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  1. Pete999

    Best Bribe you have been involved in!

    USSR 1986, Power outage to Office building main fuses blown nit sure of the reason any way gad to call the Sov Electric Board, reckon they knew what gad occurred, cus Boris the Spark turned up, sucking what was left of his teeth "big problem Mr Pete" turned out he needed new fuses obviously and...
  2. J

    Rewire and what's involved?

    So full rewire is what I need. 3 bed house 2 reception rooms kitchen. Easy access to everything, building regs informed assessed new consumer unit 4 double plugs in each room 2 double in each bedroom, lol lighting and shiny certificate at the end. Estimates please, well best range you can give...
  3. L

    Nest Pro Installer

    Morning everyone, just wondering if anyone has any experience with being a Nest Pro Installer and what is involved in getting set up and if it was worthwhile, many thanks.
  4. Lou

    Keith Vaz MP Scandal

    What does everyone think about the latest MP Keith Vaz from Leicester to be doing naughty things?? I feel sorry for his family an I certainly think he should resign! The whole government is as corrupt as free speech in North Korea!
  5. T

    New job option available, unsure wether to jump ship?

    Alright guys, I wondered if I could get anyone's thoughts on what it's like working on large sites such as railways, airports and civils etc? I don't really know anyone thats been involved in this line of work. I am currently a subbie mate/trainee for a medium size commercial firm who mainly...
  6. T

    Scam or No Scam ? That is the Question

    Right, Im full time employed by my local council. I also do a lot of work on the side for myself (mostly domestic). Am registered with HMRC as self employed. Have done for 2-3 years now. Never joined a scam, just carried my work out to BS7671, provided a certificate, and never had a problem...
  7. Rockingit

    For trainees looking for 'hands on experience' in the South West

    Right, I've lost count of the number of posts we get on here of trainees (of one form or another) looking for practical experience....... I've got several properties down here in Somerset that were seriously affected by the floods and are now in need of work/rewires. These are homes belonging...
  8. B

    Qualified for own work???

    I am currently self employed (my own business - i fix computers, install home networks etc) and have my own customer base, but i am retraining as an electrician. I have just completed C&G 2330 level2 and will be doing Level 3 from September. A few of my customers have mentioned electrical...
  9. B

    wireless switching nightmare

    we are doing a rewire at the moment using wireless switching , about 50 input devices , all ok until Friday last week , then for no reason the daughters wet room lighting dims up and down at about 8:30 am and the kitchen and drawing room lights flash at between 10:50 and 11am no other faults or...
  10. T

    AC Cables for 5MWp Solar Farm

    Hello Everyone, I just joined the forum and I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. I will soon be involved in a very big project around 5MW and I would like to know more on the AC cable types and sizes. I haven't seen the system layout so I don't know the exact distances, so I am...
  11. T

    How to gain Heavy Industrial and PLC experience

    Hi all, I have a couple of years post apprenticeship experience mostly in large commercial and medium industrial install but im now looking at how to get into some proper Industrial stuff including gaining PLC/controls experience. Have been trawling many different recruitment agencies and...
  12. P

    Solar PV in Alderney

    Hello, Is anyone involved in Solar PV projects in Alderney or any of the other Channel Islands? Seems like they have been focussing on off shore wind, wave and tidal power only. Even though the Feed-in Tariff doesn't apply to the Channel Islands, solar PV could make sense considering the...
  13. S

    SMA4000TL grid voltage too high

    I think I read that this unit can be adjusted in case of high grid volts or fit a G59 relay? Client is getting 257-259v and it is tripping. It is a rural location and rather not get DNO involved if it can be sorted on site. Did I read that right? Thanks
  14. Marvo

    Labelling Machines

    We often have engraved labels made up for control panels. The labeling is the engraved black lettering on white strip type. In the old days these label strips were riveted on the panels but nowadays it comes with 3M double sided adhesive tape which in all fairness usually holds fine. We're at...
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