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  1. D

    TL inverters And array frame bonding

    Hi again. Right, I am seeing very mixed reactions and comments about the below question, I am just hoping to find a basic answer and reference please. If you are installing a TL (fronius primo 3.6 in my case) to a domestic property, in the loft space with 16panels already installed on the...
  2. M

    RCCB selection for 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters in horticultural location

    Hi There Trying to rectify a solar installation also containing a double socket in a horticultural location. Current setup does not have any RCD protection. Solar setup: 3 phase TNC-S supply - 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters - 50kW installation The problem I am having is selecting the...
  3. What is Inside the Conversol Off-Grid Control Cabinet for Photovoltaics - 5kW Inverter MPPT Charger

    What is Inside the Conversol Off-Grid Control Cabinet for Photovoltaics - 5kW Inverter MPPT Charger

    A detailed video with a control cabinet for off grid solar systems. The cabinet is pre-assembled and fully wired offering a real plug n play experience for the solar engineers
  4. okrobie

    Do hybrid auto inverters have any practical use for 110/220 volt systems?

    I haven't a clue what they are good for but they seem to be cheap at the junk yard (Around $15) so I'm wondering if they can be used with a battery bank as a UPS? Thanks, Jim
  5. B

    Inverters for 150 kWp Photovoltaic

    Hi there! I'm new in the forum. This time I bring a question about inverters. I was hired to oversee the Electrical Installation of a public building in East-Timor (South East Asia). As you can imagine, this location is wonderful for a PV installation, with 340 sunny days a year. I have...
  6. R

    Inverters running freezer

    I have a large 240v freezer running off a 12 v solar battery bank via an inverter, I would like to have a small backup inverter for the freezer that will cut in if the main one fails, and save all my food. Any one tell me how to do this please ?
  7. marconi


    I have spent some time reading into PV panels and inverters while trying to help with a current post on nuisance RCD tripping at a PV installation on a farm. I happened upon this technical paper which explains capacitive leakage currents from PV arrays and the trouble they could cause...
  8. S

    I'm sure there is an easy answer!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!! In short ... I've had a mid life crisis and bought a catering van. It has a full size domestic fridge onboard. I need to keep milk cold from home to event site. I'll hook up at home and chill fridge till I leave. Am planning on using an inverter to keep fridge...
  9. A

    SolarEdge inverters failings

    Hi guys, first post so please go easy on me. I had a 4Kw solaredge system installed few years ago, all was well until pigeons started nesting under the panels and starting big mess. For years they grew in numbers. I got a roofer who installed black wiremesh (he called it hedgehogs, the stuff...
  10. Stuart Houghton

    Export Limitation

    I received a call from a person who was not a customer of mine asking to connect up his 8 kW PV system. Its a new build and the modules were installed when the scaffolding was up, this was several months ago. System is 2 x ABB PVI 3.6-TL-OUTD inverters connected to 32 x 250 watt modules. The...
  11. B

    Off grid earthing system

    What earthing system should be used on an off grid install with a solar inverter, wind inverter, battery backup inverter and a 4.5kW floating earth generator?
  12. I

    Ground Fault Detection Interrupter (GFDI)

    Some inverters are provided with GFDI and some are not. Is this a regulatory thing dependent upon the country of use intended for the product?
  13. S

    Queries on a new PV installation

    Hi all. I am looking for a 3rd opinion on a recently completed install at a friend of a friends property. I am PV installer (17th edition, Part P, 2394&2395, NVQ3), I did not install this system. - The property has a 3 phase supply. - The electrician has taken 25mm tails from the main fuses...
  14. S

    Battery Storage And Uk Regulatory Compliance

    Hello all, I am thinking of adding battery storage to my existing setup to increase self-consumption and provide backup for power cuts. Currently I have 16 x 230W panels feeding 2 + 2 kW StecaGrid inverters installed in 2011. If I were to add for example a Victron MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50 in...
  15. S

    Tigo, Solaredge or Blackmagic?

    Which optimisers shall I use? Any advice based on your real-world experience?
  16. jason121

    Bad Installation

    I was asked to write a report today regarding a poor solar installation. There are two inverters. The left is wired out the dead side of a shared AC isolator while the other inverter is wired of the live side (from the meter ) feeding another AC isolator. In my opinion one inverter would feed...
  17. N

    Help with picking a solar solution

    Hi All, thanks for taking the time to read this!! I'm currently trying to decide on a solar PV system to get installed on my house. I've a budget of £9K and whatever I don't spend on the solution will just get paid off the mortgage. I'm limited to 16 panels/4kW. Roof faces SE and there isn't...
  18. loplug

    Solar farm earthing

    Been doing some work today on a solar farm , from the subs there are 95mm 4 core Alu cables running out to the arrays where there is a box that splits the feed between the 2 inverters. Now the cable that comes from the sub is connected to the neutral bar at the mccb panel and marked with blue...
  19. W


    I'm keen to install some solar PV panels but am amazed at how different the quotes and specifications that we've had have been... After getting 4 quotes back in Feb - when we weren't in a position to proceed and I'm now considering quote no 5... The latest quote - which (I think?) seems quite...
  20. M

    sma sb1700 over voltage ac? Help pleaseeeee

    Evening all, I got called out to a job the other day were the customer has 2 x SB 1700's in the loft. The complaint was that the inverters cut out every so often, he knows this because he constantly monitors his sunny beam device. The error registered as unknown and to contact the installers...
  21. O

