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  1. M

    Commercial How do you manage your supplier prices and invoices

    Hi, I am curious to know how electrical contractors manage the prices they get from your suppliers. Everyone knows that if you stick with one wholesaler, you are likely to get your pants pulled down by pricing over one thing or another, you need to keep them on their toes, and to do that you...
  2. robd

    QuickBooks question on invoices received

    Hi all Anyone who uses QuickBooks, I'm looking to start using it but just getting my head round it. I can see when you get a receipt you can take a pic and it will be filed my question is what happens if you receive an invoice by email can you file say a PDF into QuickBooks? I really want to do...
  3. nicnic66

    Do you post or email invoices?

    Just wondered what people prefer for invoicing? Post to customer or email?
  4. B


    Hey Help please? I'm wondering how other Sparks are doing their bookkeeping. A mate is telling me to look at online bookkeeping software as it will save me a % of my accountancy and bookkeeping costs. Who uses software, or excel, or pays for a bookkeeper to do it? Appreciate the help. Thank...
  5. W

    Invoice help!!

    Hey guys... I have just started my own company and I was wondering if anyone could help me on a invoice design. The type of invoice I was thinking of was a letter type... What's best?
  6. S

    Domestic Smart invoicing software for a small business

    Hi All, new member here. just wondering if any of the members have any experience of some business software that can make my life easier. ie invoicing from a smart phone and producing some simple reports each month. I have a android phone and windows laptop. many thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Advice on paperwork

    Hi all. sorry to be a pain i bet this has been asked loads of times, iv just started up (so far so good) but i would like some advice on the paperwork side of things, *Like what T&C's should i put on the invoices, etc... Also what do you guys put on your quotes/estimates? and how do you set...
  8. uksparks

    SliQ Invoicing --> Quickbooks

    Hi, I am currently using SliQ and find it really good for generating invoices etc, nice and easy to use, simple and i have customised it very well. My only problem is i have a folder full of paper purchase invoices and am currently not recording them in a system. I have just been trying the...
  9. S

    Small domestic business drowning in admin

    Hi all I do mostly domestic work, tiny jobs to rewires. I'm inundated with work and desperately need to reduce the time I spend on admin so I can spend more time keeping up with demand. I was wondering how other people deal with quotes, invoices, certificates, notifications, etc. I currently...
  10. gazzamikes

    Get rid of the customer?

    Evening everyone, I do work for a local bakery factory and their shops, not much but works work right? I invoice them end of the month (if I've done work for them) and my terms state 30days repayment, I usually end up 8 weeks + . I've had enough now I call and email them but still no response...
  11. G

    Book keeping

    Just started my own buisness last month. Just wondering the best way to keep my books for tax purposes. Layout etc. Manythanks Gary
  12. carl9254


    Hello, just about to start out on my own, may be a silly question but im still not 100% on how the paperwork works, recipts, invoices, tax etc, can anyone explain?? Thank you.
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