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  1. S

    DIY 16mm2 IP65 Junction box problem

    DIY poster : Hello, I am trying to connect two 16mm2 wires together in an ip65 junction box, but the holes are not big enough for the both the wires to push into. I am looking for a junction box that can join two 16mm2 wires. I have tried googling , even ordered things I though would work, but...
  2. G

    13 way MF junction in ceiling

    Hi everyone, client has a light fitting where 12 individual pendants hang in a grid formation, there are no ceiling roses as such, just cover plates where the flex goes through the ceiling, I assume these offer strain relief. So I basically have to create a 13 way maintenance free junction to...
  3. N

    Correct grounding of metal junction box w/splices for 3 circuits

    I have 3 circuits (microwave, disposal, and dishwasher) entering a metal box where the THHN wire will be spliced to Romex. I spent half an hour reading 2020 NEC Article 250 but didn't see multiple circuits specifically addressed. To ground the box do I just need to pigtail off of one circuit's...
  4. J

    Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard: Bryant Sconce - https://www.circalighting.com/bryant-sconce-tob2022/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsZj7xduq6AIViJOzCh188Q4DEAkYASABEgL8mvD_BwE Installation Instructions The electrician...
  5. B

    Putting a Light Switch into a Junction Box

    So, I'm trying to replace a mess of a junction box and add my new outside light to it, using a 4 way junction box. It originally had two flourescent strips lights, a Light Switch and the outdoor light on it. I can add all the lights to it and they work fine, but when I then add the light switch...
  6. P

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Junction Box / Mount

    Hi All, Just looking at replacing my current floodlight I installed via a fused 3 Pin plug into a 2 gang socket coming straight off of the breaker box with a Ring Floodlight, where the wire is coming out the brick work is to low and I want to put it into a Junction box and feed it in from below...
  7. S

    Spur from a spur cable??

    Hi All, I'm adding a new double socket in my living room, which I had intended to tie into an existing cable (that goes to an existing double plug - see pic) using a 30a junction box and create a spur. I've added the socket, run all the 2.5mm t+e behind metal shielding in a channel at the...
  8. F

    Junction boxes size

    Good morning, i'm trying to find information about how to calculate junction boxes sizing by uk regulations. Can anyone help, please? Best regards
  9. C

    External junction boxes

    Quite like these,for various connections,hate the connectors inside though. Wondering would you use compression glands on entry for flexes or pierce through the sealing membrane../neoprene to seal/hold the cable.
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Using a rubber glove as a junction box!

    Came across an old lighting cable on top some cupboard wall units. cable was live, wrapped in tape then stuffed in an old rubber glove! Got to love the things you find house bashing. I sent it in to professional electrician magazine for the caught on camera as it made me chuckle too! Anybody...
  11. R

    DIY Junction Box

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace the old light fixure in my conservatory that the previous owner had installed. After removing old light fixture, I don't have enough of the old electrical cabling to extend to new light fixture. So I'm thinking of using a junction box to extend the...
  12. Henry_

    Outdoor socket used as junction box

    Hi, I am currently building a new outbuilding in my garden to be used as an office which will end up having a reasonable amount of power usage (Heating, multiple computers, lighting and a few other bits and bobs) and I am looking at reusing a power feed that previously ran to a shed which was...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Old Junction box - How old?

    At a house today to install a new electric shower, When in the loft by the hatch I come across a metal box with wires coming and going, open it up and find this. Has a mix of very old wiring which surprisingly tests out okay on IR testing all >60 Mohms on the old metal braided sheathed cables...
  14. U

    Junction boxes too deep for wall

    Hi all, I have two 35mm deep junction boxes above two doors in our hall and the boxes protrude out from the wall. It's not a big deal but it does bug me. After investigation the boxes are screwed to a stud in the wall but the wall's are lathe and plaster and this is determining how deep the box...
  15. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight cctv junction box

    I fitted one of the ring floodlight cameras to a 4" round junction box that I got from amazon around 8 months ago. Customer has phoned to say the bracket holding the junction box to the wall has snapped. Amazon don't offer this box anymore. Has anyone else found a 4" round waterproof junction...
  16. Fitzy

    Junction boxes, other than Wiska

    Hi guys As the title says, other than Wiska junction boxes, what are the alternative junction boxes you use that are of equal quality and price?
  17. D

    Domestic Choc Bloc - Suitable for extending cable to light fitting?

    Hi, I would like to move a light fitting and switch. The switch, about 20cm, the light fitting, about 60cm. I've been looking online and found a product call the choc bloc, would that be suitable for my needs? The cables are in the attic under the insulation material currently. Some previous...
  18. Spike1947

    Junction Boxes , boxing in !!

    Hi Have just been to see a old sand stone house ( about 100 years ) than my mate has bought , he has removed all the latted ceiling to revile the joists , and the wiring , now he wants box in the cabling about 1/4 of the way down the joists . Now the question is , there is a couple of junction...
  19. V

    Domestic Line junction boxes Where are they now ?

