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  1. R

    JIB Underpinning knowledge

    I am currently going through the JIB under pinning knowledge questions, Is there a conversion table anywhere, which gives guidance on just what the this question is asking, the wording is confusing at best, ridiculous at worst. "What are main types, advantages and limitations of test instruments...
  2. PEG

    Self-isolating? ... time to upgrade knowledge...

    Hello,during the present and future downtime,folk may be experiencing,it is worth noting,that it presents an opportunity,to investigate some skill gaps,we may not usually have chance to fill. It could be business related,or otherwise,and not limited to the keypad....in the past,i have explored...
  3. B

    ECITB knowledge trade test

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any sample questions from the ecitb knowledge electrical trade test ? Ive got to pass it on wednesday but I havent got a clue what to expect Thanks
  4. R

    underpinning knowledge questions

    hi i am currently taking the mature candidate course and i'm struggling on a few of the underpinning knowledge questions. i would appreciate any help please. 1. How would you carry out an assessment of risks and plan a safe system of work? With reference to: access to the workplace...
  5. R

    underpinning knowledge questions

    Hi I’m Currently taking the mature candidate course. for Part of the course I have to answer the underpinning knowledge questions. im struggling with a number questions, just wondering if anybody has the questions to hand and would be willing to share them with me please 1- What are the...
  6. R

    Underpinning knowledge questions

    Hi I’m Currently taking the mature candidate course. for Part of the course I have to answer the underpinning knowledge questions. im struggling with a number questions, just wondering if anybody has the questions to hand and would be willing to sent please
  7. S

    NVQ level 3 knowledge units questions

    Hi to evryone, I am starting NVQ level 3 with quickstep and I am wondering if anyone would like to help me with all those knowledge units questions? Not for free of course. Thx
  8. A

    Hello - noobie with limited knowledge

    Hi - Andy here - joined in the hope of gaining some knowledge and understanding of the many wires in my life that inhabit my house.
  9. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  10. Daniel Parsons

    Trainee Most important knowledge and skills for new electricians..

    What would you list as the most important knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) needed for new apprentice electricians? We are putting training programs together for a Rotary Club in Asia, i don't want to start digging thru the regs at this stage just looking at getting some bullet points...
  11. B

    Trainee Beginner knowledge on heating?

    Hey guys, So I'm almost finished my apprenticeship. I've suddenyl realised, I have no clue about anything to do with heating systems. The only thing I know is to wire to the FCU, thatsit, anything further and I have no idea. I constantly hear people talking about zones, valves, diverter...
  12. rolyberkin

    Dali Lighting System - Anyone any knowledge?

    Following on from my Helvar thread! I have what I believe is a DALI lighting system (Made by Helvar), 12 channels fed from a board with all switching controlled by Cat 5 to a central computer. Helvar are not playing ball and will not supply me with the software necessary to alter the system and...
  13. L

    Free labour for your knowledge and expertise, 40 hours a week.

    Good morning. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. Having already done 2330 level 2/3 and 17th edition. I have some knowledge but would need refreshing. Working with someone with experience I'm sure I would recover knowledge. I'm more than happy to come and see you. Happy to start...
  14. H

    New user looking to expand knowledge

    I'm a new user who does know much about electrics but hoping to gain knowledge so I know/seem to know what I am talking about when needing work done on my house
  15. C

    New user - mechanic looking to expand knowledge

    Hello all. Just a quick message to say hi. I work as a mechanic at an independent garage. A lot of work coming in these days is auto electrical in nature and my ability to diagnose/resolve these issues is lacking. As such I am hoping to learn from others more experienced and in time share what...
  16. O

    Is there a shortage of grommets or knowledge and competence?

    So 3 days in a row I've seen new ish installs where the 3 different installers have failed to use grommets .. This is one I saw today: So apart from the fact theres no grommet and it doesn't comply with the IP ratings ..................... rant over ..........
  17. K

    Female and no knowledge of electrics please advise.

    Hello, Please could someone tell me if I can plug this in to the mains? I have a LED strip light under cupboard in the Kitchen 120 cms. I went to the electrical shop and the man gave me a transformer. The wire from the LED strip light is in the first picture. Can I cut the plastic bit off the...
  18. D

    New member . Hoping to gain knowledge

    Just saying hello. I've joined this group to seek advice as I am new to this lark. I'm doing bookkeeping for an electrician
  19. T

    Ex forces, looking for domestic electrical experience early next year. Happy to be paid in knowledge

    Making a career change for a more stable home life in Liverpool/Northwest. Armourer by military trade but have a keen interest in perusing electrics. I will be completing domestic installation full scope, 17th edition wiring regs, c&g building regs and JIB ECS H&S. I by no means think I would...
  20. S

    Hi newbie career change!

