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  1. FatAlan

    Minor Works Certificates - Multiple Jobs?

    If you’re on a job which involves things like just replacing light fittings and odds and sods on different circuits for the same client, is there a MWC that can cater for more than one set of circuit tests rather than doing separate certs for each circuit?
  2. W

    Electrician Looking for Electrician / Air-conditioning mechanic jobs in Germany

    Hello all, I'm from Hong Kong. I'm a qualified electrician and air-conditioning mechanic, looking for a job in Ireland / Germany. But seems "Make it in Germany" and "Connect Trade Union" does not have a lot of information about the qualified electrician part, or how to become, something like...
  3. Dan

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!)

    Do you do jobs for cash, and then not declare it with the taxman? (voters in the poll are private!!!) Just wondering, as it's 2019, whether there are still guys doing jobs for cash. As a web business, all my business is paid by BACS in full up front before anything goes ahead. Or Google, who...
  4. littlespark

    Domestic One of those easy jobs that’s turned sour

    Add a few sockets to existing install....holiday cottage. partition walls, back to back with other sockets. First one went without problem. Onto number 2. Plug in socket and see to identify mcb..... buzzes constantly.... off, off, off..... hmmm. Not on any of these socket circuits? Turned off...
  5. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  6. Z


    H, so you be qualified when pass Level3 Diploma , testing and inspection, 18th editions, lots of courses , they give you options start apprenticeship... I’m very confused now ? This courses cost about 5000-6000 , money for tools. What the best way start just only Level 2 but kwep
  7. K

    On small jobs charging for cable

    Hi all I was just wondering how every charges for cable on a small job? Let me give you and example, you are asked to replace 4 down lights, but one 1 of them you fined that the cable is to short so you replace that cable back to the next downlight, Normally i would just charge for sundries £20...
  8. Z

    Domestic Jobs not experience???

    Hi everyone, I just asking because , I finish my college Level 2, 2365 Diploma, but not many experience. Any advice how to start jobs for electrical mate , and how to make CV, please .
  9. M

    Domestic Is this a reasonable quote for a couple of jobs?

    Hi, I need to get some work done so that I can get an electrical safety certificate for property. I called in an Electrician and he suggested that I need to do the following; 1. Replace old fuse box with Consumer unit (£350) 2. Upgrade Gas and Water main earthing and bonding (£90) 3...
  10. H

    Mechanical and Electrical jobs around Aldershot area

    As the title, does any one know of any companies in and around the area potentially taking blokes on or a bloke in this case? Reason for asking is, one of my oppo’s has been dealt a shi’ite hand and is in need. Any help or avenues of approach greatly appreciated.
  11. J

    Retention on jobs for new client

    Evening all I have been asked if I would be happy to accept a 5% retention clause for 6months on a quote I have sent for some work I have quoted for. The company (builders) have 13 years records on company house the 5% would be around 400quid+vat so not a massive amount I have said I would...
  12. H

    Electrician Looking for Onsite Event Electricians

    Looking for reliable Electricians/Generator technicians for a busy summer of Events. Events are all round the UK but we are based in the South East.
  13. John Matrix

    Only classed as a good spark if I can run jobs???

    Im looking for some general opinions on this. Im very good as an Electrician on the tools and have Lots if experience. I’m very conscientious and like to do thing properly. I have Ran some decent sized jobs in the past and got them over the line successfully. But as I have recently said to a...
  14. M

    @ 33 & 10+ years of various jobs with no end reward. Time to be a Sparky! Help please

    So I just got let go from my job last week as operations manager was in the role for 6 months, previously I was a transport supervisor at different company for 1 year pay averaging at 25k lot of responsibilities zero recognition. Now at 33 it’s kinda of daunting being out of work. Yes I’m...
  15. I

    Prices for long standing cust and little jobs

    Hi, I have been trading for over 10 years but am having trouble with the people who gave me the chance long ago. I always did the small jobs and charged very little but prices have gone up and my time is more valuable now and am still asked for the same jobs and rate expected. Think I am too...
  16. buzzlightyear

    why do i bother doing jobs for people

    my neighbour ring me up and asks me to go and sort her electrics has she said that the fuse has gone .telling me the over the sink the cabinet lights stopped working so I tuned up after making appointment with her now the house she has been in, approx. 20year a new house when she moved in . now...
  17. L

    Highest paying specialty?

    Good morning everyone, I'm new to the forum so firstly hello :) I am currently training to become an electrician however I'm undecided as to what kind I should be. I currently have my level 2 City and guilds + ecs card and am working towards my level 3. I have a few weeks experience in...
  18. S

    Electrician Are these qualifications enough to get a job?

    Good evening, New to this forum was looking for some advice of some electricians, I am currently in training to be a electrician, I have mymy level 3 award In requirements for electrical installations bs7671:2018 603/3298/0 also level 3 award In the building regulations for electrical...
  19. A

    Electrician Job Vacancy

    Hi All, Just a quick introduction, I'm George, I contract manage part of an electrical division with my line manager at a North West Property and Asset maintenance company. We're looking to employ electricians full time. Message me for further information. Thanks
  20. IES

    IES CABLE are looking for cable terminators

    IES CABLE are HIRING if you have experience terminating SWA cables and would like to be considered for a role please email your CV to [email protected] We're a JIB registered company based in Teesside with work across the UK
  21. C

    electrician mate jobs

    Alright. I,m 19 and trying to go down the route of becoming an electrician mate, my aim goal is to become a fully qualified electrician. I have completed a Level 2 diploma in electrical installation and really enjoyed it. I am doing my health and safety test for the ECS card, alot of the jobs i...
  22. Pete999

    Just been lookng through some jobs What do you reckon

    Electricial/Handyman £16,500 per year Tram Driver £21.00 plus per year Reckon our trade has been reduced to that of a DIYer? Kin scandalous
  23. Moaz

    Pricing up jobs? Best way?

