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  1. Zdb

    High integrity earthing

    Only time I've done this has been using the two separate CPCs of a RFC using different terminals inside the D.B as per 543.7.1.204 I've been asked to test a load of high integrity radial circuits with two separate (different sized) CPCs. My question is, in the box which asks for the CSA of the...
  2. E

    High Integrity Earthing

    Hi Guy's, Need your take on a commercial office IT environment. I am getting earth leakage total of 26mA, okay, spread over 22 workstations & 4 Server & ups IT devices, not bad. The power RFCircuits are fortunately spread over a split load board / 2 RCD's. No nuisance tripping reported. Subject...
  3. GBDamo

    High integrity earthing.

    i understand the need, as I see it any circuit with a likelihood of more than 10 mA earth leakage should be subject to high integrity earthing. This requirement can be achieved by many methods and I can see the sense in some. Using RFCs instead of radials gives two paths so in the event of a...
  4. W

    IP Integrity question

    Hi , just after a bit of advice. A customer is asking me to put a small opening in the front of an IP 65 enclosure. He wants a clear lid (like what’s on front of a RCD enclosure) so he can just flip the lid up and adjust something if he needs to. I seem to remember seeing some spring loaded...
  5. B

    Creating high integrity ways in stacked cu

    Hi, just wondering if my plan is any good or if you've got a better way! I've got 2 10mm SWA sub mains going to outbuildings, currently fed from rcd protected ways on a stacked Hager CU. New boards in outbuildings all Rcbo units, so don't need or want RCD protection at house end. Main switch...
  6. DaveyD


    Hi everyone. Im an electrician but I don't install PV I am doing some works and changing a cu. The customer already has pv fitted. There is no room to add a separate board and they have put a 16a mcb on the rcd side if the 16th edition board. TNC-S earthing arrangement. The cable is buried...
  7. R

    lack of high intergrity earthing on computer socket radials

    hi this installation was carried out in the 1995 ish advice please on what code should be issused for a server room and also floor sockets (althought server room and floor room are on sepearate circuits) wired in 2.5 / 1.5 TW&E as radials with no high integrity earth i.e only one earth...
  8. C

    Computer circuits please help

    Hi I'm new so sorry if in wrong section, I have been asked to wire up a test rig, the customer wants to put power in for a test rig with 40 double sockets to test computers, till systems and kvrs anyone any recommendations on best way of doing it...
  9. M

    High Integrity Earthing for computer sockets.

    Hello i have attached a picture of how i think a high integrity earth should be wired for computer sockets in a ring. I have a few questions to ask if possible please: 1) Is the additional 4mm earth necessary if the circuit is wired in a ring? If so does the additional 4mm cable need to be...
  10. T

    Rcbo and high integrity earthing cop out

    Would normally expect when wiring ring mains nowadays for data serving equipment to use high integrity earthing. Is the following true: If the following applies you don't have to do it: 1.Use of a Rcbo as long as the Rcbo is 30ma rated and the earth leakage current expected will not be greater...
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