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  1. S

    Consumer Unit I would be interested in your sage comments

    Hi, a quote I just sent out to a customer. Have I interpreted the regs correctly ? You're welcome to use it if you think it's ok.'s meant to get the point across in laymans terms.
  2. Pete999

    Anyone interested in an EICR in Northampton

    As title reason I can't do it is medical, nice cople contact me VIA PM if interested and I'll pass details on to client
  3. OnlQQker

    How Old Was You When You Became Interested In Electrics?

    I was 7. I painstakingly removed 2 screws from a power socket with a small pair of scissors and then tried to unscrew the live in the same fashion. This is how I became painfully became interested in them, how about you?
  4. T

    UK Anyone from the north east interested in giving a price?

    We’re looking to be creating office space soon which will require a rewire, but I’m just absolutely swamped. Anyone from the north east interested in giving us a price for the works?
  5. N

    Living in an RV, interested in solar panels and electric water heater

    Hello, I'm here to ask a few questions about how an electrician might do something. I might or might not learn to do things myself, depending on how much free time I have in the future. I'm living full time in an RV and reading a book about wiring from Lowe's Hardware. I just noticed this forum...
  6. Driverless

    Hello, just joined - Interested in EVs and charging

    Hi there, I have just joined the forum. I have been involved in the electrical and electronics industry for over 40 years. I am now involved with Electrical Vehicles, and run a charge point installation directory. I am here to learn and hopefully give any advice where possible. Cheers Gaz
  7. T

    Interested ex-lmited scope GE

    Ex gas engineer here( Sorry!) , had limited scope Part P at one time so I know enough to be dangerous, no seriously I know enough to leave certain things well alone! Recently had some electrical problems at home so now doing some research and checking out my own electrics which I had never...
  8. Marti

    If you're selling your private number plate I might be interested.

    Just on the chance that anyone fancies selling their private number plate in the future , I might be interested if it electrical or electrician related. I realise they are not to everyone's taste and I'm compensating / having a crisis / shallow / infantile / got better things to do with limited...
  9. Pete999

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Got this from NICEIC today if you are interested regarding types of OCPDs of differing makes

    file:///C:/Users/Pete/Desktop/Safe%20Selection%20of%20Devices%20for%20Installation%20in%20Assemblies%20(1).pdf Hope you can read it
  10. Joshua

    Just see this deal on a Meggar MFT1711, if anyone's interested

    I've just noticed Amazon have cut the price of this Meggar multi function tester to around £440, thought it could help someone in need of a budget tester Megger MFT1711 Tester
  11. Pete999

    WIHA ergonomic pliers for sale PM if interested

    WIHA ergonomic pliers - Penelusuran Google -...
  12. J

    NVQ 2357 Unit Guidance Notes

    Hi I am a qualified college lecturer, tutor and currently working as an NVQ Assessor in Electrical Installations. Would anyone be interested in purchasing NVQ Unit Guidance Notes to help them complete their City & Guilds 2357 NVQ? I already have my NVQ Unit Guidance Notes in place but not sure...
  13. D

    Wanted Electrical Improver/Trainee Manchester Area

    Looking for a keen Improver/Trainee to learn the trade. Will be working with fellow electrician's carrying out install and remedial works. Be assisting on testing jobs. All commercial works, good opportunity for someone starting out. Must have own vehicle. Some working away and nights. PM us...
  14. H

    Electrician Sub Contractor Electricians

    Hi, We are looking for elf employed / sub contract electricians for an on going project. We have a backlog of work that needs to be cleared by the end of March and then we will have a steady flow of work on this project for the next 1 to 2 years. The work is in retail premises fitting new...
  15. A

    Electricians Mate Electrical mate/trainee/improver Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire

    The company I'm working for as a subbie are looking for one maybe two electrical mates/trainee's/improver's for a site in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire. Its mainly all domestic works and would be ideal for someone who is starting out and at college and wanting to get a foot on the ladder...
  16. D

    Electricians Mate Looking for part time electricians mate work (Worthing)

    Hi Guys, Currently doing my Level 2 2365 already have a fair bit of experience, I'm available currently Monday, Thursday and Friday and weekends. If anyone needs any help and could offer me some experience in Worthing, West Sussex please get in contact. Thanks!
  17. John Murphy


    i need an electrician to give my place in africa the once over the once over so i know where am at and to do some rewiring work anybody interested in a working holiday?
  18. S


    Hi Guys, 46 yrs old x joiner/IT looking to change jobs and move into Electrical work. Considering private training course for City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma Done quite a lot of wiring in the past amongst other things. Like most sadly I cant afford 3yrs collage and wondering if I...
  19. R

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate in Wembley Park area looking for experience

    Hello! Electrician's mate with 6 months experience looking for an experienced electrician to work for and to get the right experience from! I live in Wembley Park! Thank you!
  20. M

    Armoured cable 600/1000V BS5467-1997 4 core for sale

    Hello we have around 35-40m of Armoured cable 600/1000V BS5467-1997 4 core for sale. If interested PM me please. Thank you!
  21. E

    Selling Pafbag Solar lifting equipment.