    I came across the site when I have been doing to research into a career change (or back to my original one..) After school I when to college and did level 2 NVQ's and GNVQ's in electrical and mechanical engineering, then chose a career in retail management :rolleyes:. Over the last few weeks I...
  21. I

    20 days electrical training for somone who has no knowledge about electric

    Hello guys , I'm not sure if i am in the right place but i don't have any knowledge about electric but have interest in it . I am on a 20 days electrical training course at the moment but it has been difficult for me to catch up as i have failed the Regs exam and Partesting . Please i need help...
  22. M

    Nvq 3 questions ( underpinning knowledge ?)

    hi all complete majority of the questions for my nvq level 3 just stuck on my last 3 questions then I'm all done and dusted if anyone could offer any help with them would be much appreciated thank you 1.What is the organisational practice on the amount of information and detail that individual...
  23. D

    Quick Question - Which course should I begin with?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about a career change to becoming an electrician. I've found some courses at my local college and was wondering if it was worth me doing the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671) course before any other? Or am i going in too deep with that straight away? I have no...
  24. M


    Hi all, I have been a member for a while now but have been rude and never introduced myself. (I now know to read those PMs;)) Now aged 30, I had passed my city and guilds 2357 electrical course in summer 2014 including NVQ level 3. Also passed my AM2 same summer. Initially found it very hard to...
  25. N


    Is any one here educated on G78 regulations? Finding it difficult to get information on it, Spoke to national grid and the DNO and neither are helpful on our side of the water. NICEIC are also struggling.
  26. S

    New member

    Happy new year looking for knowledge and to provide some
  27. SparkyChick


    Hi all, I was a little reluctant to post an intro based on how I've seen others treated on other forums when they've not done an apprenticeship, but having read some of the intro's here seems like a much nicer place. I've been doing electrical work of various types for family and friends...
  28. A

    Andy from Derby

    Hi Guys, I'm Andy and I'm a domestic electrician in Derby and I work mainly in the Midlands and only really do domestic work,maybe 5% commercial if that.
  29. R

    Just completed my Level 3 Diploma 2365, looking for experience!!

    Hi! I have recently completed my Levels 2 & 3 Diplomas (2365) and have been working on site for the past 3 months to build some knowledge and experience. However the site closes early next year and I am unable to relocate for my subcontractors next location. I'm looking to carry on as an...
  30. C

    Hi Everyone

    Just a quick intro I have been working offshore for a few years now but always kept my hand in at home, last couple of years this has dropped so I thought I would join your forum to help get myself back up to speed. Colin
  31. T

    New forum member

    Hi all, Easy forum to join which is good. Look forward to reading and contributing to the knowledge! Thanks..
  32. Sintra

    Welcome LondonSparky87 to ElectriciansForums.co.uk The Electrician Talk Forum.

    This is an automatically generated notification, @LondonSparky87 has registered to ElectriciansForums.co.uk Welcome to the forum! Be sure to have a click around and let us know what you think. If you could let us know what brings you here that would be cool. :-)
  33. incursio

    Hi Folks

    I'm a final year electrical apprentice, I've been actively working in the industry for a couple of years now, I'm was brushing up on my electrical knowledge, when I came across this site.
  34. W

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Joining

    Hi everyone am new to this site. I am looking for some clarificatio if anyone could help. I've been working as a domestic electrician for the past 3 years after passing my City & Guilds 2382,2392. I have 17th Edition also Part P. I applied for a JIB card after passing the ECS and they sent me a...
  35. D

    lineman,jointer job searching

    hi guys my name is florin and i am a romanian working in italy as linesman and jointer.i'm searching a job as a linesman or a jointer in uk to move ad live there.i have 8 years experience as a linesman can anyone give me a hand thanks.
  36. uksparks

    FIA Training

    Hi, i just did FIA Unit 1 yesterday and Unit 5 today. i just thought I'd let me know it's worth every penny and a very full day packed with information. You do 7 tests throughout the day of approx 9 questions each, need. 75% to pass. Each day was structured very well and you also come away...
  37. N

    2394/2395 Course

    Hi all, I'm looking at going on the 2394/2395 course which was previously the 2391. Apparently the 2391 was difficult to pass and had a high fail rate. Is the new one easier? Does anyone have any info or a guide? Thanks all
  38. Majid Khan

    Schedule of test result and schedule of inspection

    Hi guyz, Why do we need to complete these certificates? thanks.
  39. I

    Domestic New to domestic periodics

    Hi guys, I've been in the commercial side of things for god knows how long now as QS for the company I worked for, however I have now changed jobs and am more involved in domestic and residential, I have my NICEIC assessment in December and was looking for some guidance on the most effective way...
  40. J

    Failed 2395 (yes another one)

    I've just had my results back from the august 2394/5 exam and found out I've failed the 2395 written part. Was expected as I have very little testing knowledge at all and got nominated by my company. My main question is how long do I have before the 2395 practical gets wiped and I have to do...
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