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  1. S

    SWA instead of meter tails

    Hi Gents, Hope everyone doing good at this hard time,i need your opinion guys I am installing new CU and Client ask me to install it somewhere roughly 6 meters away from meter box. i have decided run SWA as i can not use 3m meter tails in this case but my questions are; 1.Can i run SWA through...
  2. D

    Tried endlessly to fish a cable down a soffit, can it be ran along the fascia instead?

    As title suggests, I've tried and tried to get my cable rods down the soffit to run a cable from one spotlight to the next, can't get through because of support beams etc. in the way. I know it'd be ideal to house the cable inside the soffit but taking the fascia and soffit off would be a big...
  3. E

    Dishwasher Siemens won't start, instead the on/off button beeps.

    Hi, I am totally desperate, looking for advice. With the Covid, nobody wants to come home to repair my dishwasher. It is a Siemens SN65E003EU/43. I had a problem with the draining pump which I remove and cleaned. Once I plugged it back in, nothing happen and the dishwasher won’t start...
  4. G

    1mm Cable instead of 1.5mm?

    Hi, I’m wiring up an outside light from a junction box and have realised I’ve brought 1mm cable and not 1.5mm. Really want to get it finished today, Can I still use it? Its powering an up and down light with 2 x 5watt led bulbs. Thanks in advance. Graeme
  5. B

    Can I use a multi wire capacitor instead of a two wire in a fan??

    Hi Guys, I have a ceiling fan with a two wire 4.5 uf 250V capacitor that has gone bad (fan motor spins very slowly). I cannot find and 2 wire capacitors with this rating (closes is 3 uf) but there are some 5 wire capacitors with one of the connections of the 4.5 rating. Can I use that capacitor...
  6. D

    What happen to laptop if run in AC current instead of DC and what are the effects

    Im just asking for curiosity,what happen if plug 240VAC directly to laptop charger port without DC adapter. What are the effect for laptop if plug in 240VAC into laptop???
  7. A

    What is the effect of using 110 volts flourescent starter instead of 220 volts starter

    What is the effect of using 110 volts flourescent starter instead of 220 volts starter?
  8. Dan

    Mobile Phone Emojis Wont Load On The Forum! - Use the forum emojis instead

    Just to let you know, I forgot to mention this on EF but have on the other forums. My bad. When you're using a mobile phone or tablet to access the forum, and you use your keyboard / keypad on your device to insert a smilie face (emoji) into your post, it looks like it has inserted, but the...
  9. Steve888

    255V measured instead of 240V

    Hello while 255V seems to be a normal voltage for low voltage networks it causes issues to my solar installation where the inverter works up to 240V. Any idea why Western Power increased the voltage?
  10. D

    Inline switch on pendant light instead of wall switch?

    My lovely wife has requested I fit these as bedside lamps: Circular Pendant Light - Sounds simple enough.. But the walls are solid and the room recently decorated, so chasing cables to install a new light switch on either side isn't really an...
  11. happyhippydad

    SDS drill being used instead of core drill?

    I realise this has been asked before, but I find the search bar really poor on the site since the big change and it doesn't come up with anything useful. I am getting more extractor fan installs that require wall mounted fans. Instead of hiring a core drill once a year I wondered if anyone uses...
  12. Dan Now Using HTTPS instead of HTTP

    I just have a few more tweaks to do, but we're now running on HTTPS instead of HTTP. Which is more secure and prevents the likes of 'man in the middle' attacks when you're out and about browsing our forums. Note that we also allow two-step verification for logging in too. So that you get...
  13. Sparky_marky2

    Alternative cable to use instead of armoured when running external power circuit

    Hi guys, New to the forum and would much appreciate your opinions, I'm wiring a power radial circuit for one double socket for a customer, however part of the run (2 meters) will run on the outside of the house and then back inside, up from the ground floor to the first floor. The customer has...
  14. J

    How would you power this LED instead of using 8AA batteries?

    The LED light is for a moth trap (identifying not killing). At the moment I'm using 8 AA batteries. The batteries are 2000 mah so 1.6 amp hour in total (I think my maths is correct on that- 2000mah x 8 = 16000 divided by 1000 = 1.8 amp hour). The boost buck regulator has 9.6 volts going in...
  15. vxwestie

    Tri-flex instead of solid tails

    I've used 150, 185 and 240mm trip flex on large installs before contained in metal trunking. Is there any reason I can't use 35mm for a 100amp 3phase install contained in plastic trunking? Bend radius and access is going to be tricky and a pain with solid core.
  16. S

    megger mft1730 earth loop reading

    hi I was on a job testing incoming supply on a TT systems the earth loop reading was 2,53ohms now what my question is It was a 2 commer 53 i am guesting that means 2.53ohms if you test result are lower you get 0.12 (point )why does it change to a commer or am i reading it wrong
  17. S

    Your method of handling non paying customers?

    I've always been partial to a bit of advice in this area across all trades, how do YOU sort out non paying customers? Say the work went well and as planned, as agreed before work starts but the customer decides this wasnt what he wanted for his m oney and refused to pay up, whats your methods...
  18. Amp David

    Won't be renewing my scam membership this year

    Finally decided its a load of rubbish and won't be renewing it, Elecsa. Had enough of having to abide by there rules and fork out hundreds on a yearly inspection a chimp could pass. Decided instead to get this new meter, should be the end to all my scam worries.:drool5: Megger 1502 Multi...
  19. B

    Intermediate switching.

    I know I should be able to work this one out but my head is hurting ... Currently there's a two-way switch in operation at each end of a hall. Customer wants to be able to switch from upstairs as well, but cable run-wise it's much easier to run to upstairs from the switch which is currently...
  20. i=p/u

    back too the books instead of trying to keep up with yous.

    i can do all calcs for designing a circuit as in Ib,In ,It etc. heres my wonder. how can you work out whats the max distance you can run a circuit without being caught on VD and max Zs. easy way maybe im missing. i know IxR=V and you can just keep rechecking till you get within values. or...
  21. I

    fuse spur and supply cert

    hello chaps iv just been asked how much id charge to fit a fuse spur for heating and supply a electrical installation cert i quoted him £100 all in, ya thoughts would be great cheers
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