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  1. A

    Domestic Intermittent fluctuating voltage

    We have a problem in my daughter’s new build house (2 years old). She noticed the problem started 2 weeks ago when her lights would flicker at random. The lights can be ceiling lights and table lamps so it’s affecting the lighting circuit and sockets both downstairs and upstairs. I have...
  2. B

    Intermittent ceiling light

    Hi just after a little bit of advice the ceiling light in our spare room seems to have a mind of its own it rarely comes on if the switch is operated but if left on the light will come on eventually it then works fine for a short period so it will switch on and off but then it decides to stop...
  3. A

    Fault finding an intermittent RCD trip

    Hey all, really hopping someone will be able to help me with my issue. This problem relates to my personal home, but i can't seem to figure out the issue. Quick background. The main switchboard at my house feeds into a sub-board in my shed. This sub-board then feeds into another sub-board which...
  4. M

    Fault finding an intermittent RCD trip.

    Hi all, I’ve had a headache of a fault and can’t think what to do next. The house has an RCD main switch, and I’ve verified the circuit which has the fault to be the kitchen ring final. The RCD has tripped once without interference, and several times when a switched fuse spur is turned on...
  5. C

    Domestic Zafira b intermittent starting problem - strange behaviour

    Apologies up front for the long post. I thought I'd try to include as much info as I can. I am looking for some advice/suggestions any of you might have concerning an annoying intermittent fault I am having with a 2006 Zafira B. The engine is the Z16XEP version. The car will start a few times...
  6. M

    Intermittent fault Gloworm Ultracom HXI Condensing Heat only Boiler

    I've seen others that have similar fault to this boiler. All functions work apart from the target temperature is not reached as of this week. The fault was evident for two 6 month heating 'seasons' but last year the fault rectified itself and the boiler temperature reached target temperature...
  7. Vortigern

    The mystery of the intermittent fault on flourescent light

    So I was called again to look at light in unit that has gone off. Of course when I got there it was on (again) The circuit is very straight forward, supply from Merlin Gerin DB 10a MCB supplying four twins. Checked all the connections for being tight including switch (wiggled and pulled) and...
  8. B

    Intermittent wiper switch for classic car

    My old classic only has a one-speed wiper. I really would like to fit an intermittent device so that I can vary the time between wipes. I am fed up with reaching for the wiper switch when there is only very light rainfall. Whilst at a steam rally recently, I picked up an old wiper dwell switch...
  9. H

    Intermittent Fault - 20 characters

    Been having an intermittent fault at home now for a few months. All RCBO board, wiring 3 years old. Upstairs socket RCBO trips sometimes, maybe once or twice a week. Always seems to be when we turn something on, for example a light, cooker hood, oven etc. I'm thinking there's a dodgy appliance...
  10. L

    Intermittent sockets, wiring and fuses fine

    I had a quick job yesterday where the customer said he lost power to some kitchen sockets, I went round and he had an old wilex board with rewireable fuses. All the sockets in the house were on two 30A fuse wires. Most sockets in the kitchen were in a ring on 1 and the rest of the house must...
  11. L

    Glow-worm 18hxi intermittent fault

    Hi, Got a Glow-worm 18hxi boiler (6yrs old) with an intermittent fault. Cuts out with F1 or F4 code message. Sometimes runs for several days with no problem, then cuts out once or twice same day. Regularly serviced by our local plumber (also fitted it) but he cannot find the problem. Had the...
  12. NDG Elecs

    Intermittent tripping and explaining to customers what to do etc download or summat!

    Hi Lads and Ettes! Sure most of you will have had this situation: intermittent tripping and circuit tests fine when you are there. So you try to explain what the householder should do - i.e. next time it trips make a note of anything you have switched on prior to it tripping....turn off the...
  13. L

    Fluke 115 continuity test

    Hi guys, just a quick question about a Fluke 115 I just bought. When I have it on continuity test, when is it normal to give intermittent beeps rather than a continuous ones? In my case, unless I press down to make a solid connection, the meter gives me a mixture of intermittent and continuous...
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