1. E

    Hi guys. To those in countries with TNC-S. What are your requirements regarding installation of earth rods for domestic installs?

    Hi Guys. Firstly, am glad to join the group. Secondly I am very curious to hear from those who have TNC-S as their electrical supply I have 2 questions (1) Are you required to install an earth rod (stake or mesh) on the homeowners property? and (2) what are your regulations regarding its...
  2. gazdkw82

    When installs dont go to plan

    I had a job for a friend. Install 6 cctv cameras. I ordered the correct size clips and planned the position of the cameras. The cameras where mounted on JB boxes which meant I could keep the connections away from the elements. All cables where ran to one corner if the house and then into a...
  3. L

    jib gold card electricians north Birmingham

    Hi we are looking for jib gold card electricians and mates for social housing kitchen and bathroom installs in Birmingham around kingstanding erdington area Subcontractor position Price Work and dayrate available 1 property per day 5x per week 4 years work Asbestos awareness needed...
  4. S

    What's needed for self certification

    hi guys hope some one on here can help me out in looking to be able to self certify my foreigners. I have my 2330 Nvq lvl3 17th edition 3rd amendment Is there anything else I need? Do I need to be registered with the nic? Do I need liability insurance? Been looking round on google but the...
  5. Worcester

    Domestic Installs Metal CU's also = Metal PV Isolators

    Interesting webcast yesterday from NICEIC covering the 3rd Ammendment BS7671, we were aware of nearly all of it. The one thing that made us sit up though was that in accordance with the regs, they specifically mentioned that the two isolators (and any other switchgear) needed for the PV system...
  6. M

    Advice on which PV Software to get

    Hi Chaps, Im sure this has been asked before but as new software comes out all the time I thought Id see if anyone has tried something new. We primerily install PV on new build housing sites so the installs are usually small and basic. Every now and again we will do a flat roof or something a...
  7. R

    The future of Commercial / Utility PV installs in 2015?

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some advice on what is likely to happen this year with large scale solar installs? Solar farms were / are going up all over the place but a change in government funding is going to stop that come April right? However installs under 5 MW are still going to be funded...
  8. E

    Anybody experienced with Bno distribution boards

    Hi my names Steve running a small electrical firm in the southeast, I'm in the process if second fixing 4 flats which I wired couple of months back, I've wired plenty of flats over the years and when the builder asked what's details he needed for the supply, I said put down 5 single phase...
  9. S

    Commercial PV Systems

    Hi Guys, Have only stuck to domestic installs to date, but have had a couple of enquiries for larger systems on commercial properties, and are therefore after a bit of help. Am I right in thinking that the VAT rate applicable would rise to 20% rather than the reduced 5% rate for domestic...
  10. SolarCity

    Maintenance contract on commercial scale installs

    Does anyone offer maintenance contracts on larger installs? If so, what kind of services do you provide? Is it an annual visit? How much do you charge? It seems a little unnecessary to me but some firms seem to like it.
  11. T

    Quality Work

    Came across this collection of quality installs in Glasgow the other night.
  12. E

    Air conditioning and HVAC engineers required

    Hi All we are currently looking for HVAC engineers located in Essex and London to cover new installs and reactive call outs in the London area this will be a self employed basis as and when to start but could be more permanent basis please send your CV s and details to [email protected]
  13. G

    These Photos : What types / scale of installations am I seeing here

    Hi, Please take a look at these images.. Could any of you experienced PV Installers out there give me any idea on the scale (capacity) of the roof installs shown? (I'm a certified Sparks - my business profile states my intention to do more to be eco-friendly.. I'd like to know more about how...
  14. R

    Database of installations....where is it?

    A while ago I had a spreadsheet which showed every MCS installation in the UK and who did it, where is that damned thing, I'd like to see how I compare to my local competitors but I can't find it.
  15. T

    Installed small-scale PV hits 1GW

    The latest data from MCS released by DECC shows that there is now 1GW of small-scale PV installed with an extra 245MW added since the December deadline. The peak to beat the 2nd March...
  16. M

    Pictures of bad installs wanted

    We are building a website showing examples of appalling PV installations, if you have any pictures please email to us at [email protected] . Thanks
  17. R

    Bogus Pv charity work

    As anyone been randomly contacted by a foreign sounding guy over the past week regarding doing some pv installs on behalf of charity's? We got a call Monday from this guy in question saying that he as 2000 installs across the country and is recruiting teams. For a £200 up front fee (which is...
  18. M


    I am currently looking at going down the solar pv road and looking for the most cost effective but detailed course to be able to install from scratch. If anyone can give my a heads up on one thats worth spending the money on and the cost and duration of the course. Also I could do with it...
  19. SolarCity

    Four installs carried out concurrently - DNO issues.

    I have a job to carry out locally where four immediate neighbours are looking at having a 4kWp system each installed on their house. Obviously, if we carried these installs out at different times then we wouldn't need to speak to the DNO. However, we are keen at carrying out the installs at...
  20. L

    you guys do solar in the uk

    Do the goverment offer grants for installs in the UK like in Australia. Most of the installs on domestic here are 1.5 kw I have done some 6kw systems on schools lee
  21. M

    RCD problems

    I have fitted a dual rcd board, and everything has tested fine. my only problem is that the rcd's do not trip on the 180 phase roatation, but trip within limits on the 0 phase rotation. I have swapped both rcds for new to check that the rcd's werent faulty and i still have the same problem. Has...
  22. Archie

    Testing for the LABC

    Need to pick your brains. Does anyone do any testing for the Local Building Control, when non-registered sparks need a Certificate? I'm guessing the Building Control 'sub' it out and don't do it themselves. If so is it worth it and how do you go about getting on their list? Any advice greatly...
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