that I was going to add. My questions are What is the best way to add the pull switch? Can I use a ceiling rose without the cover...
  3. M

    Advice on installing a hot tub

    Hi all im needing some advice on installing a hot tub, the spec of the hot tub says it requires a 32amp supply, My plan is to run 6mm t+e from a 32amp mcb rcd protected down the wall and drilled out into a weather proof adaptable box, from there I will then run a 6mm 3 core swa cable clipped...
  4. T

    Help installing Lutron Caseta dimmer

    I am a DIY with low/medium electrical knowledge. Just moved into a house built in 2009. Custom home in very good shape. In dinning room previous owners have a switch that has built in timer. I want a dimmer. I planned on installing a Lutron Caseta dimmer. In the room on the opposite wall is...
  5. R

    Problems installing lights

    Hello, So i have this light hps 400 Watt, that i took from a selling place on a cheap price. But im facing problems installing it. Its faelluce jet1 ip55 E 40
  6. S

    Installing an in-line switch

    Hi, I recently purchased this extension lead (not sure if im allowed to post links or not, apologies if not allowed): Masterplug Surge Protected 2m 4 Gang Extension Lead The wall socket is behind a wardrobe so access to turn off the extension lead is very difficult. I know the extension lead...
  7. A

    UK is twin and eath aloud in hot tub installs

    hi, just a quick question for installing a 32 amp hot tub a friend told me it HAS to be in SWA but I have seen lots of 32 amp tubs installed with 6mm twin and earth in conduit, Is he correct? and is there anything in regulations not allowing me to use twin and earth in conduit? many thanks
  8. C

    Installing loft socket

    could someone tell me what this is and would I be able to wire a plug from it
  9. M

    Installing outdoor socket

    Hi My aim is to have an outdoor socket sited near a new garden structure approximately 5 metres from the back of the house. SWA will be used for the entire run. I have an existing external socket (IP66 without RCD) on the back of my house fitted by an electrician during a kitchen refit. It is...
  10. K

    Installing a Celling Fan w/ light

    Installing a celling fan w/ light. Just purchased the house, and my wife and I are installing all new celling fans throughout the house. The house is an older house, built in the 80s. The celling box has the following wires coming out: Celling Box: (2) Black, (2) Red & (2) White & (1) Ground...
  11. M

    Hi, from France. Installing a micro-brewery..

    I am installing a micro-brewery in our barn in France; as you can guess that, means that I am a brewer, not an electrician :) I did 'fess up to being a DIYer when signing on. The brewhouse runs on 3-phase, both for the 12kw heating elements and for the pumps. All use a delta configuration i.e...
  12. P

    Installing multiple USB charge ports in a vehicle

    Hi guys I'm interested in installing usb charge ports in a 14 seater passenger vehicle, Please understand I'm not a auto electrician but I'm keen on learning... my queries are : (1) How many ports can I safely install? (2) Is there enough power from the vehicle, it uses a 12V battery...
  13. R

    Fluorescent lamps flickering after installing new dimmer switch.

    As the title says today I replaced a simple 1 way 2 gang switch with a a 1 way 2 gang dimmer switch. The first switch controls 2 ceiling lights with gu10 fittings which dim fine. The second switch controls under cupboard lights which are fluorescent lamps, they originally come on and work...
  14. B

    Installing and wiring new ceiling light fitting

    Hi All, Just looking for a bit of guidance for installing a new ceiling light fitting. I'm usually pretty confident installing new lighting/sockets etc but this one has me stumped. The ceiling wiring has a lot more wires than the wiring block on the new fitting accommodates. I've attached...
  15. P

    UK Installing 2 gang socket where boiler controls were located

    Hi all, First time poster and keen DIYer here. Seeking some advise/info about my current situation, moved into my house 4 years ago and straight away needed a boiler fitted (changed from a gravity fed system to a combi and had it relocated from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom). After this...
  16. L

    Installing Ducting for kitchen hood + Fused spur for oven and hob ?

    Hi all, I have recently had a new hood installed and need to install some ducting. I live in a flat with loft access its a 1 up 1 down. I'd like to run the ducting straight up into the loft and then out through the soffit. Can someone please recommend makes of vents, ducting to use? And also...
  17. C

    Installing IP downlighters

    installing ip 65 gu10 downlighters within 2.25 meter height of zone one. What are the hard and fast rules because my reading of section 701 does not permit 230v ip 65 downlighters yet I see it everywhere?
  18. K

    Installing outdoor garden lighting

    Hi all, After some advise. I have recently built a retaining wall with steps out of concrete blocks laid flat. Around 700mm tall The wall will hold back around 500mm or so of ground, leaving a nice 180mm ish of wall above ground level. My plan is to install lights ( brick lights I assume )...
  19. Ashley-Joseph

    Domestic Installing garden post lights

    So I have been asked to install 2 garden post lights in and I was going to use a 3 amp fcu from the ring using 2.5mm then into a juntionbox with 1.5mm swa burried more than 600mm deep and concrete the posts in the ground. Just wondering if this was the correct way before I start ?
  20. S

    Installing fibre from external man hole to inside building

    I currently have a large project coming up in which my company has asked me to install fibre into several buildings from external man holes, which will be dug out and installed by contractors. My intention on most is to come up the external wall using a security grade channelling from ground...
  21. R

    Help with installing new kitchen light.