    Line junction boxes whatever happend to these ? I haven’t been here in a long time and used to love the simplicity of theses for certain areas and just wondered if they are still on the go ?
  20. 123

    Line Junction Boxes (aka Black Eggs, Hand Grenades)

    Did anyone ever find out what happened with the Line Junction Boxes? Was back at a job today where I did some work for the customer 2-3 years ago and spotted one of them. Great little product, loved them.
  21. W

    Junction Box For New Outside Lights

    I’ve installed several outside lights I need to make another cable join in a junction box and then fix it to the wall outside the problem I have is i’ve run out of the junction boxes I was using I do have a standard one the plan is to use the standard junction box I have in stock and insulate...
  22. A

    Lighting circuit junction box

    Hi guys I’m looking on carrying out a rewire in my property in the next coming weeks and I am currently sussing out the existing cable routes etc. I noticed both the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits are fed from the consumer unit to a junction box. from this junction box there’s is a...
  23. S

    Powerline adapters across junction boxes

    Hello I found this thread whilst searching the internet for solutions to my problem: Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/network-powerline-adapters-with-dual-split-consumer-unit.136153/ I read more of the forum and saw it...
  24. E

    .75mm flex used from junction box to downlights

    Hi Everyone. I'd really appreciate some advice. I have a little cafe which was all wired up by someone qualified. The issue is that someone put in a few 50w halogen bulbs and they didn't check the positioning of the wires after a ceiling skim. There had been no issues for over 4 years whilst...
  25. D

    Junction box- 3 core & earth conundrum

    Hello. Fingers crossed the attached file is view-able. I've never met this arrangement before, and I'm hoping some kind soul can explain to which terminal the loose black wire should be connected. Kind regards, Denise
  26. Paul Langham

    Wiring 2 lighting circuits using one 6 terminal junction box

    Hi there, my name is Paul and I'm currently studying towards a city and guilds level 2 electrical installation, we are currently on lighting circuits for our practical, we have been given a task to wire up 2 lighting circuits using a 6 terminal hager junction box, I'm ok with wiring one circuit...
  27. M

    2 spurs from a Junction Box....worried?

    Hi folks. I cut one of the cables on my ring circuit, attached the 2 now separate ends to a new 30a junction box, and then run 2 additional spurs from the same junction box, using 32a twin and earth, on the end of each of these new spurs is a twin plug socket with usb. I did the work with my...
  28. sham

    Why prices for different colour junction box

    Ordering some junction boxes and the white 30A is cheaper than the Black one. Why ?. They are same brand and both three way. https://www.screwfix.com/search?search=30A+Junction+box+
  29. G

    "Line products" junction enclosures

    Hi just wanted to know if there are many members who have used "Line Products" junction enclosures, as my mate colloquially calls them grenades, as they have a certain resemblance to a grenade shape. These are an excellent product to be used with wago, ideal, helicon connectors, I was hoping to...
  30. happyhippydad

    How to fit a junction box to a round metal pole?

    Evening all. I may have to fit a weatherproof junction box to a hollow, round metal pole. The junction box will be around 20-30cm from the ground and 2 x SWA will enter from the bottom (CW20). 1 x rubber flex will leave through the back of the JB into the pole and up to the top where the light...
  31. S

    Installing garden spike light

    Hi I’ve bought a 230v garden spike light from Screwfix, and it comes with 5 metres of HO5RN-F 3 core flex pre installed. There is already some garden lighting installed outside. I’d like to install it in the garden, but the flex would have to run along the ground for about 2 metres before it...
  32. T

    I can now do a junction "box" mf in 20 secs, switch loop and feed

    So, although as you know, I am not a tool tart I have invested in this little time saver. As you can see from the piccy you have two splitters and two switch JB and stripper (up to 2.5mm² T&E) but the jb only take 1mm/1.5mm². This is a wise investment not just a tool for a week and then gets...
  33. D

    Junction Box Instructions

    Found this under the floorboards of a house. Was wondering what year it was and if anyone remembers installing the Tenby R.M.1?
  34. K

    earthing a metal junction box?

    my father recently bought a house and it has an ancient consumer unit fitted, next to the unit is a metal junction box which all the cables pass into and they are joined what i assume is the original wiring, all i can assume is that the consumer unit has been moved over and so the wires have...
  35. S

    Bathroom junction box lighting

    Hi, im trying to fit spot lights in a bathroom.. the main is currently out of a wall with a small amount of cable on it, can I use block connector with black tape and sink it so I can extend the wire to run further from the bath? If not can I use an ip65 rated jb sitting about 170mm away from...
  36. K

    Advice on old style junction box for cooker - need to replace cooker, told box illegal?

    Hi everyone, there is an electrical cooker already in situ and still connected to this junction box. Have been told box is illegal. I have no idea why, box has been checked inside and is earthed. Can anyone tell me what the issue is please so that I know how to install the new cooker? Big thanks...
  37. B

    Casting Resin vs Encapsulating Resin for filling outdoor junction boxes

    I have a repair job coming up - a garden has had 240V lights fitted, with which the junction boxes have been filled with magic gel - they haven't been filled correctly and there are problems with the outdoor lights (the 240V doesn't help with the sensitivity to moisture). I have an idea that...
  38. D

    Outdoor Junction Box with wire from back

    Hello, I am looking for an outdoor junction box for a night flood light. Most boxes I see have openings from sides of the box only. I would like the junction box to be installed on top of the wire coming out from the wall and have one wire going out from the top to light. Any ideas which box...
  39. P

    Thoughts on maintenance free junction boxes?

    Hi guys, Are the maintenance free junction boxes any good? Thanks
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