1. S

    Custom T5 Wiring job assist

    I have a T5 based minibus I need help with. I removed a timed isolator that was installed by the coach builder as I want to work on some security features, (like being able to lock the doors) but am now stuck. It has these ridicules emergency handles on the outside I want to remove and make...
  2. DannyJS

    Job interview for prison spark. Advice please?

    Morning, I have an interview for a local prison, position is maintenance spark (mate/supporting the electrician). Anyone on here worked on electrics in a prison before? I am after any last minute advice on what types of electrics are involved? Any nuggets of knowledge that would help me...
  3. D

    Wiring a nest into combi boiler, job for a diy'er?

    Appreciate this might be a bit impossible to answer since you don't know how (in)competent I am, but for someone who can wire switches, light fittings, fcu, various common 'simple' bits, is wiring a nest thermostat into my combi boiler something I can do or is it a big no-no? As with any of my...
  4. R

    Domestic Job referral websites - Checkatrade etc

    Hi all. I’m interested in views on the various job referral schemes and how they’ve worked for people. I’m wanting to attract more work. As far as I can tell there are 2 types of schemes : membership schemes such as Trustatrader and Checkatrade and then commission schemes such Local Heroes and...
  5. H

    How to find electrician job

    Hello, I'm writing this post for an advice. Thank you. So my name is Yani Hristov. I am from abroad- Bulgaria. Moved here 5 months ago, because of the opportunities that this country gives to young people. Currently I work as factory operative, but my goal is to work as an electrician. I have...
  6. F

    UK Led downlighting goes off when job switched on ?

    Hi all, I’ve changed a board and then some time later went back to replace a dimmer that had failed. I’ve got 17 fixed led down lights on a switch which I swapped out feed from a 6a on a split rcd with the induction job on the same rcd on its own 32a. With the down lights on, switching on the...
  7. M


    Full time £33k per annum Mon - Fri 8-5pm Offered: van power tools iphone with all parking apps (work in London) credit card work kit Jobe requires dealing with call outs, fault finding (essential!), minor repairs, occasionally helping others on site (high end residential projects in...
  8. Stevetheaviato

    UK asked to do work alone that you dont feel competent enough for ? worried about losing my job

    So recently i have been given a lot of changes to the work im used to, quick example = im ok with single phase boards but i am not competent or confident enough in three phase. My boss is a very angry guy..... should i just go for it or should i refuse until i have training ? cheers
  9. Maciej Rysz

    Where to seek first job as fresh electrician

    Dear electricians I am studying to become full scope electrician and more. At this stage I have completed a domestic scope plus wiring regs BS7671 18th edition. That means I have all the certificates needed. My question is where to look for that first job. I do not have any experience so I am a...
  10. D

    whats the most Funny/clever or dangerous meter you have experienced on the job?

    so I was just having a flick through here and saw some pretty dangerous bypasses here and there but I was wondering what is the most clever or dangerous bypass or unmetered connection you have came across im sure you must have some creative/funny or darwin award/how has your house not caught...
  11. K

    Electricians Mate Looking for ad hoc electricians mate job in London

    Hi! I am looking for ad hoc electrical mates’ job in London and Hertfordshire. Currently working on 3 weeks on 3 weeks off rotation so I can do up to 3weeks slots during my time off. I am currently doing my NVQ 2357. I mainly have heavy industrial experience (offshore oil and gas UK) but also...
  12. A

    I’m in need of an electrical job as a electricians mate while I study level 3. Is there any one who can help me out within London?

    I’m currently studying level 3 electrical. While working on a demolition site which is getting me site experience but now on the electrical side. So I am hoping some one can help me gain experience on the electrical side. I’ll attach my CV so if any one can loom though and see if they can...
  13. Staceyturley

    Electrician Have a job to offer the right person whos up for a challenge

    I am looking for someone close to the forest of Dean who is willing to help finish wiring up a double decker bus. Upstairs is done it's just downstairs wiring and sockets fitted I have all the wiring just need someone who knows what they are doing to do it please feel free to message me x
  14. R

    Change of job?

    Hi guys, so for the past 2 years I've been working for a firm which I thought were predominantly industrial ended up being the occasional industrial job, it's mainly been commercial maintenance tbh, and a lot of lay down time sat around. But I've gained my CompEx and had a couple of decent jobs...
  15. S

    UK Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt do

    Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt done anything with, apart from the fact there is no protection and its T&E all straight forward. My ownly question is do i gland straight into a...
  16. T

    Advice for a possible job change?

    Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me in regards to where to begin my search for a new job. I’m currently a commercial/industrial electrician and have been with my current place for just over a year. I moved there from a domestic...
  17. K

    Will Gold card elecrician course help me to get a job with visa?

    Hello i am korean in poland. i came here to work for my girl friend. But she will go university in UK next august. So i also need to move UK for her. As you know, normally foreigners have trouble getting a job in UK. My age is more than 30. So i can not apply working holyday visa. Now...
  18. GBDamo

    The job that just keeps giving.