    Hi, I've been let down by an electrician... twice now. I have a relatively easy install which I can do myself with some guidance. I wondered if anyone can help me out... the single light in the kitchen was a strip light... operated on two light switches. Also there is a porch light that I think...
  22. ChangeAgent

    Domestic EUD12NPN-UC from Eltako Electronics installing

    I was installing the EUD12NPN-UC for a friend and like your opinion on the following. Before there was an Eltako impulse relay (Eltako S12-100-230V) for the corridor lights. Several light points and 3 impulse switches. My friend asked me to help him remove the impulse relay and replace it...
  23. A

    Installing light switch

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum category but I am looking for help with changing light switch facings. I have completed all the plugs which were easy and stumped on these haha. Thanks in advance.
  24. S

    Installing 4mm cable, installation method

    Morning all. I’m getting to be a regular poster on here (it is an awesome source of info, thank you all). So, discussing with a seasoned electrician this week (I’m a relative newbie to the trade). So 4mm cable run as a radial on a 32A mcb, now reference method 100 states max current is 27A. They...
  25. M

    Installing a wireless/radio switch - help!

    Hi I'm installing a wireless switch to control a bird box camera. Roughly the circuit will be: camera ---> switch ---> solar charge controller ---> solar panel + battery The switch is in the attached photo. Question: do the two black wires go to the camera and the red/white to the battery...
  26. M

    Domestic Installing LED strips but not working possible short circuit

    Hi all. Seems like a simple fix just need some advice. I was fixing LED strips in the kitchen today. The switch in the kitchen is a 2-gang which powers the LED strips and the ceiling lights. There are 3 seperate LED strips to go around the kitchen, each connected to an LED driver and power...
  27. M

    Domestic Need help with installing a DIY solar system

    Hi, I am planning to move to Hungary later this year & am looking into installing a 12v solar system for powering 12v lights in the outbuildings. I am a complete novice to solar power & have done lots of research but still a bit confused with some things. What I have planned is having a 100w...
  28. D

    installing ring doorbell pro in the UK with Byron776 or plug in adaptor

    Hello Im looking at installing the Ring Doorbell Pro in the UK I currently have a bell chime thats hardwired to the lighting circuit with a built in 6volt transformer. I understand that this is too low to run the ring doorbell pro. I know it comes with a DIN transformer but this just isnt...
  29. L

    New guy looking for advice on installing smart light switch.

    Hello everybody, Just needed some expert advice on installing some smart light switches. As you can see from the images it looks like I have a neutral at the switch but where does the 2 wires going into 1 go and where does the wire going into L go on the smart light switch?
  30. Keith Lingard

    Domestic Help on installing a new Zanussi Oven

    Hi, I'd like some help please on installing a zanussi oven. The oven manual states "Connection should be via an Oven Control Circuit. Min size cable 2.5 mm2. Cable PVC twin & earth. Fuse 15 A min 20 A max. The total load rating of the oven is 2.48 Kw." The label on the side of the oven states...
  31. Pringy

    New member - made a complete mess of installing light fitting!

    Hi I’m Paul I always thought I was reasonably competent at doing the easy stuff until yesterday when I tried to put a new light up, this is the first fitting I’ve tried since the house was rewired (by professionals, not me lol) and the wiring at the fitting seems to be some sort of loop. As you...
  32. C

    Electrician Installing meter for stand alone garage - South London

    Hi All, I live in a building with about 100 flats and 17 garages, of which one garage is mine. Based in South London, SW2. The garage currently doesn't have electricity which is something I would like to change. I know at least one other garage has electricity installed and this is wired from a...
  33. S

    Installing Mains Powered Home Automation Zigbee Wireless Repeaters

    Hi If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move. I need to have installed around 20 Zigbee Wireless Repeaters around a large property. They are 40mm x 40mm x 20mm and require a 230v supply, current is minimal. I wondered if the following scenarios are feasible and acceptable within...
  34. L

    installing 110v and 240v socket in the same circuit

    Hi All Please advise in regards to wiring my shed/workshop. I need to install 110v plug. At the moment I have only 13A 240v standard sockets. Can I replace one of them with 16A 110v socket and have 240v and 110v sockets in the same radial circuit (please see picture attached)? Is it safe taking...
  35. B

    Installing hive Worcester Bosch

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on Hive heating. I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si with built in timer (however I understand this is an option that can be removed). I would like to install Hive but have no idea how to go about it. I would consider...
  36. B

    Installing new outside PIR light, do I need a switch?

    Hi all, Hoping someone will be able to give me a bit of advice. I’m planning to install a PIR light on the outside wall of my porch to light up the driveway. There is currently a light inside my porch which I am planning to take the feed from, run the cable along the inside of the porch and...
  37. D

    Installing a 230v Single Phase Air Compressor in my home garage

    Hi gents Just joined and this is my first post. I’ve decided to upgrade my home garage compressed air setup since my current 3hp 50ltr 8cfm struggles to run the air tools I’m using to restore my old project car. All was going ok until I invested in a 20 gallon sandblaster with the result...
  38. D

    Installing Nest 3rd Gen

    Hi all, I just installed the Nest 3rd gen into my new house, which was a bit of a mess - everything was wired straight into the old Honeywell ST7100 without any sort of junction box. It’s a Y-plan system with a (very old) Glow Worm 35F boiler, a Honeywell V4073A1039 valve and a UnitFive pump...
  39. A2HGO

    Help installing exterior wall mounted up lighting

    We're looking to have some uplights installed across the side of our property, I've purchased a few of these: Garden Trading LABV01 Bovingdon Single Adjustable Outdoor Wall Light - https://www.dusklights.co.uk//garden-trading-bovingdon-single-adjustable-ip44-outdoor-wall-light-p7135/s7145...
  40. S

    help installing nest. 3rd gen, zonal.

    hi, bought a nest term hoping it would be easy enough to install but what do you know, having a few issues i have 2 zones and hot water tank, but only installing one nest (for now) so wanted to replace current timer with heatlink. Took timer off wall and cant figure out what to do with wire 7...
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