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  1. J

    Domestic Programming key switch on an accenta G4

    Hi can anyone one run through how I program a zone as a keyswitch on the accenta G4 alarm it has the remote key pad. I've installed a Konnected wireless interface which has a relay for setting the alarm from a mobile but I can't find the instructions for setting the zone as a keyswitch in the...
  2. 877

    Accenta alarms (explain keyswitch and set to an idiot)...

    So I have two alarm panels (garage and home): Accenta 6 - has keyswitch and set terminals Accenta Optima G3 - zones can be configured to keyswitch or 'push to set', Could someone explain them in plain english and how they would be used practially? Many thanks Info attached: Accenta 6 info...
  3. F

    Is a keyswitch required for HMO emergency lighting?

    Hi all, I'm technically a 'trainee' but in a months time I will finally have all the qualifications to apply for an approved electrician jib card. The first job I will be undertaking is getting a house up to HMO requirements, which are outside the scope of bs7671 so it's all a bit alien to...
  4. J

    alarm system with key

    Hi guys Can anyone help, I have to quote on fitting a alarm system, no prob but the old boy does not want any of this new keypad stuff he just wants a good old fashioned key to turn it on and off. Lol. I have searched and cannot find any company that do them anymore, I know industrial used them...
  5. J


    Hi all I am new to this trade and just wanted to know a few things. With regards to PIR's.. as i understand it its wired like a 2 way switch? As in you have your feed from the board to your first PIR, then from there a 3 core between all PIR's and from that same point you loop to all the...
  6. W

    Emergency Lighting with key switch

    Hi im currently in my 1st year of my apprenticeship and i have a question. i would like to know how to wire/connect a emergency lighting circuit including a key switch. a electrician did try to explain but it didnt sink in. where im working they is a row of lights in corridor, some emergency...
  7. H

    switching/fire interface?

    hello, need some advice going to be wiring a shop, all switches will be located adjacent to db near front entrance behind counter. Mainly open plan layout,there is a rear entrance which will be used at times, need to provide switching at rear entrance, should i just 2 way a row of lights in the...
  8. R

    Weatherproof / Vandal Proof keyswitch

    Am trying to find a weatherproof and vandal proof keyswitch. This is for turning on pathway lights up to a church from the gate rather than turning them on from inside the church. Area is a bit rough, to say the least, so must be vandalproof as well as weatherproof. Have found this switch...
  9. J

    Domestic HELP on EM key switch

    Hi I have wired an emergency lighting circuit on a staircase and want to know the connections for the key switch, I have taken a 3 core t&e from the first light to the switch which is next to the normal switch, I have not gone to the switch with the main feed first so no neutral at...
  10. M

    Landlords override switch

    Ive been having a look at this wiring diagram and i understand the function of the overide switch but i am not sure about how the emergency key switch is wired in this diagram. Is the diagram wrong? surely the neutral should not be wired into the switch but the line at the light instead...
  11. C

    Pir and klik plugs

    Hi everyone was just wondering cus seen these klik plugs connected diff and first time iv really used them on site, but if you have your em feed and ya feed coming in and you have 3 kliks one being pir 2nd being em light and 3rd your non em, does your em feed go into your loop then another go...
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