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  1. Charlie_

    Examples of dubious manufacturers’ instructions

    Astro lighting
  2. garaoke

    Fusing of fans to comply with manufacturers recommended instructions

    Manufacturers want there fans fused to 3a on the permanent feed but the switch wire is still on the 6a MCB doing an eicr is a c2 if there is no RCD protection
  3. W

    BPT Agata VC - Wiring Instructions

    Hi all, We have a BPT Agata VC door entry system and the wiring had come away and I'm unsure on how to re-wire. Any advice is massively appreciated as I can't find any info online. Thanks! Will
  4. oracle

    Diagrams, instructions and circuit charts

    Since regulations 514.9 and 560.7.9 came out it is very rare to find such documents provided, even the minimum of circuit identification on older installations is often not complied with. Can anyone offer a reason for this or is it just too much bother since most guys are using tablets and...
  5. S

    Double ovens and manufacturers instructions

    New kitchen install Integrated Double oven unit Integrated single oven unit Next to each other Existing circuit 6mm 32A mcb New double oven manufacturers instruction 40A fuse hard wired New single oven manufacturers instruction 16A fuse hard wired Existing cable too short for new isolator...
  6. D

    Junction Box Instructions

    Found this under the floorboards of a house. Was wondering what year it was and if anyone remembers installing the Tenby R.M.1?
  7. sjhall

    Can anyone help with make and instructions

    Need instructions for this timer Can anyone help ? Thanks
  8. Wilko

    Amusing Manufacturer Instructions ?

    Fitting up a dishwasher the other day, the manufacturer kindly reminded me that the door must shut - a new-fangled water saving feature or summat. And to pay attention :rolleyes: There's probably lots of helpful advice from manufacturers out there, why not share the knowledge?
  9. M

    Resin joint kits

    Moving a busbar 20 meter ,going to run some new feeds and joint a 50mm 4 core , got the kit done the connection s and the instructions say connection must be energised as soon as the resin poured (why is that )
  10. D

    WiFi light switch wiring help required

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I have purchased a 2 gang WiFi light switch but I am struggling to wire it up correctly. I can only get one set of lights working. I have a feeling it's not possible. Please can you take a gander at the attached pics and let me...
  11. O

    Light changing LED Flood light - reading the instructions....

    I bought a light changing LED floodlight on the web and it arrived today - as I'm slobbing around I thought I better take a look at it and read the instructions before I install it... So this is the unit out of the box: These are the "instructions" for the unit: And these are the...
  12. Adie moore

    emergency lights

    finished a job a little while ago for a builder who was refurbishing a male and female toilet. the existing lunch box running man em lights were replaced (as per customer specs) with recessed led em lights, one above the exit door and one in the centre of the room. I received a call today from...
  13. P

    Heating on ring main against regs?

    Had a call from a landlord today they said they had had a new boiler fitted and the installer said the heating was taken off the ring main and was against regulations. Maybe not ideal but can't see as it is against regs.Anyone know if it's a oil or gas regulation. Cheers
  14. L

    Bathroom extractor fan - please help

    Hi everyone, I had an extractor fan fitted in my downstairs toilet yesterday. The fan turns on when the light turns on. The problem is that the fan runs for about 15 minutes after I turn the light off. I only need it to run for a minute or 2. According to the instructions the electrician left...
  15. driverman

    FC-7671 Functional Calibrator instructions

    hi Guys, I've tried to search on Google. I'm looking for MI for above calibrator. Any one know of a link or a site that I can down load instructions from please. IT and me don't go together!
  16. tom porter

    wiring diagram for 1000w metal halide ballast

    I need a wiring diagram for a 1000w bllast
  17. Worcester

    Solartwin - silicon tubing eaten by mice !

    Anyone else come across this yet? Thanks to another member of the forum we attnded a call out last week to find out why a solar thermal system was leaking. first time I'd seen a solartwin install, and took a while toget my head around how it worked. Basically it reverse cycles water through...
  18. A

    renusol mcs accreditation

    hi all i have been told renusol /solar pv mounting systems are loosing their mcs accreditation. is there any truth in this. regards
  19. O

    Mountcastle Silent Bell

    I've been asked to remove a Mountcastle Silent Bell system - the product isn't made any more ((company gone bust?) and I'm after a copy of the instructions if anyone has them. Thanks
  20. B


    Hi all I'm issuing a code 3 for shower without pull switch on eicr as I consider it to be isolated via Mcb in consumer unit, would anyone else agree
  21. mhar

    701.753 vs manufacturers instructions

    Customer wants underfloor heating in his bathroom and wants to use a B & Q Homelux mat. Downloaded manufacturers instructions and technical data to see if this mat complied with the above reg. As it didn't appear to be in compliance (fibreglass mesh as opposed to earthable metal) I emailed...
  22. S