    Guys, how do most of you price up work? If you're self employed? Do you go per point? Or see how long it will take you? What do you average per day? What do you tend to charge for your points? Roughly?
  24. Mark.W

    How do you guys cost your jobs?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering how you guys are costing and marking up your jobs. What I am currently doing is a 20% markup on materials and 20% on labour, and then with regards to Overheads I have a formula as follows: Eg: If I require £900/month to keep my business afloat and there is on...
  25. Morris19911

    Jobs abroad, hot countries

    Hello looking for job sites for electricians abroad preferably hot countries in Europe or middle east so not to far away from home. Just looking to browse and see what the money is like but more for the hot weather
  26. D

    New Trainee Introduction

    Hi, my name is Dom. I’m due to start an evening course for C&G Level 2 in Electrical Installations at my local college this September with the intention to progress to Level 3 & NVQ etc. I’m 24 years old and have been self employed working with a couple of electricians as and when they need me...
  27. C

    Doing larger testing jobs

    Hello guys Been using the free NICEIC online system for my certs however with larger testing jobs coming up i find the software to be a pain. Moving forward what are some of the best certification softwares... any recommendations as someone has suggested Tysoft Easycert?
  28. Gavin John Hyde

    issues with customer and cost of parking when on jobs!!!

    Walked out of a job today, customer lives in residents only permit zone in middle of town, I make it clear in the terms and conditions they sign that they will where required provide a permit for duration of works or they cost will be added to invoice. Bath has lots of zones where some are...
  29. N

    Pricing for jobs advice required

    Hi all . I am new to the Electrical world and wondering how do you price for jobs. I would appreciate any advice on where to start with this. Do you start with a minimum standing charge or just price for estimated time and materials. Distance? Thanks Neil
  30. C

    Electricians Mate electricians mate jobs in the midlands

    Hi guys Know its a long shot but wondered if anyone has any vacancies for electricians mates/labourer jobs around the midlands... I have my 2365 level 3 and 17th edition along with an ecs card.. Up to this point my work has been in warehouse automation maintenance so not had loads of install...
  31. Dave OCD

    Pictures of simple jobs done properly.

    I was thinking as per thread title why don't we post up some pictures of how we do the simple common things, would be interesting to get different views and also show the people new to the trade how things ought to be. I'll start off with a simple 3 plate ceiling rose pendant that my son did...
  32. littlespark

    Bodge-it jobs, aka I wish i'd taken a photo of this!

    Not a question, just an observation. Working on a kitchen refit in a bungalow, up into the attic to find the ring circuit for sockets. Came across a spur joint box, the J401 type with 3 terminations inside.... count the cables, 1, 2, 3..... 7! 7 x 2.5mm t&e in to one joint. Has to be a record...
  33. G

    My first big job, made up of lots of little jobs, please help with pricing!

    Hi all, The title says it all really, I have been asked to do a series of jobs in a 2 bed flat based in South West London. He's a really nice man and want to charge a fair price. Historically, I have only completed individual jobs at a time so am a bit stumped of how to charge for what he...
  34. G

    Looking for qualified electricians in London

    We are looking for qualified electricians in the London area (south London preferably). We do mainly tests and remedial work. Please contact us if you are interested.
  35. M

    Salaried full time jobs for trainees

    Hello all, Ive only been working in the trade for just under 1 year after deciding to change my career. I am currently working as a trainee on a building site doing 1st and 2nd fix on new builds. This has been a good experience for me while i am still studying my level 3, but i wanted to know...
  36. Baker1988

    Looking For Work in Hull Area

    Hi i am looking for work in the Hull area willing to travel within about a hour and half from my home if needed so Leeds, Sheffield places like that. I am fully qualified electrician with my own tools (not test equipment). I have about 5 years experience in commercial environment and about 3...
  37. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for mates work in Birmingham

    Hi everyone! I've done my 17th edition and part p, I have been doing some work with different sparks but nothing regular. Any sparks out there are willing to take me on¿ I live in Birmingham and have my own transport. Also, any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
  38. Lee Gold

    Electricians Mate Any mate jobs going - Birmingham West Midlands

    Hello does anyone have or know anyone with electrician mate jobs going I currently have basic knowledge of electrical or maybe abit more as I have done electrical maintenance for over a year now, I am desperate to move from my job and start working with an electrician domestic commercial please...
  39. A

    Electrician 2391 tester required

    Looking for someone with 2391 to test type certs online or software after rewire, do EICR before rewires on some properties ( 10% ) , able to communicate with main Contractor on e-mail And send required certs on time , answer questions?? Good rates And very flexible, just need someone to do...
  40. michaelw6

    Electrician Electrician require in swindon wiltshire

    Experienced 17th edition electrician wanted good rates of pay. must be as versatile as possible domestic commercial. A bonus if experience in tv satellite alarm cctv. looking for 40 hours per week with every 5th Saturday on shift. must be a uk resident and have certificates to show immediate...
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