1. T

    Advice on 461.2 needed

    Hi folks, Just need a bit of advice regarding whether or not neutrals require switching. - 3 phase board, 3 pole main switch, neutral is un-switched. 416.2 (ii) states that switching of the neutral is not required if the conductor is reliably connected to earth by a low resistance to meet the...
  2. J

    What size dc isolator needed

    Just a quick question. We have a yard with no electric up there so using a 12v car battery connected to an invertor to power 230v lights. I'm wanting to connect a dc isolator from the battery to inverter so we don't have to keep connecting the clips to the battery and can use turn the isolator...
  3. C

    Roof isolator ELV array

    Hi everyone, I have asked 3 different installers who answered YES, NO, and I will have to find out. On a small ELV solar array (74V/18A) is a rooftop isolator required in the regs? There will be 12 x 250W panels (VOC 37V ISC 9A) feeding 2 MPPT controllers, Victron 100/50 and 100/30 Panels will...
  4. M

    Isolator before the meter

    I wish to find out what’s people’s thoughts on isolators before the meter? Typically they are installed after the meter and before the CU, but does anyone know if there is any reason why it cannot be placed before the meter? Aside from what revenue protection like or not, is there any legal or...
  5. S

    Location of isolator switch - bathroom fan

    Just having a bathroom fan installed. It's an intelligent unit that runs continuously but thought it best to have an isolator switch. Have been told the isolator switch has to be outside the bathroom on the hall wall above the bathroom door. We would prefer to have it in the hall cupboard...
  6. Z

    UK Fused Switch vs Isolator

    My oven has a switch above it, I think this is called an isolator switch, but my dishwasher and washing machine have a fused switch. My question is why wouldn't you put a fused switch above the oven also? wouldn't this make accessing and replacing the fuse easier? Installation was done at the...
  7. James

    Cooker isolator

    Right, I try to stay away from anything domestic but was asked to do a favour for a friend. Freestanding electric cooker Hob, grill, oven All a single supply 32A max Previous spark has put in supply, nice isolator with built in socket and even brought a cable down to a connection unit behind...
  8. C

    Please identify this isolator

    Come to carry out some works on this property. This isolator is between the DNO Head and Meter. Full set up picture also included. Old TT System now convered to PME. Cheers
  9. J

    Multi way switch fuse isolator

    Anyone know of a MSDB type panel to install after don and supplier equipment similar to a MSDB that will take 18 individual cut out/ meter feeds for distribution of the new sub mains to a block of flats. 9 off peak and 9 peak to 9 flats. To be switched and fused @ 60 a. So tight for space don’t...
  10. C

    Domestic Electric shower pull switch isolator

    Hi, my neighbour has had to change his electric shower (6kw) pull switch (32A) 3 times in 4yrs. Apart from it possibly being poor quality switches he,s replacing, I was wondering if there is any reason not to leave the pull switch isolator in the "on" position. Thanks
  11. D

    Extractor fan to timer type

    Hi I’m thinking of changing an extractor fan (in a WC) to one with a run on/timer. The current set up doesn’t have an isolator, and wiring runs from the light bulb to the fan, which is sited in the ceiling about 18” away. The fan is vented through a flat roof above. Now, I realise that i’ll...
  12. Gary Tollison

    DNO-CU isolator switch install

    greetings :) I’m looking at getting an isolator switch put in just before the consumer unit. DNO has quoted £138 incl VAT for the job. Now, I have lvl 3 domestic electrical installer diploma in the bag, and am not far from going for AM2. Is there anything I can do on the consumer side to help...
  13. S

    RCD tripping when switching oven isolator off

    Hi all. I was called to a house recently where the occupier reported that when they turned the oven isolator off the RCD would trip. So I tried it and that's exactly what happened. There was nothing switched on on the oven at the time. When the oven is on it works fine. It is an integrated oven...
  14. B

    100amp Isolator switch required

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping you can advise. I am in need of a 100amp fused isolator switch with a tiny footprint. Any recommendations please? Thanks
  15. E

    3 phase isolator for a shop/flats above

    Hi All, Have been reading forums for years now,time came to ask for advice. Have a job to fit main 3 phase isolator for a shop with flats above.About to 2 nd fix the flats now,when the supply is sorted.There was a single phase to the flats,done some years ago,without any isolators.Now the...
  16. S

    Continual problems with Shower isolator.

    I get regular work from a student landlord. In one of his properties the shower isolator switch has burnt out on the feed side several times. I've replaced the switch twice (last time with an MK) and the shower's also been replaced. Insulation resistance on the circuit is >500 and the MCB...
  17. R

    Kitchen 3 gang isolator grid

    Hi guys. I've had my kitchen 're fitted and in doing so 're wired. The hob and cooker both off of 32 ampseperate breakers in 6mm cable. The rest is on a socket loop 2.5 mm cable in to a 32 amp breaker. But linked into the loop is a 3 gang isolator grid for cooker hood fridge and washing...
  18. R

    1.5mm coming from a 20a isolator

    What is people’s opinion on 2.5mm swa entering a rotary isolator and a 1.5mm swa leaving on a 20a mcb? Having a bit of a discussion with a colleague.
  19. R

    Security Roller Shutter Door Isolator

    Hi All I'm trying to find an isolator that will take a class 4 security padlock for a factories roller shutter door, this is to comply with their latest insurance assessment. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? The usual 16/32A rotary isolators do not have a big enough hole for...
  20. B

    16A rotary isolator help

    Currently have feed to 16A rotary isolator, I’m gonna come of this with 2.5mm to a socket then to a fused connection unit to feed 2 lights if lid this ok
  21. L

    Domestic Consumer Unit - Isolator and earthing

    In the future I would like the upgrade the consumer unit within my flat as to be able to add additional circuits (as the current one is plastic and is tiny). However there is no means of isolation from the incoming supply, there is also no earth from the incoming supply either which is another...
  22. D

    Certificate for replacing a main 200amp isolator

    Hi Guys just replaced a 200 amp main isolator in a factory along with a replacement 3 phase board should you do an installation cert or a minor works as it's like for like
  23. cprfenom

    How are fuses installed in this isolator

    Hi All, Probably an obvious and stupid question, but how do the HRC BS88 Fuses get mounted in this Isolator
  24. Electron

    Broken 13A Switch Fused Isolator?