    Laminated Foil Underfloor Heating

    Reading the installation instructions it states that a resistance test and an insulation resistance test have to be completed. No problem with the resistance test across the line and neutral through the foils that produces a figure well within the calculated tolerances for the area of film laid...
  23. I

    megger 1552

    anyone know why it says in the instruction that rechargeable batteries must not be used , cheers
  24. rustynails

    general purpose timeswitch help!

    hi all, I'm having a nightmare with a Newlec NL24HRTS 24 hour General Purpose Timeswitch. The customer wanted to swap an old pin type timer for this new timer. So I went about fitting it and I cannot get it to operate correctly. The time switch would be used to turn on 3 outdoor lights for...
  25. G

    Cooker Installation

    Hi, I've recently bought a dual fuel cooker which requires hardwiring. The user manual states that it needs to be connected to a double pole control unit with a minimum rating of 32A. However, i've just had an electrician round who, after looking in the manual, said that the oven only needs 8A...
  26. keniff

    led lighting

    a lighting designer has supplied 1 led driver to feed 6 light fittings they need to be wired in series, whats the standard practice for this? do i just use twin and earth, its going to be 3 amps load. i normally use a local driver to each light.
  27. B

    Wiring a volt free stat to my new Heatline boiler?

    We have fitted, a Heatline Monza 24KW condensing combi boiler. It has 24v and 240v connectors, although I'm lead to believe the 24v is just for the boilers built in controls. The programmable thermostat is a Homexpert(Honeywell) THR870CUK, 7 day program, two wire, 'VOLT FREE' jobbie, that...
  28. P

    Domestic Is RCBO required ?

    Hi. I have recently qualified and started out on my own, I have asked by a been by a mate who is a plumber to renew the cable to the light fitting and switch in a bathroom that he has stripped back to bare brick for modernisation. They also want a shaver point and extractor fitting. No RCD on CU...
  29. S

    Domestic PIR light L and L1

    Hi guys, i brought a new PIR bulkhead from homebase and its got a live an netual and a live 1 and earth. Can i use live 1 for a switch so i can override the light to stay on when the switch is flicked? Dan
  30. tigerpaul


    We had our ECA assessor visit today and while we were chatting he mentioned a case in London where a contractor had done an apartment block. There was a fan in a bathroom which had gotten stuck and the motor had caught alight and caused a major fire. Everything he'd done was as per BS7671...
  31. keniff

    Domestic Replacement shower

    If your replacing a shower like for like power wise, are you under any obligation to supply rcd for this? As no alteration has been made to the circuit and no change of opd has been done?
  32. N6rul

    megger 1730, functions, zs, ze, pfc

    Hello guys, just bought a megger 1730, I'm a bit confused on what range to put the turning knobs, for the ze, zs, and pfc. As I'm used to the fluke mft, I bought this as my first MFT, as advised on the forum. But it has so many functions????? Please can someone help. Thank you.
  33. Clark3169

    Domestic Voltage Detector indicating phase?

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and I am new to electrics. I have recently gained some qualifications and now I am trying to gain some real world experience. My first question is a simple one. When I use my voltage indicator if there is voltage across two conductors it beeps away at me and the...
  34. D

    changing over shower

    Have a customer who wants to swap the broken shower for a direct replacement same make load etc is this ok to change if there is no rcd or should I tell them that this must be fitted.
  35. Y

    Hand Dryer Heights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of the legal minimum/maximum heights for hand dryers in; 1)Normal WC's 2)Disabled WC's 3)Childrens WC's We fit alot at work and it's one of those things that nobody seems certain on the heights. Had a quick flick through the regs and OSG and can't find them. Thanks James
  36. P

    solar edge rj45 wiring

    HI I opened up my se4000 and found no rj45 plug socket, all i found was a set of termination pins with ethernet marked on them. I thought i followed the wiring correct but my solar edge monitoring site has had no data sent, even though the lcd display says s ok. Has anybody had a solaredge...
  37. mhar

    Dimmer rating not making sense

    Went to a house the other day as dining room lights not working. 4 x 40/50w gu10's on a dimmer, dimmer faulty. Looking round the house there was an incredible amount of incandescent lighting mostly on dimmers so I suggested to customer that it may be worth spending an extra couple of £'s on the...
  38. M

    Height of shower over bath

    Hello everyone Need a bit of advise I have been asked to install a bath in a room that was previously a wet room for a disabled person. Now as per usual the customers don't want to spend a lot of money. At the moment there is an electric shower installed at a height of approximately 750mm to...
  39. M

    Flex and cooker circuits

    Do cookers need to be connected with heat resistant flex and if so can you tell me where the reg is. Have been arguing with a collegue about this. Thanks
  40. M

    Manrose 1351 remote fan timer control

    I was looking at one of these to upgrade an existing fan. It is installed in conjunction with a double pole fused spur isolator. The timer control takes a permanent live and a switched live. So if the double pole switch is off and the bathroom light is still on then the fan timer unit unit still...
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