    Expecting a are tomorrow. Fault report, "Whole board blown" Found the circuit that had a dead short and was not only taking out the B6 MCB but also the B63 at the feed DB. This was an outside circuit feeding two lanterns either side of the door... And some new (Yesterday) sockets, just...
  19. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  20. J

    UK Hi I'm looking for some software to run my team, 10-15 employees

    Hi Guys, I have built my business up to a medium size and I'm now starting to have organisation issues regarding to many people on my digital Calendar, normally we use shared calendars and attach job sheet pdfs with is now simply to crowded. Does anyone use a software for managing there guys...
  21. T

    Master Electrician - Ontario, Canada (Multiple Locations)

    Osborne is currently working with Canada’s leading HVAC provider in hiring talented, skilful Electricians for their first-class service teams. This company prides itself on the strength of its longstanding customer relationships and the quality of its staff members, systems and equipment...
  22. N

    Electricians in NY, no experience required

    We are hiring electricians of all levels from beginner to experienced Candidates are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. Located in: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island City, Far rockaway, etc ... Please PM for phone number. Ask for Abigail
  23. D

    Right nightmare of a job

  24. Pete999

    Eddie Jones should stay ENGLAND HEAD COACH What do you reckon? me yes every time done a wonderful job

    Keep Eddie in charge if he still wants it,
  25. A

    Looking for Electrical Improver Job

    Hello I have recently obtained my C&G Level 3 and ECS card and i’m currently looking to find some work. Called a few agencies but nothing as of yet, also applied on totaljobs etc but nothing. I’ve worked in domestics and a little in commercial but want to step foot in the field properly so I...
  26. HarryJ

    Electrician Hello. I've been working as a maintenance engineer for 5 years now. At college I've completed all my level 2 and 3, my portfolio. I need a job fully

    Hello. I've been working as a maintenance engineer for 5 years now. At college I've completed all my level 2 and 3, my portfolio. I need a job fully focused on installation and thr rgd to get mr through my am2. I simply haven't done enough installation over tye years because I haven't had to
  27. Dan Job Of The Month Competition has started again Checkout the September jobs on Had 10 entries for the first month it has been back in around 10 months. That's not bad to be fair. :) So, for those who don't know, this is where a tiler will whack pictures of his job in a thread, and...
  28. telectrix

    Job in Derby - URGENT - Water Ingress in DB, McDonald's restaurant

    water ingress in DB, McDonals restaurant. client needs a sparks urgent, as business is affected. .anyone up for it? this came in last evening. i told him to google electrician derby. . if he's not got anyone yet, I'll pass on details.
  29. Dan

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!)

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!) Just wondering, as it's 2019, whether there are still guys doing jobs for cash. As a web business, all my business is paid by BACS in full up front before anything goes ahead. Or Google, who...
  30. RutlandFox

    Best place to advertise for help on a job

    Hi all. I have a couple of jobs coming up that I will need a helper to help out with - general electrical stuff like pulling cables, cutting channels, drilling holes, stuff like that. Where is a good place to advertise? And what is the going rate for a jobbing sparky (eg NVQ level 2) or similar...
  31. Johnsty32

    UK Looking for work - Electricians Jobs in Newcastle - Electrical work in Newcastle

    Hello everyone 👌🏻 I’m from Newcastle and looking for work at the minute any help would be really appreciated thanks 👍🏻
  32. H

    Potential job

    Got a lead on a job; they’re wanting metal trays (containment) with steel conduit to create the ‘industrial look’. I’m cool with their needs; explained about fire alarms/emergency lighting and they talked about doing it ‘piece meal’. With the area being used for a venue, it all needs sorting...
  33. buzzlightyear

    nicely fried - 9.5kw shower, not certificates for the job

    just got back from a customers ,hoping it a nice job and it was ,customers saying I cant push the isolator to the off position . off comes the isolator wow that isolators fried ,so 6mm cable in and terminals tight has a ducks a88,now for the shower 9.5 kw . now what about the rcd for it ,nice...
  34. littlespark

    Domestic One of those easy jobs that’s turned sour

    Add a few sockets to existing cottage. partition walls, back to back with other sockets. First one went without problem. Onto number 2. Plug in socket and see to identify mcb..... buzzes constantly.... off, off, off..... hmmm. Not on any of these socket circuits? Turned off...
  35. bonjovi

    what was your most dangerous job peeps

    I had 2 first was a well known pottery place in Derbyshire I had done the work and now my job was to power it up ,the company I was working for said now the tails are at the busbar your job is to connect this up , but the problem was you cannot switch it off as it takes 24hr to power up again...
  36. bonjovi

    whats the roughest job you would like to own upto

    mine was when I was training we were working at a industrial unit up on the second perlin we installed a 25mm conduit then had the pleasure of wiring it with many cables , we tried and tried and tried we could not pull these dam cables inside this tube , so we had an idea get the cortina and...
  37. C

    Stuck where to go now?!

    I am 18 years old , completed my level 2 & 3 electrical installation city and guilds. I do not know what to do now as I can’t get an apprenticeship because I’ve done all of the theory side but have no experience. So I am just wondering how I can get experience so I can start building my...
  38. H

    Help with getting a new job (Trainee)

    Hello all. I am currently seeking work with a different company as my current employer is using me as cheap labour and I am learning nothing. I find myself not even doing electrical work most days which as you can imagine is very annoying. Why is it so hard to find a new job?! I have just...
  39. D

    Job quotes you know won’t happen

    Hi all Just wanted your opinion on this... I have an old guy keep asking me to quote power and lights for his detached garage. I quoted this job about 2 years ago and last year. He is now asking me to go back a quote again for the very same job. This particular job is about 25 minutes from my...
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