    Whilst checking for a tripping RCD I found that a 13A Switch Fused Isolator, for a double socket behind a washing machine and a dryer, was giving various voltage readings when in off position, 240v when on and stayed at 240v when switched off. This video shows the problem...
  25. KEV 1 N

    Lovely old Isolator found in Cellar

    Found this in the cellar of an old house in Durham... The neutral is fused so I’m guessing it’s “really old” Any body know roughly the era it would be?
  26. F

    Domestic Bathroom extract isolator

    Hey peeps, I have a movement sensor in my en suite which turns on the extract fan. Trouble is, it's been installed so that it only triggers the fan when the light switch is on. I want to rewire it so that the fan comes on irrespective of whether the light is on or off (but obviously still...
  27. Ian1981

    Mccb used as main switch isolator

    A question regarding the use of a mccb as a 3 phase main isolation switch to a DB. Is it a necessity? Current set up is I have a 3 phase 70mm supply feeding a DB. The origin of this supply is unknown, hence I’m getting northern power out to investigate as the main cut out earthing arrangement...
  28. B

    Remote Isolator On Locked Disboard/CU

    Afternoon All, Maybe an odd question. For the last 8 years I've been in this industry I have always fitted single and 3 phase disboard/CU's with locks and no remote isolator other than on a locked main panel. I'm on a new job where we are using a mix of Siemens 3 phase boards and Crabtree...
  29. M

    New fan isolator switch - different markings

    Just joined for help - hello all :) I am NOT an electrician, but I am able to switch off the supply to change light switches and plug whatever was in L1, L2 or Common into the new switch. I bought a new chrome fan isolator switch today to replace a nasty plastic one however, and the markings...
  30. J

    X3 isolator switches blown for zip inline water heater

    Hi, Got sent to a job today at student halls of residence. They have had 3 45 amp isolator switches blow in the last month for the zip inline water heater. As shown in pictures, the water heater is being fed by a B40MCB and then in to a 45 amp isolation point above the door, then to the heater...
  31. P

    Mains isolator query

    A fellow electrician wants to install a 100A isolator switch between the meter and cu. Is it correct that this also has to be metal as per 3rd ammendment. The wylex rec2 is plastic so does it need to be changed. Of you could share your expertise please.
  32. T

    DP Isolator - How much???!!!

    Just been quoted £167 + VAT for installation of a DP Isolator (by Western Power Distribution) on a domestic property I've been asked to work on! I generally like to do things "by the book", i.e. I'm not a fuse puller....but at this price I might just change my mind. I assume the lady I spoke...
  33. J


    Hi guys Had a touch on a recent install wholesalers cocked up and I’m now in possession of a brand new silk boxed SCHENIDER 315a switch fuse and an extension box to suit also shneider free delivery or collection southampton looking for £1300 the trade price is just shy of 2k so a steal
  34. bigspark17

    Range cooker isolator.

    hi. I have a range electric oven rated at 11.1kw so am running 16mm t&e due to distance & would like opinions on what isolators i could fit. The flex on the range is 10mm 3c so need a large enough isolator to take these comductors. Also positioning of the isolator?
  35. I

    Electrician Oven switch isolator is missing, C2 on EICR

    Hi All, I'm doing remedial work for one property following unsatisfactory EICR to rectify C2 issues. I'm slightly amused by some quotes left on the report by another electrician. Here it is "No accesible isolator switch for oven" C2 I had a look and found that the oven is 13a rated...
  36. S

    1ph DB Piggy backed off 3ph DB Before Isolator. - EICR

    Hi Guys, This is the second time I've come across this on an EICR, but with slightly different circumstances. It has made me ponder if my previous code, and if my current idea for coding is correct or not. Basically someone has bodged an extra single phase supply off the incomer side of a 3...
  37. F

    32A commando socket without isolator

    Any issues with installing one of these without an isolator? The D.B is about 3 meters away and the commando socket will be mounted under a kitchen worktop for a coffee machine and there isn't enough room for an isolator.
  38. S

    16mm SWA tails maybe 9 mtrs from isolator on a 100a supply, and other concerns - EICR opinions

    This has come up many times before and after a couple of hours reading previous posts I'm no closer to deciding on a code, note or nothing at all. BS7671 allows 16mm tails on 100A fuse if demand is less than the cables CCC, I have 16mm at 94amps and the max demand is 60a. From a previous post...
  39. J

    Is a Fan isolator required

    Hi guys you've likely had this asked a lot on here. I have been asked to fit a extract fan wi timer in a bathroom for a friend, i have told him he should get a fan isolator but is adamant he does not want one for some reason (for all it would cost). Is it still ok and safe for it to come on with...
  40. R

    Bno Supply - Isolator

    Hi, I am quoting the switchgear for a BNO install. I have only worked on MEM (Glasgow) isolators but was looking at the contactum TPN 200amp isolator as another option. I need some advice, if I should stick with the MEM. I will be terminating 95mm in the isolator after the UKPN cutout.
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