    Hey guys I've just posted two listings on eBay for lifting equipment for solar panels and inverters if anyone is interested. Bidding starts at 99p :) Pafbag | eBay Grabba Bag 75 (Pafbag) | eBay Also if you click on my profile there are a few more tools and things you may be interested in...
  22. C

    Ottermill Tap off boxes for sale

    Hi, I have a quantity of Ottermill TP&N Tap Off Boxes for sale, fully refurbished if your interested or know somebody that may be interested, act now as these are like hens teeth and wont be around long. 2 x 63A Ottermill Uniduct TP&N 4 x 100A Ottermill TP&N 6 x 63A Ottermill TP&N 5 x 32A...
  23. S

    Surplus fixings - for sale

    We've just unearthed some surplus fixings if anyone is interested in buying them from us - we need the space and not pushing solar at the moment. Mainly Schletter and Renusol hooks, mix of plain, pan and rosemary fixings. We have some Trics pantile and slate hooks and a few schuco mids and...
  24. A

    For Sale Test meters and other equipment for sale

    Meterl Instaltest multifunction test meter , Metrel PAT test meter and other items for sale as I have just retired - see my Gumtree listings : all collection only, Durham area Thanks for looking, Andy
  25. L

    PLC programming knowledge

    Evening all, could anyone suggest a starting point for me in which I could start to read up and gain some underpinning knowledge on PLC programming as it's something I am interested in diversifying into, as I prefer the industrial side of work and it interests me. I've realised that if I'm...
  26. ses

    For sale

    Brand new dewalt 10.8v torch in box (body only) DCL510N £20 plus postage or collection from west london Brand new set of wera kraftform screwdrivers 6 drivers and 1 mains tester screwdriver I have two sets of these £12 each plus postage or collection Unused as new Bosch 3.6v screwdriver in...
  27. P

    Schneider Acti 9 iC60H RCBO's 240 v - Type A

    Hi all. I have several of these for sale, brand new and in the box. I have several C10A'S, C16A'S and C32A'S. They are retailing around the £85 mark but i want £25 each for them. Please type 'schneider acti 9' into gumtree or message me on here if you are interested. Thanks!
  28. M

    For Sale - 200M of 50mm 6491X Single Core Earth Wire / Cable - £400

    Hi All, I hope this finds you well. I have a 200M drum of 50mm Earth 6491X from a cancelled project and couldn't take it back to the wholesalers, understandably, as it was ordered in from the manufacturers. Looking for £400 if possible and it is located in Central London but I can deliver...
  29. L

    inspiring young people

    Is there any electrician or apprentice electrician out there who would be willing to come into one of our schools to chat to a small group of students about their job? A lot of the kids we work with are so not interested in school and would love to hear about a job where they could be practical...
  30. B

    For Sale M.K. accessories for sale.

    Hi all, I've got some M.K. accessories for sale if anyone is interested. I have a mixture of Switched fused spurs, Double Pole switches, Sockets, Metal Clad sockets and a couple of Masterseal bits. I'll try and get some pics here for you. It's all new stuff, some of the packaging is a bit...
  31. M

    MCS Accreditation today

    Hi All just had accreditation today 1 non conformity said that my mutli array on different aspects was not good enough to say south, east, west, wants degrees from south. to do calcs, just have to redo papper work & send in sorted.
  32. A

    Unnecessary board changes

    Im aware of a local electrician regularly recommending unnecessary CU upgrades. I would like to report their actions but is it worthwhile?
  33. S

    Want some fun with a scammer

    Background son looking for new motor ie range rover. I know running costs etc but he is an electrician and therefore by default very wealthy lolol anyway upshot is found a beauty but 10 below the norm . Email sent etc reply in English /Nigerian car in Spain u pay me we ship etc etc etc...
  34. T

    working abroad

    Got heads up on work in Finland going next year. 18 days on 12 hr shifts, flights digs and 20 a day food included. £180 a day mates, £260 sparks tax free. Project is five years long and running now but winding down for Xmas. Not been myself but two lads on site just came back and loved it. Bit...
  35. C

    4 Rointe Heaters for sale

    Hello all, I've got 4 Rointe heaters for sale (used, bought in Jan) 3x 7 element and 1x 3 element. If you're interested please get in touch :)
  36. B

    nic inspection

    Hi lads, got nic inspection next month, apart from good workmanship and a bit of brown nosing, has anyone got any tips to impress him? Any minor details that will impress him? Thanks for the input lads Ben
  37. keniff

    Both for sale

    Hi guys i have a Makita dab radio in the green colour and a veto pro pack Xl I'm looking for £100 each if anyone's interested they are both excellent condition, used the radio for around 6 months and toolbag for about 6 weeks
  38. S

    Solar pv installers

    I am looking for solar pv installers around Carlisle and Dumfries. Need someone who can run teams of installers, carry out surveys and pricing. Various contracts from 4kw to 50kw. Get in touch if interested.
  39. T

    Led T8 tubes

    Hi guys, Ive got some left over T8 led tubes from a job, changes were made and they decided to have down lights instead, but i had already ordered the tubes (doh). They have been sitting in the garage for ages now, so i thought id see if anyone was interested before they go on ebay. They are...
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