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    Slow January anyone?

    Anyone else having abit of a slow January compacted by van issues? Can't wait for January to be done and hopefully pick up abit.
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    Electrician Commercial Electrician Required to install Christmas lights in shopping centre

    I am looking for an electrician to cover the following work: Installation/Dismantle of Christmas displays in shopping centres throughout the UK. Details: Work: Night work with team of 10 plus men. Dates: Installation (every night) - 30th October to 21st November 2016 - Dismantle (every...
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    Did FITS just get extended on Ofgem website?

    Have Ofgem just extended FITS? - Ofgem website says published 30th October, but file dates says last night? Confused!
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    Domestic cu change

    Hi Guys I'm sure this has been brought up before but I'm unable to find the answer I need. I was to believe ammendmant 3 regarding metal consumer units kicks in on the 1st of July, I have a board change lined up in July and someone told me today that they have extended this date until December...
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    Thermodynamic Panels..

    Another cracking unbiased and easy to read article by Cathy..... Thermodynamic panels: your questions answered | YouGen Blog | YouGen, Renewable Energy Made Easy For those that haven't it's well worth signing up to her "Ban Deals On The Day" campaign...
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    When do the PIR become obsolete?

    Could somebody please tell me when the PIR becomes obsolete and when we should be doing the new EICR test?
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    New requirement for part p schemes

    Anyone heard about this new requirement that you need a level 3 qual to join a part p scheme from July 2011? Surely this would wipe out alot of current members and new applicants?.......meaning more and more houses are not going to be signed off under part p, as I doubt many sparks are going...
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