    Volt drop question

    Hi all Just had an enquiry for 50 kw ground mounted PV system, the proposed system is to be connected to a three phase supply In an industrial unit, the ground mounted array will be approx. 200mtrs away from the unit. The inverters and generation meters are to be mounted next to the...
  22. L

    Three phase solar

    Starting a solar three phase project, how do you connect the generation meter from 8 three phase inverters, or will each inverter have it's own g meter? Appreciate a response
  23. C

    Solar PV install on farm

    A farm I have done some work for are having an array installed by a third party but I have been asked by the farmer to do some additional work not included in the PV install. At present there is a PME supply into a workshop from which a 25mm 2 core SWA has been buried underground and run to a...
  24. J

    Solar PV panes and power cuts

    Hi I can understand that, during a power cut, an inverter connected to a PV array needs to shut down to prevent maintenance workers on the grid but I don't see why the inverter cannot still continue to provide domestic power. Surely all that is needed is an isolating relay which can distinguish...
  25. G

    Is it worth paying an extra £1200.00 for 1 more panel?

    Hi, I have two quotes one for 11 panels (in a 8 / 3 configuration - a samil inverter on the 8 panels and a soladin inverter for the 3 panels) and then a quote for 12 panels ( 8 / 4 configuration with a samil inverter again on the 8 and 4 micro inverters on the 4) difference in the 2 quotes is...
  26. The Solar King

    Solar Edge, Micro Inverters, Leap of Faith?

    We have been looking at a job with considerable shading on what would be the main location of panels. It is a big late Victorian Semi where we can probably get ten panels on one side and a further 6 on the flat roof above. Nearly all the shading comes from a chimney stack located on the outside...
  27. M

    European installation standards for US based installer

    I'm looking for some input on minimum installation standards for an installation that is a hybrid of US and EU equipment for an installation I am working on. The project is located in a Caribbean island that uses 230/400V 60Hz. My solar training is all US focused although I am originally a UK...
  28. P

    solar course

    Hi, looking for some info on solar courses, mate is intrested in getting into this, has no real electrical experience (auto spark). Asked if i knew what was best but i dont have a clue, any ideas what courses or qualification are reqd. Thanks in advance
  29. C

    Industrial Mains surge blowing eurotherm controllers

    On Saturday evening there war a huge mains surge that left all our eurtherm controllers fried. All fuses were in tact. How can this happen? Great forum.
  30. M

    need someone to explain what is "Hybrid Solar Inverters"

    what is "Hybrid Solar Inverters"? Does it mean off-grid solar inverter, which is connected to the local grid? I think there must be some difference from traditional off-grid inverters. Anyone who knows pls help me.
  31. T

    AC Cables for 5MWp Solar Farm

    Hello Everyone, I just joined the forum and I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. I will soon be involved in a very big project around 5MW and I would like to know more on the AC cable types and sizes. I haven't seen the system layout so I don't know the exact distances, so I am...
  32. G

    RCD's not tripping with TL transformers

    HI all, getting some info though that there is problems with Transformer less Inverters and RCD's not tripping. thought id check one of mine and low and behold it didnt trip. It is the first time ive tested it with the PV on though so i would never normally pick it up. Looks like the the...
  33. F

    Goodwe GW3600 Solar PV Inverter

    Would I want one as part of a solar installation? :dunce2:
  34. B

    Over Voltage Problem

    We recently installed a 10kW system on a rural farm building. The pre-existing incoming voltage was 257V ..... a single phase supply fed from a dedicated pole mounted transformer next to the building. Being subject to G59 regs, the overvoltage cut-out has to be set at 253V. I spoke to the DNO...
  35. W

    SMA Network Mode

    If you have 2 SMA inverters on netID 2 and they show as Master and Slave and you wanted them set up as Independent Inverters on their own net ID how would you go about doing this. Looking through SMA documents they suggest that if you power up 2 inverters on the same netid they automatically...
  36. S

    solar system to container

    Can anyone help, looking to put a 3kw system onto a container to enable me to charge electric golf karts 36/48v other than the modules would I need an inverter?
  37. P

    Solar PV on a petrol station roof?

    Been asked to quote/design a system at a service station. One of our guys is going over for a site visit now and was just wondering if there's any restrictions regarding EX locations? Cheers
  38. SolarCity

    Linuo panels - performing better than Sanyo?

    Okay, probably like the rest of you we have been monitoring a lot of our systems lately as we have a bit of time on our hands. We have been comparing results with our predicted yields on both software and SAP and trying to see which panels are performing the best. Sanyo are performing well but...
  39. P

    Solar Wdge monitoring

    Would it be worth asking for these on a roof with zero shading? Kind of like the idea of being able to monitor each panel and the fact it's ethernet. This bluetooth for SMA really doesn't impress me.
  40. T

    DNO turning off systemsDno turning off systems

    We fitted a 10kw system a few months ago, G59 approval was granted prior to installation and all was carried out correctly. unfortunatly there is high voltage in the area so the inverters were tripping at peak generation. We have recalibrated the inverters but still have a problem. so we have...
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